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Miss you words for mom

miss you mom

Motherhood is hard work without holidays, days off and the right to make mistakes. Many people know the phrase that there are no irreplaceable people. So, in the case of motherhood, this phrase is absolutely not appropriate. But what if mom is not around, but you really miss her? The best way to express your love is to tell her about it! And it doesn’t matter in what form it will be expressed. The main thing is that the letter reaches the addressee. Here is a beautiful collection of miss you words for mom.

Miss you words for mom

From childhood to the present day, you have made difficult things simple for me. Miss you dear mom!

You are the only one who believes in me, even when I do not believe in myself. Isn’t that priceless? I miss your warmth so much! Hope to see you soon.

miss you words for mom miss you words for mom Miss you words for mom miss you words for mom

Mommy, you are the most precious thing I have. I want you to accept gratitude from me, because this is the smallest thing I can do for you. May the Angels always guard you. I miss you…

I am infinitely grateful to you. May your life energy never run out! After all, this is the basis of life! Miss you my angel!

You are the best mom in the world! My dream is that you never get upset, and that peace of mind does not leave you! You are my happiness! I miss you!

Thank you for making me happy whenever it is possible and looking at life with optimism. I’m learning this from you endlessly! Miss you, dear.

miss you mom image miss you words for mom Miss you words for mom miss you mom image

Thank you, Mom, for creating a family in which I was comfortable growing and developing. Now I really miss this home comfort and warmth. And of course I miss you.

I’m not around right now. But I still remember those minutes that we spent together. How am I missing you now … But I promise, as soon as possible, I will visit you!

Miss you sayings for mom

Thank you for the kindness and care that you filled me with as a child. In adulthood, they really help me not to lose heart. I miss you, darling!

Mom, your love inspires me even from a distance. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it! I miss and love you very much!

I miss a friend like you, mom. You always held out a helping hand to me. Next to you I was not scared.

It’s hard for me to be alone. When you are not around, I’m like a lost kitten who does not know what to do and from whom to seek help. Although I’m far from small girl. Miss you mom.

miss you quotes for mom miss you words for mom Miss you words for mom miss you quotes for mom

I am immensely grateful to you for your support. Even as an adult, I need your advice, because you are the wisest woman I have ever known! I love and miss you!

Your concern helps me. Thanks to him, I do less rash acts. May our relationship never break! Miss you!

Inspirational quotes about strength

I’m already an adult, but I still trust my secrets only to you. After all, I know that you will keep my secrets. I miss your support, mommy!

You don’t allow much for yourself, for my sake. I know this and feel it. It’s very easy for me to be with you. It is this feeling that I really miss now.

miss you card for mom miss you words for mom Miss you words for mom miss you card for mom

Thanks for the love, Mommy! And for the fact that it does not dry up with you! You are like an endless source of energy, our firefly, which illuminates our life’s path! May it always be so! Miss you!

Thank you for working daily as my guardian angel! I don’t know what I would do without you? I love forever, and really miss you!

Miss you messages for mom

A brighter person than you I have never met. And I’m sure that I will not meet! You are my angel, mommy! I really miss you, dear!

I miss you, mom. I miss your native eyes, our gatherings in the kitchen, your tender hands, and heartfelt conversations. I promise when I arrive, I will hug you as tightly as possible!

I am infinitely grateful to you for putting so much work, so much faith and love into me. And now I know that all my merits are, in fact, your merits! I miss you darling!

I grew up a long time ago, but I continue to learn from you all the best that a human heart can do. I miss your voice! Hope to hear it soon!

You always stood up for me, even when I was wrong! You are not only a mother, you are also a true friend! I miss you!

Mommy, I always admired you! A second woman like you does not exist! I am happy that I have you! I miss you already!

Gratitude to you must have settled in my heart, and it will never leave from there. You are my role model! And it’s a pity that you are not near now! I miss you!

All the best that I have is created by your hands. You are my guiding star! Thank you for making my life better! I miss you!

I remember our last meeting, and I feel very sad. No matter how I try to seem adult and independent, but I’m still your little daughter. I really miss you, mommy.

You are the invariable reason for my smile. I miss our spiritual conversations so much. I promise that soon we will see each other again!

Thanks to you, there is no room left for anger and envy in my heart. You are doing everything right, mom. I am proud to be your daughter.

I think only about you. How are you, dear? I am in such a hurry to see you as soon as possible to hug you and see your native smile. You are what motivate me to live!

I’m not the kind of person who likes to show off. But how not to boast that my mother is the best in the world? I am proud, love, and miss you!

We often realize that we were happy after we lost something. As soon as I left you, I realized that next to you I felt happy. I really miss this feeling.

I miss you so much that I cannot describe in words. Next to you I feel happy. I believe that we will see each other again soon!

If I could take the time back … I would change a lot. And then, you and I would spend much more time together. Miss you mom!

They say that women are not superheroes! But I’m willing to bet! Superhero is my mother, whom I really love and miss!

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Inspirational quotes about life and struggles

inspirational thoughts about life and struggles

At some point, everyone understands that it is time to change their lives. But often it is during this period of life when a deficit of motivation and a lack of energy are found. You feel miserable because you want to change, but you do not even have the strength to do so. Motivating and inspirational quotes about life and struggles will help you gain energy. Choose the one that best suits your situation and mood. And gradually introduce it into your life.

Inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Fight till the end! The pain is temporary, but the triumph is eternal.

Victories do not make you stronger. Strength is formed in the struggle. When, overcoming difficulties, you decide not to give up – then you show strength.

inspirational quotes about life and struggles inspirational quotes about life and struggles Inspirational quotes about life and struggles inspirational quotes about life and struggles

Any person, regardless of the circumstances in which he is, can make his life better.

To change your life for the better, you need to learn how to get out of your comfort zone. Outside the comfort zone, you can learn and improve faster.

For the most part, people are more likely to suffer than to fight in order to eliminate the cause of suffering.

In everyday life, we are often overwhelmed with unreasonable anxiety, and we begin to waste our energy. It is much wiser to devote time to what we can influence.

inspirational words about life and struggles inspirational quotes about life and struggles Inspirational quotes about life and struggles inspirational words about life and struggles

Put off until tomorrow only what you do not want to have time to do before death.

