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A wedding is one of the most important events in life for each person because on this day a new family is created. The importance of marriage can be evidenced by a huge number of thematic statements, the authorship of which belongs to the best minds of mankind. An especially important character at the wedding is the bride because no celebration can take place without her presence. We have prepared quotes that will emphasize the festive and lightness of the wedding event. We hope that after reading them, the bride will calm down and tune in a good mood. Here you will find plenty of wedding quotes for bride.

Wedding quotes for bride

This is probably the most wonderful celebration in the world! Let your whole family life be like a fairy tale! And let no one can destroy your marriage!

The secret of happiness is attention to each other. Love needs daily support so that it can make you truly happy. May your union be strong and long!

wedding quotes for bride wedding quotes for bride Wedding quotes for bride wedding quotes for bride

For you dear, today opens a new road called marriage! I wish you to be a wise wife, be able to make concessions and always be a mystery to your husband!

From this day, you will become the only one for your groom! You will protect him, love and appreciate. What could be more beautiful than a celebration marking the unity of two destinies?

The kingdom of the family is the kingdom of a woman. A smart, kind wife can, like a good fairy, create a life full of happiness. Let your love not fade away!

I want to turn to the bride! Be always as happy as on this day! Give your husband warmth, love and affection! This is the key to a happy marriage!

wedding messages for bride wedding quotes for bride Wedding quotes for bride wedding messages for bride

You are no longer that little girl, but an adult wealthy girl. I wish you from this day to the end of your days, to remain the same beautiful and enchanting girl!

I wish the bride to create comfort at home, an atmosphere of happiness and complete harmony. May your wisdom help you always keep your marital vows.

Wedding wishes for bride

It is in the power of women to make married life bright and joyful. I wish our bride to be the creator of happy family life!

Let your white dress become the key to a carefree life, in which there will be only white stripes and bright moments.

Today, even the sun does not shine as brightly as you! It gives you all its warmth and tenderness. May this day forever remain in your memory, and you will always be young and special in your soul!

 Happiness is made up of individual minutes, of small pleasures – from a smile, a good look, a compliment and sincere feelings. I wish you always to remember this, and may everything be always wonderful in your house.

wedding thoughts for bride wedding quotes for bride Wedding quotes for bride wedding thoughts for bride

I wish you in old age all the same love each other, all the same reverent about your beautiful feeling. And let even if someone tear you apart, so only death.

Look at our bride! How beautiful she is today in a wedding dress, how her eyes shine with happiness and love! So let’s raise our glasses so that happiness never leaves our bride.

Happy wedding wishes for sister

Recently there was a bride, already a spouse! Femininity and love apply to a woman. All this makes her happy. I wish that it always shines in your eyes!

Now you are on the verge of a new life. Before you open the road there, for which, probably, a person lives. I want to wish you courage and wisdom, and always keep up with your chosen one!

wedding words for bride wedding quotes for bride Wedding quotes for bride wedding words for bride

How beautiful our young bride is today! If we could look into her heart, we would notice that it is overflowing with love and happiness! And I suggest raising our glasses so that happiness is endless!

The young beauty in a wonderful snow-white dress, pure as love itself, was recently a bride, and now she is a wife. Look how happy she is today, how her eyes shine, turned to her beloved! May it always be so!

Wedding greetings for bride

Dear bride! With all my heart I wish that even after today’s wedding your life always remained like a beautiful fairy tale!

Be wise and take care of your spouse! After all, the most important happiness is a gentle, faithful and wise life partner, with whom no problems will be scary.

Bride, share your joy and light with others! Only because of this will your wealth increase!

The magic happened today. The bride miraculously got rid of the veil and became a wife. Remember, beautiful girl, that the priceless crown of love crowns your head.

Today you, the bride, have the right to boast of the greatest value. The monograms on your dress are embroidered with silver, the neck is decorated with pearl threads and the golden ring shines on the ring finger. But all these treasures will not be able to overshadow your smile when looking at your beloved husband.

When a person loves, he can conquer the world, and when he is loved – in his power to bestow this world with happiness, warmth and light. Do not lose this gift, dear ones, take care of each other.

When loving hearts are together, not only they are happy. We are all happy for you! And you, bride, do not let your passion fade away!

Your eyes shine with affection, which trembles in anticipation of giving a piece of yourself to your beloved husband! Everything that surrounds you is filled with new meaning!

 I want to congratulate you on the beginning of this beautiful, amazing fairy tale and wish that it never ends.

I wish you, dear, that with each new stage your life will become more vibrant, colorful and happy! Let the tale begin!

When a girl meets love, she becomes a fragile princess. When a man finds love, he turns into a strong knight. Looking at you, I understand that you are really meant for each other!

I wish you that every unexpected turn becomes a carousel of laughter for you, so that any unforeseen situation only intrigues and opens up new possibilities. Love each other with all your heart!

Happiness on your faces is a priceless treasure that you have grown from a small sparkle flashed at the first kiss. That treasure that you possess has no analogues. Your task now is not to lose it and not to succumb to the temptation to exchange.

Do not miss love, protect these priceless feelings that gave you new oneself, a new life and a happy future! Appreciate every moment and remain as smiling and joyful as today!

Protect the trust of your spouse, try to understand and forgive, experience all the joys and overcome difficulties together. Let your home be filled with children’s laughter and comfort.

Congratulations on such a significant date! Believe and help each other, because happiness and love are the merit of great workers! Be happy!

Open your heart to your wonderful husband! Let it shed light and warmth on your future family life!

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