1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends

1st wedding anniversary greetings for friends

There is such a tradition – to celebrate each lived year of the joint life of a husband and wife. So, the first year of married life is named calico. The name means that marital relations in the first year are not as strong as chintz. On this day, best friends and parents are invited. We have added congratulations on your wedding anniversary, which will help you beautifully congratulate your husband and wife on their first anniversary.

1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Let the wedding rings connect forever two lovers’ hearts, and the coming years will bring only respect, harmony and joyful children’s voices. Keep the fire of love, tenderness and loyalty for life.

I congratulate you! I wish you to always be two independent halves of one indivisible, unique and beautiful whole!

Dear newlyweds! I wish that the attraction between you never weakens, that you reach out to each other even at a distance, and that no one can separate you when you are together.

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I congratulate you on your wedding and wish that the wind of change lifts you to the heights of success and envelops you in a mysterious fog of romance, filling your hearts with joy.

Dear newlyweds! I wish you a happy journey through life together! And let there be bumps and sharp turns on it. The main thing is to easily pass them holding hands.

Our incomparable newlyweds! Congratulations on your marriage! Understand each other from a half-view, foresee the most incredible desires and let coffee in bed start every day!

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Congratulations to the young couple on such a successful start to life together. I wish the road to the finish line was incredibly long, exciting, full of pleasant surprises, good people and memorable events.

A hurricane of love has circled your couple today, forever connecting you into one family. So let this hurricane carry you through your whole life, pushing you towards a happy wind!

First wedding anniversary messages for friends

On this holiday, I wish you that only correct arithmetic reigned in your life. So that there is always an equal sign between you, in the pram and on the bank accounts there is a multiplication, and all hardships and joys are shared only equally.

You have found each other among millions of people because your hearts are drawn like magnets. Congratulations on your significant day!

Your family is only a clean slate. Life will put the first happy brushstrokes on it today. And we wish you all the other lines to be so bright that you get a picture of joy that comes from the pen of a happy artist.

On the wedding day, I wish love to the newborn family. Let there be a complete set of everything that brings happiness. Good luck!

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Dear ones! I want to wish you that life was in full swing in a peaceful and constructive way. Know, fret and harmony – that’s the basis of everything! Let it be in abundance, and love reigns supreme in the house!

Happy wedding day to you, newlyweds! I wish you to make a cozy family nest. We, as your best friends, will always be in touch!

Wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Let your marriage a hundredfold increase your will, strength and love, so that your family is not afraid of any big obstacles or empty trifles! Happy wedding!

1st anniversary greeting for friend 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary greeting for friend

Dear newlyweds! Swim together, do not quarrel and do not argue in whose hands the helm will turn out to be more often, because it is controlled by your beloved hands!

1st wedding anniversary greetings for friends

Congratulations on this memorable event! We wish you that your life will be full of meaning, hearts – full of love, and a house – full of prosperity.

Dear newlyweds! We wish you to discover new interesting facets in each other every day and fall in love more and more. Be happy!

1st wedding anniversary card 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary card

My dear! I wish to carry through all life cycles that indescribable wonderful feeling that is read today in your eyes! Happy wedding!

Dear ones! Let the magic holiday of your wedding respond to the people present with a magnificent aftertaste of joy and happy memories. We wish you a beautiful fairytale life and eternal love!

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Dear bride and groom! Congratulations on creating your common little paradise. May your feelings never be exhausted, may your understanding only increase, may your children only add pleasant troubles to you!

You have been together for so many years that it is already difficult for me to perceive you separately. And besides, you’ve been married for a whole year. May this touching union last for many more years, because it is truly wonderful! 

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Friends! I wish you to be interesting to each other until a ripe old age. And so that this interest rekindles love between you again and again. Happy 1 Anniversary!

With age, not only people change, but also their relationships. Yours, if they change, then only for the better. I would like to wish you that this process will continue in the future! 

happy 1st wedding anniversary message 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends happy 1st anniversary message for friend

Congratulations on the fact that you have managed to create your own unique, cozy world, which we love so much! I wish you even more feelings, so that the heat of the sun would seem like a weak warmth compared to the intensity of your passions!

A year has passed, during which you learned all the intricacies of family life! I wish you mutual understanding, because this is one of the most important qualities on which family life is based.

happy 1st wedding anniversary for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends 1st wedding anniversary wishes for friends happy 1st wedding anniversary

Newlyweds! May happiness smile for you, and may life give hope, which must come true. Happy wedding!

Your wedding is the first step into a joint future, we wish you to pave the happy path of fate, lining it with mutual understanding!