The defeat is inevitably prepared for the one who neglects the necessary precautions. Winning a battle is not a lottery. This is a consequence of perseverance.

Inspirational sayings about life and struggles

We are what we do day by day. So, perfection is not the result of action, but of habit.

Of all the battles, the most important is the struggle and the victory of the mind over the body.

Trials are part of the journey to the goal. And the goal is worth it.

A sense of satisfaction always follows an internal achievement and is associated with a sense of mastery.

inspiring quotes about life and struggles inspirational quotes about life and struggles Inspirational quotes about life and struggles inspiring quotes about struggles

We all know well what needs to be done to improve our lives. But we do not do this. Change needs momentum.

Life is an ongoing struggle in which everyone fights with his weapons. Clever – by his own mind, strong – by force, vile – by meanness.

Inspirational quotes about strength

You can only rely on the truth. The unpleasant feeling that you experience when you hear the truth about yourself motivates you to change.

It can be hard for all of us at times. But if you have a thought about giving up, remind yourself that if you give up, it won’t get better.

inspirational image about life and struggles inspirational quotes about life and struggles Inspirational quotes about life and struggles inspirational image about life and struggles

Do not betray your dreams. Your truth is your treasure worth fighting for. Defeat tempers the strong in spirit and enhances the taste of victory.

Live as you want, and fight fate. Then you can look at the past with a smile.

The main thing in the struggle against oneself is not victory, but the process itself.

No matter how terrible and cruel this world can be! Fight! For the sake of fulfilling a dream, it’s not a pity to spend a life.

Love is a struggle. And the main danger is the desire to give oneself entirely. Whoever does this will lose. You need to grit your teeth and be cruel – only then you can win.

The true goal transforms a person. After all, even the birds in the cage, getting smarter, are trying to open it with their beak. And they don’t give up, because they want to fly.

Sometimes we have to fight simply because we are not able to tell others how we really feel.

A good fighter is not one who is tense, but one who is ready. He does not think or dream, he is ready for everything that can happen.

Inspiring thoughts about life and struggles

There is always fear. Recognizing this will make you stronger. Fight first with your head, and then with your heart.

After all, only the one who slipped and fell at least once knows the vicissitudes of the path.

When you know that someone loves you, you are ready to go all the way. Because there is something to fight for.

Happiness is not a given. You must fight for it. And when it comes, it is important to be able to accept it.

The main reason for human errors is the constant struggle of the senses with the mind.

Do not be afraid to live life in the struggle for something. Be afraid to live your life with the realization that you never fought for anything.

When the struggle begins inside the person himself, it means that he is worth something.

Those who refuse to fight have no chance of victory.

Until you find a thing that you can fight for, you will never start to fight against something.

There are always a lot of reasons in life not to do something. Go forward! Disappointment from what is not done is the biggest disappointment.

Never give up. As long as you continue to fight, fate can always reward you.

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Funny wishes for wedding anniversary

funny card for wedding anniversary

Attention is something that is valuable to every person. And even if the couple does not celebrate the anniversary, they will be pleased to receive congratulations on their special day. No matter how many years have passed since the wedding, funny wishes are always perceived with humor. Especially, if they are pronounced from relatives and friends. Here we have prepared for you this selection of funny wishes for wedding anniversary.

Funny wishes for wedding anniversary

Family life is like an unknown river. It doesn’t matter who will be the captain of your ship. The main thing is mutual understanding! If you have it, you are not afraid of any difficulties!

I wish you to be close to each other forever, so that the honeymoon smoothly passes into the honey year, and then into the honey age!

funny image for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny image for wedding anniversary

For happiness in the family, it is important to fairly distribute the budget. Dear bride, give your spouse an important duty – to bring money to the family, and take the hard work on yourself – to spend it.

I wish you that your life be as sweet as chocolate, as beautiful as the morning dawn, and as stormy as a sea storm!

I wish your married couple fidelity. After all, that person who adheres to the principle of free relations cannot know true love. Therefore, be faithful to each other and appreciate your feelings!

I wish you to drown in love and fall into the abyss of tenderness! Get lost in the Maldives for a month!

funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary

Building a family is not an easy task, and in this I wish you good luck. Do not lose warmth to each other, and then your marriage will be strong and successful!

Let today be remembered for you as the beginning of a path that is long in life. Walk in life, keep each other a reliable shoulder and share a common joy.

Funny messages for wedding anniversary

I wish the bride to have the most expensive fur coat, live in a luxurious elite apartment and drive a luxury car. Accordingly, I wish the groom to learn to fulfill all the whims of his princess!

Wise admonition to the spouse: there should be exactly so many outfits in the wife’s closet that no lover could hide among them!

A wedding is a chance to change your life and make it much better. And that person who can cope with all difficulties will in fact be a happy person. And now I congratulate those people who still decided on this important step!

Dear newlyweds! On your life path there will be many difficulties and obstacles. And only by common efforts can you overcome everything and reach the finish line of a happy life. May luck always smile for you!

funny messages for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny messages for wedding anniversary

People exist to make their lives happier. But, is it possible to change life alone? It is much easier and more fun to deal with failures with your soulmate. I wish you always and everywhere to be support for each other.

Our life consists of many small things and a variety of situations. Life is a series of bright and cloudy days, and only on your prudence does its well-being depend. So let everyday trivia not spoil your happiness and joy.

Funny quotes about marriage

I understand that in life everything is not always smooth and problem-free. I wish you to overcome all obstacles easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, together!

I wish you to get the most out of your jump into a future life. Above all, hold hands. And don’t worry! So let’s drink for you, dear newlyweds, for your choice, and for your family happiness!

greetings for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary greetings for wedding anniversary

In all life’s difficulties, a sense of humor always helps! Laughter is a miracle cure, so I wish you to be cheerful, laugh more and joke, and approach any situation with humor!

Congratulations on the first day of your life together! May you also have everything that you can’t buy for coins: health, beauty, good mood, luck in all your good undertakings.

How much light and enthusiasm in our newlyweds, and most importantly – love! Let nothing disconnect you, go boldly through life, looking into the eyes of problems and concerns!

I wish you to always compromise, support each other in difficult situations and keep love. Let your sincere feelings resist boredom, frustration and doubt!

Humorous greetings for wedding anniversary

Today, the bonds of marriage have firmly connected you, making you the closest to each other. May the thread connecting you be strong and never break!

