Funny quotes about moms

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What word do all people pronounce first in their life? Of course, this is the word “mother.” Who is closer, more expensive and dearer to us than mother? There is probably no such person. Below we have collected for you funny quotes about moms. We hope that they will not only cheer you up, but also make you think.

Funny quotes about moms

Mom is like a search engine. She always knows where something is and how to find it!

The world would be better if everyone behaved as if mom was looking at us!

funny words about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny words about mom

The fastest and most high-quality cleaning takes place when mom should come.

Mom is the kind of person who will replace everyone. But no one will replace her.

Mom always said miracles happen every day. Some people do not believe this, but it is true.

If your mother believes that you eat a lot and sleep for a long time, then this is not your mother. This is the husband’s mother.

funny quotes about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny quotes about mom

The best detox is mom’s call with the words: “Go home quickly!”

If the child is listening to his mother, then he is probably located on a parallel telephone.

Funny sayings about moms

There should be two main books in a woman’s life: the mother’s cookbook and the father’s checkbook.

Each mother is absolutely sure that the daughter’s groom is better than her father, but the son’s wife will never be able to compare with herself.

Mom taught me not to swear, but life taught me not to swear when my mother is near.

Only having matured, we finally realized that our mother is much more powerful than a goldfish.

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If no one called you in the evening, you can always call mom and complain to her.

My mother used to tell me that if you can’t find what it’s worth living for, it’s better to find something worth dying for.

Funny quotes about family

Everyone wants to save humanity, but no one wants to help mom wash the dishes.

Mom is the only person who knows you for 9 months more than everyone else.

funny sayings about mom funny quotes about moms Funny quotes about moms funny sayings about mom

The mother of one child is naive and inexperienced, like a rookie. The mother of two children is calm and confident, like a demobilization. Mom of three children is special forces!

I woke up one morning. I’m lying, waiting for my mom to cook breakfast. And then I remembered that mom is me!

If the children know how to fight so that their mother did not notice this, then these children are well brought up.

A good mom will let you lick the cream with a mixer whisk. Great mom will turn off the mixer first.

If your wife and children play on your nerves like good performers, and her mother conducts it, run from this orchestra!

People become adults, not when they stop listening to mom, but when they realize that mom was right!

Funny words about moms

Mom is the most expensive luxury in the world. So appreciate it!

When two friends meet, they become those from whom mom told to stay away.

Mom is the only person who truly loves you, just for what you are.

The best friend is mom. She never envies, does not wish bad. And her eyes sparkles of love and pride for her child.

As long as a woman looks the same age as her daughter, she can consider herself happy.

Every mother should remember that sooner or later her son will follow her example, and not advice.

The mother’s heart is an abyss in the depths of which there will always be forgiveness.

If the mother never raised her voice on her child, then she did not spend so much time with him.

Motherhood is when you cook porridge with one hand, and swing the child with the other hand. And in the end, dad comes home from work and asks why you are so tired.

Mom can do anything for her child. The only thing she cannot become is dad.

The most expensive thing in raising children is not their upkeep. These are the sedatives that mom takes.

Each of us remembers that wonderful day when mom first took us to school, and that prom night, when dad carried us home.

Do not waste your life looking for a soulmate. Thank God, mom gave birth to you whole!

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