Funny wedding wishes for friend

funny wedding greetings for friend

Here you’ll find lots of funny wedding wishes for friend. A wedding is the most significant event in the life of two people, which is why you should be very serious about wedding greetings. In order for wedding greetings to be remembered for a long time, it is best to compose them in a comic form. Such words will allow not only wishing all the best to the newlyweds but also will cheer up all the people present at the celebration. Merry wedding greetings are always appropriate at the festive table! After all, pronounced with a sincere smile, it carries a charge of positive emotions, so necessary for the newlyweds on this day.

Funny wedding wishes for friend

Wedding day is not only marriage, but also the beginning of the development of new professions: the builder of a cozy nest, the cook, the provider of a secured life, a psychologist and the most important vacancy – the parents of mischievous kids!

Today, a hurricane of love circled your couple, forever connecting you into one family. So let this hurricane carry you through your whole life, lifting you to the heights of success, enveloping you in a fog of romance and filling your hearts with joy.

funny wedding wishes for friend funny wedding wishes for friend Funny wedding wishes for friend funny wedding wishes for friend

Our incomparable newlyweds! We wish your feelings never cooled. Understand each other from a half glance, foresee the most incredible desires and let coffee in bed start every day!

Congratulations to the young couple on such a successful start to life together. I wish the road to the finish line to be long, full of pleasant surprises and memorable events. And let it have bumps and sharp turns. The main thing is to easily pass them holding hands.

On your wedding day, I remind you of the holy duty of each person to build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. I wish you to exceed this plan: let the number of houses, trees, sons and daughters be the way you want!

On this holiday, I wish a young couple that only correct arithmetic reigned in your life. So that between you there always was an equal sign. In bank accounts there was a multiplication. And all the hardships and joys were shared only equally.

funny wedding messages for friend funny wedding wishes for friend Funny wedding wishes for friend funny wedding messages for friend

You have found each other among millions of people because your hearts are drawn like magnets. So let this attraction never weaken!

Your family is only a clean canvas. Already today, life will put the first bright strokes on it. And we wish you, may all the other lines and strokes be as bright and harmonious as possible to create a picture of joy!

Funny wedding messages for friend

On the wedding day, I wish the newborn family love. Freedom and harmony – this is the basis of all the foundations, and let it be enough, but love always reigns in the house!

Happy wedding day to you, newlyweds! I wish you to make a cozy family nest. Let there be a complete set of everything that brings happiness.

Let your life be like a fairy tale, where you can turn all problems into a fun story, and you can come out of small disagreements with an even greater feeling of love, trust and respect.

Always be for each other a bright and endless holiday, a source of wonderful inspiration and unforgettable surprises, a support in difficult moments!

funny wedding card for friend funny wedding wishes for friend Funny wedding wishes for friend funny wedding card for friend

Let family crises not even get close to your newly made family, and let your daily reality be rainbow and wonderful! I wish that life together let only be filled with joyful events and pleasant achievements!

I wish that in your new union, your wife be a skilled hostess, a caring mom and a skillful lover for her husband, and that your husband will always be a successful earner, a wise dad and a loving man.

Funny wedding wishes for newly married couple

As you know, after the wedding comes a magical honeymoon! Let it seem sweeter than dessert to you, brighter than a shining star, more interesting than an exciting book! Let life boil in a peaceful and constructive way.

Everything is coming to an end. And you, newlyweds, have now ended lonely nights and carefree trips to clubs. All this will now turn into nights with a loved one nearby, joint walks and visits of friends who gathered today to congratulate you on your marriage!

funny wedding congratulations for friend funny wedding wishes for friend Funny wedding wishes for friend funny wedding congratulations for friend

Let all the wishes said today for you be laid out a long and happy road of life, along which you go yourself, lead your children and even more grandchildren.

Young man, meet a new relative. A new mother-in-law will teach you life, and her husband will talk about his favorite football team. But most importantly, the most significant person will haunt you every day. Of course, this is your wife.

From now on, you are a legalized couple. Now, your responsibilities are to love, cherish, respect and understand each other. Therefore, get ready for the frequent visits of relatives, take care of the house and always love each other!

Funny wedding greetings for friend

From this moment, the husband must learn to avoid conflicts, deftly dodge the female heel and give gifts in a timely manner. The wife must learn to look attractive around the clock in the kitchen, where the aroma of fresh dishes comes from.

Now your life will be like a war. First, you’ll have to fight with the desire to walk longer with friends, then with socks in the corners, then with possible disagreements. We wish you to always fight on the side of each other!

We wish you to always be at the resort: bask in the rays of spiritual warmth, protect yourself from burns by jealousy, and it’s easy to go with the flow in a boat of love. Climb the career ladder together and enjoy watching your kids play next to you.

Dear newlyweds. From this day your “black” life begins: now you will rest on the Black Sea, drive a black Mercedes and eat black caviar with spoons.

We wish to easily turn everyday life into holidays and give each other an ocean of feelings. And we also advise you to spend more time on cabbage fields and in communication with a stork, so that kids appear in the family as soon as possible!

Dear newlyweds, my advice is: go only the right way, without turning left, divide everything in half, without overloading all the worries on one shoulder, and sweet kisses will give you strength.

Let everything in your life happen on time: a salary will be paid on time, an increase in work will be offered on time, your house will be built on time, and happy children will run in it.

I wish you to be always inseparable and complementary, sweet from love with the addition of tenderness, like a sundae in chocolate! The main thing is not to melt from the burning passion and not to freeze from the cold of everyday life.

Now you are ringed. I wish you to live like happy birds, flying high in dreams and happiness, and may you soon have wonderful chicks.

I wish you to bring these handcuffs of marriage to the end of your days and keep a sincere smile, not a twitching eye, well-being, and not a mental breakdown, the beauty of soul and body, and not a tired look.

Congratulations on the day of legal possession of each other! I wish you a lot of money in the family budget, strong hugs and passionate kisses, kind people on a joint path and a long-lasting happiness for you forever.

Live together, love passionately, dream beautifully, and always remain a cute pair of bunnies, or even rabbits – he has a valuable carrot, and she has a warm fur coat.

Congratulations on the day of the creation of your marriage bonds and faithful union. I want to wish you a fun life, like Tom and Jerry, with adventures like the Wolf and the Hare from “Well, Wait a minute,” with the same understanding as Masha and the Bear.

I wish you to be a cool couple, in love, like d’Artagnan and Constance, young in your soul, like Romeo and Juliet, faithful like Master and Margarita, dreamy like Assol and Gray, happy like Cinderella and Prince.

I congratulate you on the day of the posthumous sentence of the marriage bonds of love. I wish you to live without troubles, and even when you become decrepit old people, do not lose your courage, trembling feelings and romance in a relationship.

So you put an end to bachelor life. I wish to wife not to be slippery, like a fish and a screeching saw, and I wish to husband not to knock, like a woodpecker and not be a clown fish.

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