If a man is persistent, he will certainly achieve what he wants. I wish you that the desire of the groom and the wish of the bride always coincide, and together you reach invisible heights!

Let fate bring only happy moments, and the river of life carries to surprisingly fruitful and rich shores. Let your holy union only grow stronger and bloom with ever brighter colors over the years.

Let love always burn in your eyes, a smile shines with happiness, hearts are filled with the thrill of an event, and a soul is imbued with an oath of allegiance. We wish you long and happy years of living together!

I wish you that in your family life there was always only calmness, and at night a real storm began! And let every day you just blows away from strong mutual love!

I want to say to the newlyweds: you are a wonderful couple, we all bless you! May each of you have a wedding only once in your life.

On your wedding day, I wish you to love each other, as at the first meeting. Appreciate, respect your newly created family. So that life gives you a lot of joy, children’s laughter and financial well-being!

Accept my sincere congratulations! Remember that today you have become one whole. Save for many years your tenderness for each other, love and mutual understanding.

In a fairy tale, the wedding is the end of the story. But I wish you that your fairy tale be with you after a year and a decade. Let everything beautiful in your life just begin!

Let no troubles overshadow your family happiness, and your feelings are always mutual and warm.

Let the bride’s eyes always shine with happiness, and in her heart there will be only love and tenderness. Let the groom be a reliable protector for the family, and no bad news will affect your family!

Let your family life be quiet weekdays and fun holidays, exciting travels and fulfilling dreams. Let there be all that can make them truly happy!

I wish that no difficulties in life bring discord to your relationship. So that all sorrows are shared, and joys multiplied many times!

An ancient proverb says that temporary failure is better than temporary luck. Therefore, I wish your family endless luck, and only temporary setbacks! Happiness to your new young family!

Let the thread that you connected your life paths today not only never tear, but grow stronger year by year, turning into a strong rope, and the rope into a family cable that you cannot break!

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Funny quotes about moms

funny card about mom

What word do all people pronounce first in their life? Of course, this is the word “mother.” Who is closer, more expensive and dearer to us than mother? There is probably no such person. Below we have collected for you funny quotes about moms. We hope that they will not only cheer you up, but also make you think.

Funny quotes about moms

Mom is like a search engine. She always knows where something is and how to find it!

The world would be better if everyone behaved as if mom was looking at us!

funny words about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny words about mom

The fastest and most high-quality cleaning takes place when mom should come.

Mom is the kind of person who will replace everyone. But no one will replace her.

Mom always said miracles happen every day. Some people do not believe this, but it is true.

If your mother believes that you eat a lot and sleep for a long time, then this is not your mother. This is the husband’s mother.

funny quotes about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny quotes about mom

The best detox is mom’s call with the words: “Go home quickly!”

If the child is listening to his mother, then he is probably located on a parallel telephone.

Funny sayings about moms

There should be two main books in a woman’s life: the mother’s cookbook and the father’s checkbook.

Each mother is absolutely sure that the daughter’s groom is better than her father, but the son’s wife will never be able to compare with herself.

Mom taught me not to swear, but life taught me not to swear when my mother is near.

Only having matured, we finally realized that our mother is much more powerful than a goldfish.

funny image about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny image about mom

If no one called you in the evening, you can always call mom and complain to her.

My mother used to tell me that if you can’t find what it’s worth living for, it’s better to find something worth dying for.

Funny quotes about family

Everyone wants to save humanity, but no one wants to help mom wash the dishes.

Mom is the only person who knows you for 9 months more than everyone else.

funny sayings about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny sayings about mom

The mother of one child is naive and inexperienced, like a rookie. The mother of two children is calm and confident, like a demobilization. Mom of three children is special forces!

I woke up one morning. I’m lying, waiting for my mom to cook breakfast. And then I remembered that mom is me!

If the children know how to fight so that their mother did not notice this, then these children are well brought up.

A good mom will let you lick the cream with a mixer whisk. Great mom will turn off the mixer first.

If your wife and children play on your nerves like good performers, and her mother conducts it, run from this orchestra!

People become adults, not when they stop listening to mom, but when they realize that mom was right!

Funny words about moms

Mom is the most expensive luxury in the world. So appreciate it!

When two friends meet, they become those from whom mom told to stay away.

Mom is the only person who truly loves you, just for what you are.

The best friend is mom. She never envies, does not wish bad. And her eyes sparkles of love and pride for her child.

As long as a woman looks the same age as her daughter, she can consider herself happy.

Every mother should remember that sooner or later her son will follow her example, and not advice.

The mother’s heart is an abyss in the depths of which there will always be forgiveness.

If the mother never raised her voice on her child, then she did not spend so much time with him.

Motherhood is when you cook porridge with one hand, and swing the child with the other hand. And in the end, dad comes home from work and asks why you are so tired.

Mom can do anything for her child. The only thing she cannot become is dad.

The most expensive thing in raising children is not their upkeep. These are the sedatives that mom takes.

Each of us remembers that wonderful day when mom first took us to school, and that prom night, when dad carried us home.

Do not waste your life looking for a soulmate. Thank God, mom gave birth to you whole!

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Birthday wishes for coworker

birthday messages for coworker

Where to find good birthday greetings to a coworker? There is a great way – to get together with other colleagues and independently come up with congratulations. By collective forces you can make a congratulatory speech, which your leader will deliver at the celebration. Another option is to contact our site for help. Here you can find lots of birthday wishes for coworker that he will definitely like!

Birthday wishes for coworker

Colleague! Let dreams come true, opportunities increase, all things go well and you have enough strength and energy for new achievements!

I wish you a positive mood, faith in yourself and in success! Let the career ladder turn into a career elevator!

birthday wishes for coworker birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday wishes for coworker

I wish that only bright colors prevailed in your life! Enjoy every moment, appreciate what you have, but always strive for new goals!

Let luck and success accompany you both at work and in your personal life! Smile as often as possible and live happily ever after!

You have a wonderful sense of humor that has helped us more than once in difficult situations. Let life flow like a river of inexhaustible energy of light, health and goodness to your heart!

First of all, I wish that everything in your life will turn out only in the best way. Let success become an integral part of your life path!

birthday greetings for coworker birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday greetings for coworker

I wish you bright special effects of joy in life, big flashes of success in your work, continued good luck on your way, and of course, personal happiness.

