First wedding anniversary wishes for husband

first wedding anniversary wishes for husband

The first wedding anniversary is a great occasion to express all your feelings to your dear husband. It is the first significant date on the thorny path of two loving hearts. Some young people celebrate this event with friends and family. But we recommend you to devote this day to each other. Congratulatory speech for the husband should be made easy, romantic and not overloaded. Take a closer look at the options below. Maybe there is one that your husband will like most of all. Here you will find lots of first wedding anniversary wishes for husband with love.

First wedding anniversary wishes for husband with love

Today our family celebrates its first holiday! I remember well the wedding, when our hearts were connected, when we exchanged rings. I want to believe that our whole future life will be as bright and happy as it is now!

wedding anniversary card for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband wedding anniversary card for husband

Our first year of marriage, darling… I can‘t even imagine everything will be so good, but you‘re amazing and I want to repeat it again and again. Love you, sweetheart. Hope time will run a little bit slower in the second year.

The biggest thank you to the best husband ever on this beautiful celebration! Our first year of marriage was full of everything, but you still are my man, my husband and love of my life. Love you, sweetheart. Lots of kisses!

Our love and our marriage are timeless, but today I want to celebrate. Our first wedding anniversary means so much to me. You are my husband all year long and I sincerely say, I’m the happiest with you. Always be so, my love. Love you so much.

No matter today is our 1st or 15th wedding anniversary, I just always want to see sparks in your eyes and feel the love in your heart. You are an amazing husband and being with you is the greatest gift to me. Love you so much.

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Dear, thank you for understanding and loving me no matter what. I’m so lucky to have you and I’m so grateful for this first year of our marriage. In truly, now you’re better than ever before. Love you.

With each day I love you more and more, honey. These 365 days of our marriage were different than ever before. I saw you differently but only in a good way. You are a perfect man and husband.

anniversary ecard for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband anniversary ecard for husband 1

I feel safe in your arms and feel calm in my heart because of you, darling. Hope you still love me after this first year of marriage, and I didn’t scare you. Just know, you are the most beautiful and amazing man in the world. Thanks for everything, babe.

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365 days of a smile on my face and sparks in my eyes. It was one of the best years of my life because I have you, my husband. So, let‘s this day be brighter and even more memorable. Just celebrate our anniversary!

1st wedding anniversary card for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband 1st wedding anniversary card for husband

This year made me sure you are a man for me. I fell in love you again and I know, I‘m nothing without you. You are my everything and will always be. Thank you for being with me and all the love you give me. Love you, darling.

Hey, hubby! I’ve never thought you can be such a wonderful man. You surprised me many times, and I wish you always to be so fantastic. Love you so much, darling. Happy 1st anniversary!

1st marriage anniversary ecard for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband 1st wedding anniversary for husband

Darling, thank you for loving me in your own way. I’m excited for this day and I’m sure that next year will be the same or even better. Love you and send you the most loving wishes. Time to celebrate!

Romantic first wedding anniversary greetings for husband

This past year being with you as your wife was amazing. Every day was special, and I hope our first anniversary will be as wonderful as our whole life together. Love you, honey!

Thank you, husband, for giving me 365 days full of romance and love. In truth, being your wife is wonderful and nothing can be better. Love you from all my heart and hope we will have more in the future.

Our first year in marriage has passed so quickly, so on this beautiful day, I just want to wish you to catch every beautiful moment and never stop dreaming about the future. Kids and dog, you know what I mean… Kisses!

wedding anniversary greeting for hubby first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband wedding anniversary greeting for hubby

Sweetheart, on our first wedding anniversary I wish you to keep smiling non-stop because your smile is the most beautiful thing I want to see. Because of this, I fall in love with you every day. You are an amazing man! Love you now and forever.

Seeing you every day let me be the happiest woman in the world. Thank you for this and everything you gave me during these 365 days. I’m sure, you’re the best and always be so. Love you, darling!

1st wedding anniversary greeting text for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband first marriage anniversary ecard for husband

I’ve never heard of a man, who can be awesome 365 days per year. But you are, sweetheart. You are such a person, and you‘re mine. Promise to love, care and keep you safe forever. Happy 1st anniversary of our marriage!

Every love story has a beautiful end, but ours will be endless. Nothing can stop me from loving you, because this year only confirmed you are marvelous. So, let this day be perfect as you are every day. Love you, babe!

1st wedding anniversary congratulations for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband first marriage anniversary for husband

This past year was like a love story: full of feelings, love, touches and kisses. It was our story and say “YES” to you was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you for everything, my husband. Love you so much and wish you all the biggest happiness today and always.

One year or 365 days of love, laughter, and joy. You are the biggest happiness of my life and I’m so proud of being your wife, dear. Hope, you’ll always be so, and we will always be as happy as now. Happy anniversary!

Wonderful day and celebration, right? The first year of marriage is the most important step in life in marriage and I know, our future is bright and clear. Thanks for being the best husband all these days. Love you unconditionally. Happy anniversary!

Happy first wedding anniversary to my husband quotes

My desires are simple – good health to you, and may warmth and tenderness never leave our hearts. I value you, my dear husband!

It is said that between two people, like between two electrodes, a kind of field is formed. Ours is obviously positive. I want to congratulate us on this wonderful phenomenon! Let no anomalies of life be able to disturb it!

Just as a person has a birthday, so a family has such a day. And today our family has its first big holiday. I want to believe that our whole future life will be just as romantic and happy!

first wedding anniversary greeting for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband first marriage anniversary greeting for husband

Husband, I congratulate you on the fact that we have managed to create our own unique, cozy world called “Family”! Happy anniversary of the creation of this world! May fate keep it, and we will back it up with love and harmony!

