Funny wishes for wedding anniversary

funny card for wedding anniversary

Attention is something that is valuable to every person. And even if the couple does not celebrate the anniversary, they will be pleased to receive congratulations on their special day. No matter how many years have passed since the wedding, funny wishes are always perceived with humor. Especially, if they are pronounced from relatives and friends. Here we have prepared for you this selection of funny wishes for wedding anniversary.

Funny wishes for wedding anniversary

Family life is like an unknown river. It doesn’t matter who will be the captain of your ship. The main thing is mutual understanding! If you have it, you are not afraid of any difficulties!

I wish you to be close to each other forever, so that the honeymoon smoothly passes into the honey year, and then into the honey age!

funny image for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny image for wedding anniversary

For happiness in the family, it is important to fairly distribute the budget. Dear bride, give your spouse an important duty – to bring money to the family, and take the hard work on yourself – to spend it.

I wish you that your life be as sweet as chocolate, as beautiful as the morning dawn, and as stormy as a sea storm!

I wish your married couple fidelity. After all, that person who adheres to the principle of free relations cannot know true love. Therefore, be faithful to each other and appreciate your feelings!

I wish you to drown in love and fall into the abyss of tenderness! Get lost in the Maldives for a month!

funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary

Building a family is not an easy task, and in this I wish you good luck. Do not lose warmth to each other, and then your marriage will be strong and successful!

Let today be remembered for you as the beginning of a path that is long in life. Walk in life, keep each other a reliable shoulder and share a common joy.

Funny messages for wedding anniversary

I wish the bride to have the most expensive fur coat, live in a luxurious elite apartment and drive a luxury car. Accordingly, I wish the groom to learn to fulfill all the whims of his princess!

Wise admonition to the spouse: there should be exactly so many outfits in the wife’s closet that no lover could hide among them!

A wedding is a chance to change your life and make it much better. And that person who can cope with all difficulties will in fact be a happy person. And now I congratulate those people who still decided on this important step!

Dear newlyweds! On your life path there will be many difficulties and obstacles. And only by common efforts can you overcome everything and reach the finish line of a happy life. May luck always smile for you!

funny messages for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary funny messages for wedding anniversary

People exist to make their lives happier. But, is it possible to change life alone? It is much easier and more fun to deal with failures with your soulmate. I wish you always and everywhere to be support for each other.

Our life consists of many small things and a variety of situations. Life is a series of bright and cloudy days, and only on your prudence does its well-being depend. So let everyday trivia not spoil your happiness and joy.

Funny quotes about marriage

I understand that in life everything is not always smooth and problem-free. I wish you to overcome all obstacles easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, together!

I wish you to get the most out of your jump into a future life. Above all, hold hands. And don’t worry! So let’s drink for you, dear newlyweds, for your choice, and for your family happiness!

greetings for wedding anniversary funny wishes for wedding anniversary Funny wishes for wedding anniversary greetings for wedding anniversary

In all life’s difficulties, a sense of humor always helps! Laughter is a miracle cure, so I wish you to be cheerful, laugh more and joke, and approach any situation with humor!

Congratulations on the first day of your life together! May you also have everything that you can’t buy for coins: health, beauty, good mood, luck in all your good undertakings.

How much light and enthusiasm in our newlyweds, and most importantly – love! Let nothing disconnect you, go boldly through life, looking into the eyes of problems and concerns!

I wish you to always compromise, support each other in difficult situations and keep love. Let your sincere feelings resist boredom, frustration and doubt!

Humorous greetings for wedding anniversary

Today, the bonds of marriage have firmly connected you, making you the closest to each other. May the thread connecting you be strong and never break!

If a man is persistent, he will certainly achieve what he wants. I wish you that the desire of the groom and the wish of the bride always coincide, and together you reach invisible heights!

Let fate bring only happy moments, and the river of life carries to surprisingly fruitful and rich shores. Let your holy union only grow stronger and bloom with ever brighter colors over the years.

Let love always burn in your eyes, a smile shines with happiness, hearts are filled with the thrill of an event, and a soul is imbued with an oath of allegiance. We wish you long and happy years of living together!

I wish you that in your family life there was always only calmness, and at night a real storm began! And let every day you just blows away from strong mutual love!

I want to say to the newlyweds: you are a wonderful couple, we all bless you! May each of you have a wedding only once in your life.

On your wedding day, I wish you to love each other, as at the first meeting. Appreciate, respect your newly created family. So that life gives you a lot of joy, children’s laughter and financial well-being!

Accept my sincere congratulations! Remember that today you have become one whole. Save for many years your tenderness for each other, love and mutual understanding.

In a fairy tale, the wedding is the end of the story. But I wish you that your fairy tale be with you after a year and a decade. Let everything beautiful in your life just begin!

Let no troubles overshadow your family happiness, and your feelings are always mutual and warm.

Let the bride’s eyes always shine with happiness, and in her heart there will be only love and tenderness. Let the groom be a reliable protector for the family, and no bad news will affect your family!

Let your family life be quiet weekdays and fun holidays, exciting travels and fulfilling dreams. Let there be all that can make them truly happy!

I wish that no difficulties in life bring discord to your relationship. So that all sorrows are shared, and joys multiplied many times!

An ancient proverb says that temporary failure is better than temporary luck. Therefore, I wish your family endless luck, and only temporary setbacks! Happiness to your new young family!

Let the thread that you connected your life paths today not only never tear, but grow stronger year by year, turning into a strong rope, and the rope into a family cable that you cannot break!

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