Let every day be a day of new opportunities, prospects, ideas, victories, cheerful emotions and pleasant feelings!

Birthday messages for colleague

Let all the good come as often as possible and leave only the best memories and all the bad quickly be forgotten and serve only as a good lesson.

I wish you successful implementation of all your good undertakings, and also to remain the same professional in your field and just a wonderful person!

When there are people like you in the team, then success always accompanies everything. Because you are a man of great soul and remarkable mind, as well as a good heart! Happy Birthday!

I wish that youth and enthusiasm never leave you, that mobility and vigor are your eternal companions!

birthday card for colleague birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday card for coworker

Let the work be an everyday and beloved holiday for you, and at home you will find a family who love and value you!

Congratulations to a wonderful colleague, valuable employee and good person. I wish you to live in peace and joy, not to know grief and worries, to always appreciate what you have and achieve what you want!

Birthday blessings for friends

I wish that your work leads you to the most desired and highest results! So that all working moments are resolved simply, independently or together, but always easily and naturally.

Let your well-being grow, your mood always remains beautiful, and wisdom complement your wonderful portrait for many decades!

happy birthday to coworker birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker happy birthday to coworker

Colleague! I wish your workdays to be always easy, saturated with high results and held in a friendly atmosphere. I wish you much success, good mood and only the best in life!

Congratulations on a happy holiday, colleague! I wish you to always go forward with your head held high and lots of brilliant ideas, and always achieve high results.

Happy birthday greetings for coworker

I wish you never to doubt yourself, not knowing fatigue, confidently go to the goal, always have support in the form of close people.

I wish you simple human happiness! Let any opportunity that is in your hands turn even the simplest idea into a tremendous success.

birthday card for colleague birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday card for colleague

Happy Birthday, Colleague. Let your activity always remain effective and stable, and your mood will always be tuned to a wave of optimism.

It is very pleasant to work with you. May life status be high and profitable, and love and good hope always live in the heart.

birthday ecard for colleague birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday ecard for colleague

I appreciate your professionalism and especially your mind, friendliness, willingness to help. I wish you new achievements and as much joy as possible!

I wish you eternal health, personal well-being, the achievements of workers and just a great mood. Let life always be filled with ordinary worldly miracles, which every person believes in, regardless of age.

birthday image for colleague birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday image for colleague

I wish you to adore your work, love your life and strive for your dream! Let every day be a stream of incredible energy, a source of unique ideas and opportunities!

Colleague! We wish you labor success and a decent salary. Let the wallet be filled with money, the soul with joy, and family life with prosperity and love

bday card for colleague birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker bday card for colleague

I wish you mutual understanding and respect in communication with clients, colleagues and people around you, as well as calm and interesting working days, sunny and full holidays.

I wish you boundless love, loyal friends and just a fabulous life in which only joyful events will take place!

On this wonderful day, let me wish you well-being in the family, achievement of your goals in work and in life. Let your position in life flourish, joy not leave your eyes, and all that is desired is always realized.

birthday congratulations for colleague birthday wishes for coworker Birthday wishes for coworker birthday congratulations for colleague

Colleague, may all your plans be successfully implemented! I wish you strong nerves and patience, as well as bright creative flights, enchanting victories at the front of your favorite work and your whole life.

With all my heart I wish that everything goes as you want! Let only career ups, all kinds of successes and pleasant surprises await you ahead!

I wish you always to burn with the fire of aspiration, confidence and enthusiasm. Let there be enough strength and health for all ideas, and money – for all desires and dreams!

I wish you even more new ideas and perspectives, interesting undertakings and successful outcomes. Let even the most complex and impossible work out in work, and successful plans mature daily in the head.

Let life provide opportunities for the fulfillment of cherished dreams, bright love constantly lives in the heart, and the soul has always found a reason for happiness!

I wish you what you lack. So, let your needs be filled, your pockets will never be empty, your heart is always pouring out with love, and your eyes – with joy.

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Anniversary quotes for boyfriend

anniversary texts for boyfriend

How wonderful it is when the relationship of two loving people lasts for many years. But the most romantic moment comes when an anniversary comes to your common happiness. On this day, you want your young man to simply melt away from the warm wishes that are torn out of you. After reading our collection of anniversary quotes for boyfriend, you will be able to give your beloved guy several times more warm and sincere words.

Anniversary quotes for boyfriend

I wish to thank you for the time we spent together. It flew by as one moment because being with you is a never-ending joy, my love! Happy Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of our relationship and I want to wish you: always be yourself! You are an amazing person who deserves all the stars of the sky! I love you!

anniversary messages for boyfriend anniversary quotes for boyfriend Anniversary quotes for boyfriend anniversary messages for boyfriend

Our relationship is special because it is so full of contrast and bright moments. I wish us patience and understanding because from the day we became a couple, we have become a single whole, which can no longer be shared.

Happiness is love and a complete reunion with a loved one. I love you so much that you occupy all my thoughts. Happy anniversary of our relationship!

I congratulate you on the anniversary of our relationship! May our extraordinary feelings grow stronger, and unshakable love daily take us into the crazy, wild dance of burning passion!

Congratulations on a holiday of shared happiness! I wish both of us patience because only thanks to it we can build truly strong and long-term relationships.

anniversary quotes for boyfriend anniversary quotes for boyfriend Anniversary quotes for boyfriend anniversary quotes for boyfriend

Congratulations on our day, dear. You never cease to amaze with your views on life! Everything in you harmoniously connected: tenderness, and strength, and insolence, and timidity. You are ideal for me.

Happy Anniversary! You paint my world in bright colors, launch a rainbow into the sky, disperse the clouds above my head. Thank you for that!

Anniversary wishes for boyfriend

What a wonderful date today! That same day, we met with you. Now I have no doubt that our meeting was destined for fate, because it brought to my life the most exciting moments, transforming the world around.

You are the first guy I really love. I can no longer think of anyone else, all thoughts are only about you. I can’t fall asleep at night, I dream of meeting you. Happy holiday dear!

Congratulations on our joint date! I wish you not to lose confidence and your charm. May our hearts do not tire of beating in unison, and love does incredible miracles for you and me.