My dears! I want your family to step confidently into the future, constantly circumventing all discord and troubles, looking forward with hope and love.

Congratulations to you, young couple, that your relationship has become legal. We wish that the warmth of your family hearth is always supported by joint efforts. Be happy!

Dear newlyweds! We wish that the fire of your mutual love burns brightly, warming you and your future children. It burned so hard and so long that you would always rush to it from the farthest roads.

Dear newlyweds, we congratulate you on the good taste of each other’s excellent choices and decisive action to part with your free life.

Dear ones! Turn rather into a lovely large family and let you never be separated by gossip, time and distance!

Congratulations on the wedding! Fate united your tender, kind, loving hearts and they began to beat in unison. May these bright, real feelings live all their lives!

On this solemn day, I wish you to create not just a cell of society, but your own unique paradise, where loving hearts will always be waiting for you.

The first happy year of your family life has passed. But this is only the beginning of the upcoming story. So let this idyll never be disturbed!

Friend! I wish that married life always remains a honeymoon for you and multiplies the pleasant moments of marriage. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy first year to your family. I wish you to successfully overcome the following thresholds and stages of life together!

You’ve been together for a whole year. And during this year you have felt the fullness of family life. So may peace and understanding never leave your wonderful family.

I congratulate you, friends, on a wonderful year of family life. I wish you, after a successful start, to move on to the stage of implementing grandiose plans and fulfilling cherished desires.

Congratulations on your first year of family life, dear ones. I wish you to continue to live without problems and never lose tender feelings and light in your soul.

You are a young happy family, and I congratulate you on this! I wish that the fate of the family would be intertwined with fine spiritual threads, like a chintz cloth, but the warmth of the hearth grew stronger day by day.

You are a perfect couple, as the year of your married life proves! Let your feelings for each other grow stronger and let all your dreams and hopes come true!

Friends! It’s been a year since your wedding! I wish that comfort and warmth always fill your home with bright colors.

We have a whole year behind us, and you are all the same beautiful and happy. I wish you to be together forever.

Your first year of married life has passed! I wish you an easy and beautiful way to continue your joint journey, warming each other’s hearts with true love.

Congratulations on your family’s first date. I wish you never turn away from each other and always maintain the fire of love in your hearts.

You did a great job with your first year of married life! I wish you to continue walking confidently and beautifully through life together.

Congratulations on your successfully completed stage, on your first wedding anniversary. I wish that the joint path be strewn with flowers of happiness and hope.

A chintz wedding is the most wonderful, but at the same time, the most difficult period for a young family! I wish you to successfully overcome the next stages of life together.

Friend, imagine that your family is a bird and you are its two wings. She has been flying forward for a whole year! I wish that this bird flew its own way and never strayed from its intended course.

The year has passed like one day. As if yesterday we celebrated your wedding, and today you are already a strong and friendly family. I wish you to keep tenderness for a long life!

Friend, I congratulate you on such a high achievement – the first real frontier of your life together! I wish there will be a lot of such years, and that they be sure to be happy!

There is nothing more romantic than celebrating the first year of your marriage with your soul mate! Friend, I wish you that your love lives in your hearts, until the last knock!

On this day, exactly a year ago, two loving hearts united into one strong knot, which will not be destroyed for a year. I wish you never to lose tender feelings and light in your soul.

Exactly a year ago, you made an oath to each other to be always there, and you kept it. I wish that your love never gets lost in the fog of lies, does not crash on the rocks of jealousy and drown in the ocean of life!

So the first and most important stage in family life has been passed. May the new family year be full of good moments, bright colors and joyful events.

Your marriage is one year old. This is not much, but not so little either. This is 365 days and nights with each other, complete understanding and dedication. I wish you will continue to celebrate your new anniversaries!

Today you celebrate the overcoming of the first frontier of family relations. I wish you to continue to live without life’s problems and obstacles.

So the first frontier of life together was left behind. May your union acquire more and more solid value and significance every year.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I wish you to celebrate your golden wedding, and continue to love each other, as you loved at the very beginning of the relationship.

A chintz wedding is just the beginning … There will be more to come! I wish your fragile, tender family a lot of love.

This year, exactly one year ago, your family was born. Love each other, and may this union never leave the passion that once united you.

Friend, I congratulate you on your first anniversary! Let all difficulties remain in the past, and in the future take only the harmony of the beating of your hearts and the passion of the kisses of the first wedding night.

A long and happy married life has begun. This year, for sure, was as bright and colorful as chintz. Let it go on like this. Let your family always have a festive atmosphere.