Darling, thank you for choosing me as your wife, because there is no better man than you are. This past year of our marriage was amazing and I’m really thankful for this. You are my dream come true.

first wedding anniversary wishes for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband First wedding anniversary wishes for husband first wedding anniversary wishes for husband

No one could understand me better than you. No one could love me stronger than you. And no one could hug me than you. You are irreplaceable for me and I don’t want anything else, just you. Hope you feel the same and our second year of marriage will be the same good as first. Love you.

Thank you for all the first times during this year of marriage. It was wonderful to see you different, but my love for you just got stronger. Love you more with every minute. Happy first anniversary of our marriage!

You are my love, my man and my whole life. You are my husband, darling, and I feel wonderful saying it. This past year was something magical and I hope this magic will be endless. Love you and happy 1st wedding anniversary!

You’re the only one I want next to me for all my life. I see and feel it, no matter we’re married for one year. It was the greatest time of my life. Love you and I‘m really happy with you. You are the best husband ever! Happy anniversary!

Marriage is a hard work, but this work is pleasant to me just for you. It‘s our life and our future. Of course, thank you for letting me always be your Mrs. Right! Happy anniversary, dear!

Love in the eyes and warmth in the heart. I feel so in you and it makes me feel the most beloved. I know, you are my past, present and future. You are my everything. Of course, thank you for the best year of marriage. Happy anniversary!

Loved you then, but now I love you even more. You’ve shown me how amazing life and time can be with you. I don’t want anything else, just you. Now and here. Happy 1st anniversary, darling.

With every day we spent together I understand that the word love really means. It means much more than sweet words or presents. It means feelings, natural and unconditional. My love for you is so. Hope, the first year of marriage was great for you to, because for me it was perfect. Happy anniversary, love!

First wedding anniversary messages to husband

During this time, we have become much more serious and more responsible. I am sure that the future will be even better.

For a year now I have the right to officially call you husband, and I really like it. I feel confident next to you, because I know that you will definitely make our life interesting!

I congratulate you on our small but very significant date. I will do everything to make you the happiest husband who will always return to a warm and comfortable apartment.

Exactly a year ago, my life absolutely changed, because I became your wife. We have a lot of interesting things ahead, so let’s just enjoy life.

I like to be in this new and such honorable status, I like to take care of you, create comfort in the house. I want you to know that I am doing everything to ensure that we always have a good atmosphere.

I want to wish both of us a little patience with each other, because sometimes we miss it. And I also want to wish us that our feelings become stronger every year.

I have been a happiest wife in the world for a year now. I feel this way only thanks to you, because you treat me like a princess. That is why I want to keep up with everything to take care of you.

I never thought that I would love housework so much, but now I really enjoy it. I want to say that our future life will be even better, because we both want it.

I want to thank you for that magical fairy tale that you gave me. But this was only the beginning, because we just having a wonderful year of married life, and all this is thanks to you. I hope that further life will still please us with pleasant surprises!

I promise to make every effort to make our life happy! I really like falling asleep and waking up next to you. I am grateful to fate for the fact that next to me is such a man as you, beloved.

It was the best year of my life, which was filled with wonderful events, trips and meetings. During this year we managed to get to know each other even better. In addition, I have a new large and friendly family in the form of our friends.

Dear, I’m incredibly lucky with you, I want to scream about our love, but happiness, as you know, loves silence, so let this remain our little secret. I congratulate you on having been a loving husband for a year now.

Do not worry about our family, I will work hard to make it stronger with every passing year. Although I’m sure that you will do it before me. Thank you for all that you do for our family.

I want to congratulate my extraordinary husband on our small but so significant anniversary. I look forward to seeing you from work every day, and still cannot get used to the fact that we live together. This is such happiness!

Dear, we have been husband and wife for a whole year, but I have the feeling that we are just starting a relationship, because we look more like teenagers in love than spouses. But it even pleases me, because it is interesting in its own way.

Exactly a year ago my dream came true – I married the best man in this world! I do not want to lose romance, so I will try very hard to ensure that everything is always as romantic, beautiful and tender as now.

Dear, thank you for having been relentlessly making me the happiest wife for a whole year. You gave me an unreal wedding that I had been dreaming of for so long. You’re just awesome, the best husband I could ever dream of.

I still do not believe that we have been married for a year, because our relationship is still the same tender and tremulous that were at the very beginning of our relationship. I love you, my beautiful husband!

Dear husband, today is our first wedding anniversary. Thank you for this tale that you presented, because it was very important to me. Further it will be even better, do not even doubt it.

Exactly a year ago, we crossed the threshold of this apartment, already being in the status of husband and wife. This day will forever be remembered to me as the most fabulous and unique day in my life. Happy holiday to us!

We took a very long time to get married, so we simply do not have the right to neglect our relationship. I promise to do everything to make you feel the happiest man in the world. You are the most caring husband.

I can definitely consider myself a happy person, because next to me is such an amazing person who has been my husband, my protector, my support for exactly a year now. I will not tire of thanking fate for bringing us together that wonderful day.

I am happy to congratulate you on our modest family holiday! I am grateful to your parents for such a wonderful son who surrounded me with care and love, who showed me how to live and enjoy life. I don’t want to lose a single minute next to you!

I congratulate you on the fact that you are doing an excellent job with the role of husband, head of the family, defender and mentor. I promise that I will continue to fulfill my duties perfectly so that you always want to come home with joy. Happy holiday!

I have the best husband who has been pleasing me with surprises for a whole year, surrounds me with love and care. It was the best year of my life, I am sure that it will always be so.

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