I want to thank you for the happy moments that become minutes, hours, days, weeks … I want to believe that they will become years, and even whole decades!

anniversary card for boyfriend anniversary quotes for boyfriend Anniversary quotes for boyfriend anniversary card for boyfriend

Today is an incredible day! I wish us more sweet moments and more often traveling in an embrace and by the handle. May our feelings last forever!

Ever since I met you, I no longer knew sadness. You conquered my heart with your seriousness, restraint and true courage. May our love make us the happiest people! Happy anniversary to us!

Cute love sayings

I wish you, my dear, happy sunrises and joyful days, wonderful holidays and memorable events, joint successes and cozy evenings, strong hugs and passionate kisses.

Congratulations, dear, on our day! May there be a lot of happy events and good news on our joint path! I wish us serious decisions in life and confident steps, unquenchable love and good prosperity.

anniversary wishes for boyfriend anniversary quotes for boyfriend Anniversary quotes for boyfriend anniversary wishes for boyfriend

This night I could not sleep, because today is such an important day for us! Let there be many bright moments in our life together. I wish us well-being and unquenchable interest in each other.

Believe that I will always be your support in all your affairs, successes and failures. I will always be there, no matter what happens! Happy anniversary, my precious!

Anniversary messages for boyfriend

Dear, today our relationship has stepped over another time interval. May we always value each other as we do now!

I love your naughty hair, radiant eyes, lips greedy for kisses, courageous hands. You are my vast joy! Happy holiday dear!

My dearest man. So the strings of our destinies were unusually intertwined. I felt something unusual when I was going to our first meeting. A miracle happened, two souls found each other. Now I can scream to the whole world that I am happy. Happy holiday to us!

You are only mine! Without you, I can’t breathe, exist, live! You are my bright ray of happiness in this darkness of endless, identical days. Happy anniversary, love!

You are in my dreams and they are all dedicated to you! I can give you joy and great love, without which life makes no sense! My dear, I will never betray you! Happy anniversary to us!

I’m glad I can fall asleep in your arms. I am happy because I can breathe in your smell, with my nose buried in your neck. I want all this because I love you madly. Happy anniversary to us!

Without you, I am just a girl in this world, and with you I am in seventh heaven with happiness. When you are far away, I love you hundreds of thousands of times more. How happy I am that I met you many years ago! Happy anniversary to us!

Thank you for being in the world! For the fact that you appeared in my life! I really don’t need anyone else besides you! Happy Anniversary!

I believe that a little more time, and our love, like a balloon, will lift us to heaven, and the rest of the world will lie at our feet. Thank you for these years!

You are always in my thoughts. You are the dearest that I have! Sometimes I forget about friends, but I never forget about you! May the spark that exists between us never go out. Happy anniversary, darling!

When you’re around, I feel that you need me just as much as you do me. Don’t think that when you’re not around, I don’t think about you. You are always in my thoughts. Happy holiday to us!

There is no greater joy than realizing that a person dear to the heart is near. I believe that after many years we will still remember and celebrate the anniversary of our relationship.

When you stand next to me, it’s warm, when you talk to me, it’s hot for me, when you kiss, I feel hot, but you don’t leave a burn on my body, it forms in my heart! Thank you for everything.

I never thought that I could know someone so well and at the same time feel that there are so many unsolved in this person. You are my biggest mystery, and at the same time, my greatest happiness! Happy anniversary, love!

With you, the words “I love you” each time sound like the first time. I have never met a person with whom time would fly by like minutes, and with whom I would never want to leave. Happy holiday to us!

All the words of all the languages of the world cannot contain the depth of my feelings for you. When you are with me, my breath catches. May it always be so!

For many years now my heart has been beating in unison with yours. Do you hear? And this thrill cannot be drowned out. I will overcome everything when you are near! Only promise never to leave me!

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Depression sayings

depression quotes

Depression is a condition familiar to almost everyone, even the most cheerful people. Everyone has dark streaks in life. Nevertheless, you should not despair, because a dark stripe is always followed by a bright one. Our depression sayings, quotes and status will help to look at depression and on the other side, namely from the point of view of people who have experienced it. Depression is not scary; the main thing is to survive it correctly.

Depression sayings

Depression is not a sign of weakness. This is a sign that you tried to be strong for too long.

Depression is a state when you really want to take your soul somewhere, but wherever you take it, it does not like anything.

depression sayings depression sayings Depression sayings depression sayings

One must learn to love your misfortune. It may keep you company, it may teach you a lot. Perhaps someday, when you are happy, you will miss this feeling.

Emptiness occurs when a person has too little love, interest, or relationship in life. It is a hunger for values. When this feeling grows and becomes insatiable, depression sets in.

Fall also has its advantages. Do not be afraid of this. Even depression can become positive. A person cannot be constantly in pure joy and contentment. Man is inherent to suffer.

In the life of every person, there are times when some kind of heaviness is falling, grief, depression are embracing. Your whole body is chilling and it seems that you are about to feel sick.

thoughts about depression depression sayings Depression sayings thoughts about depression

In the life of every person there are times when it seems empty and meaningless. And you think that tomorrow will never come. And then you want to burn out in this cycle of events and lose yourself. But time passes, we find in ourselves the strength to stand up, to ever fall again …

There is also a good side to depression: people lose weight because of it. No one advertises this diet, but it is the most effective. The extra pounds will go away, and your body will again become slim and can serve you well.

Depression thoughts

When I asked a former millionaire how he went bankrupt, he replied that all of a sudden. The same thing is with depression: just once you wake up and realize that you are afraid to live on.

Starting from scratch is not crazy. Madness is leading a miserable life day after day and pretending to be happy.

If you have a black streak in your life, you have only one option. Go to a party and add bright colors to your life!

Depression is like a lack of values. An inner void with nothing to fill. This is not fear, but the absence of something important in your life. When there is no joy, but there is only the severity of such an existence.

words about depression depression sayings Depression sayings words about depression

Studies show that most people suffer from depression, and the rest causes it in them.

Those who truly love cannot be depressed. Depression occurs only in those who are fixated on themselves. A lover always thinks about how to make better a loved one.

Inspirational quotes about strenght

There is only one kind of work that does not cause depression. This is the work that you want to do, and not which you oblige to do.

