Birthday wishes for crush

Birthday messages for crush

How to wish a happy birthday to someone you are secretly in love with? It is so important to convey all your love to a person, but not to overdo it and not to hurt his feelings. After all, he considers you a friend, and you secretly hope for something more, but you can’t admit it in any way. Birthday is the best reason to take a chance! Just choose the most suitable among these birthday wishes for crush and write to your friend about everything that is going on in your heart. Perhaps your feelings are mutual, but you were afraid to open up to each other!

Birthday wishes for crush

Happy Birthday to the most awesome, wonderful, funny, and a great friend. Have an awesome Birthday and Party Hard!!

You’re really so different from others and I Wish you never mix up with them. I am one of the lucky few to have someone special as you in life. Happy Birthday!!

bday greeting for crush girl birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush bday greeting for crush girl

Before we get your birthday party started, I want to thank you for being such a special and caring friend. Just wear the brightest smile of yours and have a lovely day ahead!

Hey, I wanted to wish you luck, and I wish to be as intelligent, loving and funny as you are now. I hope you know that you mean a lot to me!

I remember when I saw you, and you know, I’m not going to hide it anymore, I like you, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

I wanted to wish you happiness, joy, laughter and an amazing future and I really hope I can be a part of it, because I like you very much…

Happy birthday wishes for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday wishes for crush

You know how I get nervous around you, and I embarrass myself all the time, well that’s because I like you, and today I came here to wish you an amazing birthday, I hope you’ll be as happy as you are now!

I came here to wish you an amazing birthday and I hope that today brings you many great and unforgettable memories!

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We are all here today to wish you a happy birthday, and not just to wish it, but make it really happen, I’ve been holding in something for a very long time.. I really really like you!

I wanted to wish you luck, you’re like my guardian angel, you’ve always been there for me, and today I’m here for you, let’s make this day unforgettable!

birthday greetings for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday greetings for crush

Here we are today, gathered in this room, just for you, and I am here to say something I never thought I’d say, I like you, and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

Happy birthday messages for crush

I know that your birthday is almost done, and I wanted to save this for the last minutes, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and also… I like you, and I know you like me too, so can we just make this last minutes of your birthday the best one yet?

Happy birthday to most sugary and the sweetest person I know. Stay blessed and have an awesome day ahead.

birthday card for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday card for crush

You’re actually an angel sent from the heavens to be my pillar of strength and support. I can simply say you are too good to be true. Have a lovely day and Happy Birthday!!

I could in fact put my heart on paper and ink for you. Don’t think that I am crazy, that’s how I can really show how much I love you.

I hope I am the first one to wish you today as it is the first thing that came to my mind this morning. Remember you’re really special for me.

Happy Birthday my sweetest and dearest. You are an angel in my life. Not a single day goes by when I don’t think how meaningless my life would be without you.

Birthday greetings for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday greetings for crush

Today I really want to thank you for trusting and believing in me so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t tell in words how much I love you and I wish you a lovely day.

Birthday messages for crush girl

You play one of the important roles in my life. And so today I am in a hurry to remind you that your happiness is important to me. Let everything that you dream about be sure to be realized, and I will be there to help speed up this process of transformation.

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Let your beautiful eyes, which have fallen in love with me, shine with joy on this birthday, and a charming smile illuminates the whole world around!

I will bring to your feet all the flowers of the world, and may they be fragrant, giving joy and pleasure! On your holiday I will make you the happiest in the whole universe! Only first you must become mine!

Sweetheart! On this wonderful day, I will light up millions of stars in the night sky and give you the most beautiful! And may love break out in your heart, but only to me!

birthday message for crush birthday wishes for crush Birthday wishes for crush birthday message for crush

Be as bright as the sun, swift as the wind, flexible as water, as gentle as the cloud! Be happy, wise and forever loved! I will always be your support, dear!

Let a rainbow flash in your honor and hundreds of cicadas will sing, so that you understand how beautiful and perfect the world around you is! Never despair and remember that the best is to come!

I congratulate you and want to say that you are an incredibly happy person. Nature has generously endowed you not only with beauty and intelligence, but also with the ability to rule over it. I admire you, and I swear to do this forever, if only you were by my side.

Seeing you, the sun instantly leaves behind the clouds, because it dreams of being like you. All the flowers of the world fade near you, because they only set off the beauty, and you are the beauty itself. Happy holiday, charm!

Birds from the skies enviously look at you: after all, even on earth you are able to inspire everyone who is familiar with you. It’s impossible not to fall in love with you. And I am no exception.

You are a beautiful and youthful flower with velvet petals. Many people admire you and just as many want to rip off. Do not let this happen. Be mine, and I promise to protect you all my life!