Friend, I congratulate you on your first marriage anniversary. You have managed to overcome this stage and prove that an important step was not taken in vain. I wish you to keep your souls close to old age.

Congratulations on your family’s first date. You did an excellent job with the first year, I wish you to continue walking confidently and beautifully through life.For a whole year now you are a happy family, loyal love and mutual support. I wish you bright hopes and great opportunities in life.

On the first wedding anniversary, I wish the young family lightness, common plans and unquenchable love. May the Almighty protect you from all bad things!

Congratulations to the newlyweds on their first legal date! I wish you to continue spinning in life in a light and airy dance, giving each other your charming smile and alluring eyes.

I congratulate you on the first passed stage in family life! Let your feelings grow stronger, family prosperity is full, new great prospects and many joyful moments appear.

We all gathered today, which means that you passed the exam – the first year of life together. We wish you harmony and mutual understanding, because this is the basis of a happy family life.

You have passed the test of the strength of marriage bonds, living together for the first year. Let patience be renewed in the future, trust grows, and love does not fade.

So the first year of your family life has passed, but this is only the beginning of the upcoming story. So let this idyll never be disturbed.

How quickly 1 year has passed! I wish you always put your family first, and never forget that this is the greatest value in life!

They say that the first year of family life is the most difficult. But I see that your family has successfully passed this “trial period”! I wish you to overcome all adversity with the same success and remember that in your family you can always find support and love.

Friend, I am delighted to attend your wedding anniversary! I wish that after decades your love burns with the same bright flame of love. Hope to meet again, but in many years.

You may have been married for only one year, but you have managed to go through this stage of life beautifully and happily. I wish you without despondency to continue your family path and put together a colorful mosaic of your relationships.

Congratulations to the lovely newlyweds on their first date! I wish you to continue the joint path without worries and quarrels. Let your life be like a spring flower that always blooms.

Your first year of marriage has passed. I wish you to constantly maintain the status of happiness and well-being in your home.

Congratulations on your first anniversary. Let your further joint path be easy! Continue to fill each other’s souls with inspiration and the bright light of hope.

I congratulate you on overcoming the first frontier of family life. Let all difficulties remain behind you, and take with you to the future only the sweetness of the honeymoon and the harmony of the beating of your hearts.

You have turned over the first page of your married life calendar. I wish you a feeling of lightness and unearthly feelings of love.

How quickly one year has passed since your wedding day! Let there always be a place for romance and tenderness of feelings in your family life.

Today is a whole year as you are husband and wife, and I wish on the first anniversary of marriage to live in peace and not quarrel – these are all trifles in comparison with your happiness.

A year has passed since you got married. Let your marriage bloom with new colors and bright colors every year.

I wish your family to become a place where all problems and difficulties are easily solved, where love, care, and trust reign. Let your family grow every year, well-being multiplies and feelings strengthen.

Love requires a special relationship, therefore we wish you to fertilize it with tenderness, protect it with fidelity and strengthen mutual understanding so that it will certainly lead you to happiness!

365 days of romance, warm touches, and sweet kisses. Congratulations on your paper wedding anniversary! Wish you endless and unconditional love for whole your life. Have a wonderful time!

When I see at the two of you, I see pure love. You are the perfect couple, or can I say couple goal? Wish you many more anniversaries to come.

Give me your hand, dear, and let me congratulate you with this beautiful anniversary. 1st year of marriage is something special and I hope that with each year it will be even more beautiful. Congratulations on 1st wedding jubilee!

Cheers to this beautiful anniversary! 1st year of marriage it’s just the beginning of your new life. Wish you blessed and full of love future. Congratulations!

On this beautiful occasion I wish you always would be honest with each other because it’s a key of successful marriage. Enjoy this special day and hope your life will be filled sincere love. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

Congratulations on 1st year of marriage! A year ago, two souls became one and I wish you that will always be so. Love both of you and have a perfect time together on this special day. Happy anniversary!

Happy 1st wedding anniversary! The paper may cut but also can turn into a beautiful love story. Hope your love story is full of good moments and every new year will bring you something special. Congratulations!

No matter what happens, never underestimate the power of love and honesty. Congratulations on the first wedding anniversary! Wish you all the best and let this marriage be endless!

12 months of patience and devotion for each other. Hope all your year was fantastic and everything the most beautiful is just in the future. Congratulations on 1st year of marriage!

Happy 1st year of marriage! This day is proof that you are doing well for the new journey of your life. I wish you to find as much as possible in every new day. Congrats!

Happy Marriage Day! Being a husband and wife is a pleasure and a great responsibility. May love and tenderness make your union the most lasting and happy.

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