Laziness and depression are a signaling system that says that you do not live your life.

depression image depression sayings Depression sayings depression image

Depression is like watching a sunset in a black and white spectrum. Then you can keenly feel how you are simply wasting your life.

If you stop pretending that there is no way out, then it will not get better. Assuring yourself that life is crap, you seem to be under anesthesia, and if you stop doing it, it becomes clear where and how much it hurts.

Words about depression

You can smile at people, and your soul can scream from grief that cannot be expressed. It will always stay with you, because no one else will understand the scale of your problem! Learn to rely on your own strength!

When you feel bad, do this: calm down and imagine that everyone in this world is as miserable and unsuccessful as you. They just hide it better.

Idleness, sad thoughts, and philosophical literature can lead to depression much more quickly than witchcraft.

Depression is mainly caused by a lack of personal space. Those who have hobbies, and know what to do in their free time, do not suffer from inaction.

The purest form of depression is when you cannot give absolutely no explanation why you are depressed. This is a vicious circle from which you cannot get out.

Depression has one interesting feature – it seems to ruin time. Your brain slowly erases all happy memories. And in the end, you only think that life has always been like that. And it will remain so to the end.

Why does all good require struggle, and does bad come into our life with ease? As you approach the goal, it suddenly moves farther than it was originally. And you run after a dream, day after day, until one day you exhaust your entire supply of strength. This is called life.

Each of us at least once in our life felt such a feeling that everything in our life is artificial and fragile, like a Christmas ball. It is enough to drop it on the floor, and now you will remain standing with a thread in your hand, full of loneliness and regrets.

Depression is not a crime, but it can plunge a person into the abyss, into which even a crime cannot plunge him.

Fear of one’s own anger most often leads to the fact that a person ceases to navigate his feelings. His annoyance builds up and eventually goes inside him. The result of this internal aggression is depression, fatigue, headache and lack of desire.

Depression is not able to build the future. It is only capable of destroying the present, and erasing all happy moments from the past. Avoid it as the biggest enemy.

Longing for depression with longing for nostalgia has nothing to do except the name. Desperate, alien, hostile, full of anger, tension, diluted with melancholy and reflection. It catches up suddenly, does not increase and does not weaken.

When you observe someone else’s depression, with a complete lack of perspective, your own situation, which seems unbearable to you, is immediately filled with significance and understanding of the fact that there are those that are even worse.

Depression is just different in that in this period of time we have no reason for sadness, and at the same time we are sad.

Perhaps grief is easier to carry in cold times, when the days are short and the nights are long and dark. Then it seems that the whole world has plunged into darkness with you.

If you’re upset and depressed right now, this is nothing special. This is a sign that you want more from life than you have now. Very often, life’s difficulties tell us what we should really be.

Anyone can be depressed. This is emotion. To deal with it, people start taking pills and visiting psychotherapists. Instead of just meeting the problem face to face.

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Religious birthday wishes for aunt

religious birthday messages for aunt

Aunt is one of the closest people to every person. And close people always deserve all the best. And even if there is no way to present an expensive gift, you can warm her soul with pleasant words. Here you will find a large selection of religious birthday wishes for aunt. Just choose the one that suits you, and boldly use it in your speech!

Religious birthday wishes for aunt

May God’s blessings be with you always. May your soul be filled with joy and bright thoughts!

I wish you to feel God’s support in every business, at every step of your life, with every breath! May all your undertakings have a divine beginning!

religious birthday wishes for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt

I wish that all the moments of the life given to you are filled with spiritual meaning, imbued with the presence of perfection, and radiate great good and light.

Happy birthday, beloved aunt! May every day be filled with simple joys reminiscent of the grace of God with each of us.

I wish that the Lord blissfully arranged your life so that you fill it to the brim with peace and joy, love, and good thoughts! Accept my love and prayers for your blessing!

May your future be closely connected with the will of God, with his great plans for the salvation of the souls of the lost! May the power bestowed upon you by the Almighty never leave you on the road!

religious birthday greetings for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious birthday greetings for aunt

Let the sound of heavenly bells shed on you on indestructible health and beauty of the soul, unearthly love, and mortal human happiness.

Let the guardian angel overshadow life with its bright wings and hide from all hardships. And may pious thoughts purify the soul and heart of all sorrow!

Religious birthday messages for aunt

May God bless you on the right path and victorious life, so that your spirit can triumph over worldly sorrows! And if hard times suddenly come, turn to God, he will help and support you!

May God, with his advice and word, increase your gifts of wisdom, reason, and piety! And let your every facet reflect God’s glory and love on all people!

May the Lord grant you good health, spiritual growth, bodily strength, and inexhaustible help in your labors and good deeds! Believe, pray and love!

On the day of your appearance, God heard your scream and sent you a guardian angel so that you would not be afraid anymore. So prove yourself worthy! Do many good deeds and try to make your life and the life of those close to you truly happy.

religious birthday card for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious birthday card for aunt

I congratulate you on the day when a bright star of your hope appeared in the sky. I sincerely wish you strong faith in your heart and a true miracle in life. Continue your journey tirelessly, illuminating this world with good and mercy!

Aunt, I wish that there were as few sad moments as possible in your life. Let your guardian angel help you!

Birthday messages for aunt

I wish you never to stray from the righteous path! And if you suddenly get lost, may the Lord guide you on the path that you need to follow, because his all-seeing eye is always above you!

religious birthday text for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious birthday text for aunt

You, as God’s emerald, which is very dear to us all. Take care of yourself, aunt! May every new day of God bring you only joy!

I wish that hard work and prayers ennoble your being, that prosperity reigns in your home, that your family is strong and friendly! May your life always be full of light!

birthday ecard for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt birthday ecard for aunt

A birthday is a holiday when you want to remember everyone who gives us confidence that life is not in vain. So, let people always be with you for which it’s worth living and creating.

Congratulations on your coming to this world! I wish the world to be kind to you, and you to be kind to all who are near you!

Religious birthday greetings for aunt

I wish you to always combine unearthly beauty, the mercy of the heart, and sincerity of the soul. May your path extend along a smooth and bright road, illuminated by the rays of the kindness and mercy of God.

Today prayers for health sound in your honor! Take inspiration from our loving hearts, we share good with you and wish sincere faith to fill your soul!

religious birthday card for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious bday card for aunt

May the Mother of God protect you from sins and troubles with your protective cover! And let the patron saints help you keep the light in your soul at any moment of life, even in moments of sadness!

I wish you, with your life, to set an example of life in Christ, for our spiritual brothers and sisters! May the heavy rain of God’s great bounty pass over you!

religious birthday greeting for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious bday greeting for aunt

I wish that at every step the Lord bless you and give your soul spiritual joy! May He protect you and your family at all times!

I wish you, dear, that your dreams fly high because for God there is nothing impossible! And may the Heavenly Father never cease to strengthen your faith in him and fill your soul with spiritual food!

May your faith help to keep your wings of hope and happiness. I wish the family to be dominated by mutual respect, peace, and order. I wish you happiness now and every day!

religious birthday image for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious bday image for aunt

I wish the blessings of heaven on all your wonderful undertakings, on your every day! May bliss live in your heart simply because there is a life of the soul, and it is eternal!

I wish you happiness from the consciousness of your mission on earth, from participation in the great work of life – to bring goodness and love!

Many years ago, God gave you life, which means that the world needs you! Let the unfading light of faith accompany you everywhere!

religious birthday words for aunt religious birthday wishes for aunt Religious birthday wishes for aunt religious bday words for aunt

We all admire your wisdom not according to age, your nobility, heroic spirit, a clear conscience, and an open soul! Let the guardian angel fly behind you and protect your life!

I wish pious friends with whom many good deeds can be done with the glory of God! May the heavenly angel lead you through life, instructing you in good deeds!

Open the window, let in summer, and holy blessing! May this day show everyone how diverse the world of light and good is.

Aunt, I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday. May the Lord keep you for many years, protect and guide you.

Let no trouble come to your house, and let your soul remain pure and open to every good idea. Happy Birthday, aunt!

I wish you, aunt, bright thoughts and God’s blessing. May all your prayers reach heaven, and your good requests will be fulfilled.

Happy birthday to a bright, kind, wonderful person! May your good deeds, done in the name of the Lord, inspire the people around you!

With God’s help, let the beautiful gardens of love and harmonious tranquility bloom in your soul, aunt. Believe in the best, and let faith always be in your heart!

Let the bright Faith go in your life hand in hand with cheerful Hope, with grace-filled Love, with peace and harmony in your soul! You deserve it, aunt, not only on your birthday but always!

On this beautiful day, you came to our world, aunt. I wish you to feel the love and support of the Creator in every moment of your life.

Happy birthday, dear aunt! May the faith of Christ illuminate your life path, and pious thoughts cleanse your soul and heart from all sorrow!

God gave you life – appreciate this gift! Always act in accordance with the Law of God and may your thoughts be bright!

Happy birthday, aunt! I wish you the strength to cope with any life problems, trust that the Lord will not leave you alone.

I congratulate you, aunt, on the day given by the Lord! May every day be filled with simple joys, reminding us that the grace of God is with each of us.

Aunt, I wish that the period of time called “life” flew by as brightly as possible, with all kinds of unforgettable moments. Let the guardian angel overshadow your life with his bright wings and hide from any adversity.

Today is your birthday, which means that the angels in heaven are singing a song of praise for you. You deserve the best praise, dear aunt!

Aunt, on your birthday I wish you to find harmony! The path you are walking is faithful and righteous. Let your pure thoughts help you find peace of mind.

I cannot ignore this momentous day! Therefore, rather accept my congratulations, aunt! May the faith in God help you achieve results and guide you on the right path.

Aunt! Let pure and light Faith go hand in hand in your life with cheerful Hope, with grace-filled Love, with peace and harmony in your soul!

I wish that everything you wish was sent down to you by the Lord! Let the reverence warm the heart, and the warmth of the soul and the desire to breathe deeply make life brighter.

Let calmness, order, and warmth reign in your soul, aunt. Let the soul be cleansed, and the feeling of love and bliss will capture your heart. Happy Holidays!

I wish every moment of life to be filled with tranquility and hope for a wonderful future. Find the goodness in every person, love everyone the way God loves you. Happy birthday, aunt!

Dear aunt! On this bright day, you entered this world! Let hope and faith live in your hospitable home, and love will be the mistress in it!

I thank the Lord for such an aunt like you! May your mercy and sympathy warm and unite as many believing brothers and sisters as possible! The right way of life for you with God!

May your feet never tire of following the Creator! May the warm light of God’s eyes give you confidence in tomorrow!

May your life path always remain gracious! I wish you peace and respect, deeds for the good of society, and sincere gratitude for the gift of life.

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Funny quotes about marriage

funny messages about marriage

Marriage is a mutual desire of two loving people to formalize their relationship. And despite the fact that there are many wonderful moments in the relationship between husband and wife, trouble also happens. The main thing is to be able to cope with them correctly. We are convinced that if you add a little humor and laughter to your daily life, then quarrels will not arise as often as before. Below you can find a collection of funny quotes about marriage! Read, laugh and love each other!

Funny quotes about marriage

I am a master in my house, and my wife is the only decision-maker.

It is not enough to be husband and wife, you also have to become friends and lovers, so that you do not have to look for them on the side.

funny sayings about marriage funny quotes about marriage Funny quotes about marriage funny sayings about marriage

My wife and I have been happy for twenty years. And then we met.

In America, eighty percent of married men cheat on their wives. The remaining twenty are cheating on them in Europe.

Marriage is like putting your hand in a bag of snakes and hoping you can get the eel out.

The secret to a successful marriage is not to be home too often.

funny quotes about marriage funny quotes about marriage Funny quotes about marriage funny quotes about marriage

Get married. If you find a good wife, you will be happy; if not, you will become a philosopher.

A husband who wants a happy marriage needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open.

Funny sayings about marriage

When a man opens the door of a car to his wife, it is either a new car or a new wife.

When a girl gets married, she changes the attention of many men to the inattention of one.

After marriage, the husband and wife become two sides of the same coin. They cannot stand against each other, but still they remain together.

Marriage allows a man to understand in a couple of months that there are very good women, and there are those like his wife.

funny card about marriage funny quotes about marriage Funny quotes about marriage funny card about marriage

Women hope that the man will change after marriage, but they do not. Men hope that women will not change, but they do.

A happy marriage is one in which each spouse gives the other the opportunity to be right, although he does not believe in it.

Funny wedding messages for newly married couple

Each marriage, as a rule, consists of an aristocrat and a peasant.

Marriage is a union of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays, and the other never forgets about them.

funny texts about marriage funny quotes about marriage Funny quotes about marriage funny texts about marriage

The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.

Marriage has no guarantees. If this is what you are looking for, go live with recently purchased appliances.

Marriage is a legal or religious ceremony by which two people solemnly swear that they will persecute and spy on each other until death do them part.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times and always in the same person.

Funny thoughts about marriage

The main harm of marriage is that it corrodes egoism from a person. And people who are unselfish are colorless, they lose their individuality.

Marriage is the main cause of divorces.

All people are born free and equal in rights, but some later marry.

Of course, your husband has his flaws! If he were a saint, he would never marry you.

In marital fidelity there is a little laziness, a little fear, a little calculation, a little fatigue, a little passivity, and sometimes even a little fidelity.

Marriage is an attempt to create something lasting and durable from a random episode.

The best way to preserve a man’s love is not to marry him.

After several years of marriage, a man can look at a woman and not see her, and a woman can see through a man without even looking at him.

In a good marriage, people always teach each other the science of life. Touching daily, lying on the same pillow, you influence each other against your will.

Marriage is when you can afford a wife, when she wants it, and you no longer have the right to allow anyone.

Marriage allows you to once and for all understand who is still to blame for the fact that you ruined your life.

Marriage is always a risk, or a princess will turn into a frog, or a prince into a goat.

Marriage is a union of people of equal imagination. It is strong until one of them begins to imagine himself the king to whom everyone owes.

In marriage, a man gains an invaluable experience in family life, which, if he were single, he would never have been useful.

The first marriage is often unsuccessful because the woman is in a hurry to enter into it, and she is in a hurry because she wants to have time to enter into the second marriage if the first is unsuccessful.

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Inspiring thoughts about women empowerment

inspiring thoughts about women empowerment

Since ancient times, women’s rights have been infringed only because they are women. They could not express their opinions; they had to implicitly listen to their husband and did not have the right to personal happiness. But recently there have been changes that have also affected women’s empowerment. Not surprisingly, many modern women advocate feminism and equality, because everyone wants to be free from gender stereotypes. Below you can find inspiring thoughts about women empowerment.

Inspiring thoughts about women empowerment

Equal rights between men and women become a topic of discussion only during a quarrel. When a man and a woman get along well with each other, no one talks about equality.

The empowerment of women is not achieved only by good wishes. This requires strong aspiration, energy and patience in order to overcome everything that blocks the path to real equality of people.

motivational words about women empowerment inspiring thoughts about women empowerment Inspiring thoughts about women empowerment motivational words about women empowerment

One of the biggest problems that women must solve is the desire to please everyone. This goal overshadows a huge number of opportunities.

If you want to be told something, ask a man, but if you want something done, you need to call a woman.

A woman must, contrary to all, live her life as she wants, or she will have to admit that she did not live at all.

A variety of minds is needed to make better business decisions. And this requires equal participation of both sexes.

inspiring words about women empowerment inspiring thoughts about women empowerment Inspiring thoughts about women empowerment inspiring words about women empowerment

A woman cannot be defeated. If you do not like trouble, you will not try.

To succeed, a woman must think like a queen. The Queen is not afraid of failure and is not afraid to sacrifice other people’s lives.

If a man thinks that he defeated a woman, then he is just a fool and did not notice how she had long beat him.

Inspiring sayings about women empowerment

Women who are just trying to be on an equal footing with a man have few ambitions.

Women threw all their strength into the struggle for equality, but then they became distracted and began to fight to reduce the size of their own clothes.

A woman can make a man softer, can make him weaker and can decide for herself what to do with him. This is her whole strength.

Men have the same exaggerated view of their rights as women have of their lack of rights.

inspiring card about women empowerment inspiring thoughts about women empowerment Inspiring thoughts about women empowerment inspiring card about women empowerment

Women have equal rights with men, but it is in their interest not to exercise these rights.

A courteous man used to give a woman a seat on a bus. Today, the highest manifestation of courtesy is to give a woman his job.

Inspirational quotes about strength

There are few professions in which sexual characteristics are needed. All other professions should be open to all.

Many women fight for gender equality. However, it is worth noting that, unlike men, women have an additional right to use men’s help.

inspiring sayings about women empowerment inspiring thoughts about women empowerment Inspiring thoughts about women empowerment inspiring sayings about women empowerment

An independent woman is a woman who has not found anyone who she would like to be depend from.

At the time of making any important decision affecting the world, women are not allowed to the negotiating table. This means that the capabilities of half the world’s population are not fully utilized.

Inspiring words about women empowerment

Thinking of her great mind, a woman achieves equality. Possessing the mind, she will not seek it.

When a man recognizes the equal rights of a woman with him, he recognizes that a woman is not his affiliation. Then she loves him, just as he loves her, only because she wants to love. If she does not want, he does not have any rights over her, just as she does over him.

The freedom of women cannot be taken away. After all, those who imprison others do not deserve it themselves.

No belief should be imposed on a person, regardless of gender, against his will.

Only by proving that women can work alongside men can we prove that we deserve equal rights.

So that people do not degrade, everyone needs to be given the right to development. No country in the world can truly develop if half its population remains in the shadows.

We all, as humanity, cannot achieve the greatest success when half of us are restrained.

Just think how much unrealized potential is hidden in women! If you take away half the potential of the population, do not be surprised then that you will find yourself in a war for talents.

When equality is equated with interchangeability, it is not individuality that is destroyed, but the human person.

The establishment of perfect freedom and equality is the simple secret that most efficiently ensures the highest prosperity of all classes.

In a world where this no equality, there must inevitably be hypocrisy.

The truths that claim that all people are created equal are obvious. And that women are also given the right to life, freedom and the opportunity to seek happiness.

Everyone has the right to be heard and the right to uphold their arguments. This rule has no exceptions, even if this person is a woman.

A woman who has lost human rights immediately turns from an individual into a biological individual.

A woman independently limits herself in independence, in career and power. Instead of looking for herself, she moves farther and farther away from herself.

Women’s and men’s responsibilities are two sides of the same fake coin. These are images of ideal men and women who owe each other. Get rid of prejudice, and then it will become much easier for you to live.

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