On your birthday, I wish you bloom and smell in the hands of a loving person. Choose the one who will enjoy your aroma, rather than bright leaves. Only the one who will care for you is your gardener.

I don’t have enough words to say how happy I am to meet you. You are the best I have ever met. May you always be lucky in everything, and your dreams always come true!

I am sure that you will achieve everything that you dream about, because you have everything for this – beauty, mind, character, patience. After all, I want to see you happy, successful, not only on your birthday, but every day.

My darling! Let the circumstances in your life turn out just so that you achieve everything you want. I wish you a lot of strength because you need them to achieve your dream. Never give up because you are worthy of happiness!

Birthday messages for crush boy

My heart always beats like a bird when I remember you! Congratulations on such an important event! Be energetic and let optimism and good mood never leave you!

I am happy to be able to say my wishes now. Always stay the same affectionate, gentle. Let your dreams come true, and fate always keeps you from troubles!

My piece of happiness! You are my fairytale universe, you are my world, and thank you for that. I wish you to achieve everything you desire, strive for success and never give up.

My courageous and strong man! I wish that you will certainly succeed exactly as you want, and I will support you in any undertakings. With you I am happier and I want our happiness to be higher than heaven.

The wings grew behind me at the moment when you appeared in my life. The feeling of love for you fills the heart with warmth and joy. I sincerely wish you to be happy, healthy, and successful.

You are my world, my happiness, my soul mate. Let the inspiration never leave. Thank you for every moment we were together. Let it always will be.

I want you to always be insanely happy, and this is what I wish you now. May your goals always be achieved. The most important thing is to strive for more and you deserve it.

Your birthday is a holiday for me too, because I’m in love with you! I wish you strong will and iron spirit, so that any obstacle in your path breaks down, contacting you. I also wish you moral and material wealth!

You are a real and unbelievably wonderful man with whom I have been in love for many years. I wish you the best of life blessings, a positive attitude, stormy emotions, dizzying success and prosperity.

Happy birthday, my hero! Let your ideas come true, let new horizons lie ahead. I give you my love, a million kisses and great happiness. You just need to smile and be happier next to me.

Well, that day has come when I can say my sincere words, wishes on such a great occasion! I wish you, my beloved man, to remain as strong, courageous and brave. I’m proud of you!

I want all your deeds to be successful and fair, and words – honest and sincere. Let peace and tranquility enter your soul forever. Always stay as cheerful, charming and self-confident.

When you burst into my life, it became like a fairy tale. You surrounded me with care and love, for which I am very grateful to you. Let your life next to me be just as happy and colorful as mine.

I wish you success in any business, that your dreams come true, ensuring a happy future. I want to give you my love and tenderness and that you always be near me!

Let success be simply overwhelming in your life, happiness only amazing, and life smart. Let joy and smile become daily attributes of your life.

Birthday greetings for crush

Let me tell you something today. In my whole life you are the best person I have met. You have really changed my life. Whatever I am today is due to your support and believe in me. Don’t bother what people say. Happy Birthday my dearest.

Falling in love with you was very easy but staying in love with you is easier. Can’t wait until next year.

Since you appeared in my life, it has become much brighter, more energetic and enchanting! And all this is only due to the fact that you are in it! Accept congratulations from the person who is in love with you!

Perhaps your ideal partner was with you all the time? You just have to understand who it is. Happy Birthday!

You are my guiding star, leading me in the right direction through my life. Happy Birthday to you!

You have no idea how much your appearance has changed my life. I am infinitely grateful to you for that, dear! May your birthday open up new opportunities for you and you will certainly take advantage of them.

You are a consummate woman and just a good person. May your birthday be as perfect as you are to me. Always remember that you are beautiful.

Today I want to give you lots of kisses and hugs. I want you to know that I really feel blessed having you in my life. I hope all your dreams come true. Wishing you a very

Hey!! you deserve only the most awesome and wonderful things in life, nothing less!! Wishing you all the best. I hope your birthday may be as wonderful and incredible as you are.

I really want your birthday to be as special as you are special to me. You are the best. I wish your Birthday shines with all the colours you dream of. Have a Blast!!

Today is your special day so of course, there will be many people thinking about you. But, remember the way I love you none of them can.

Only the special people and the people I truly care about receive birthday messages and wishes from me and you are that special one!!

Happy Birthday to my adorable boyfriend!! I really feel happy when you are next to me. You make my world complete.

On this special day, I really want to thank you for coming into my life. I know you will always stand by my side through thick and thin. Happy Birthday and have a lovely day.

I’m so glad to have such an awesome person in my life! I genuinely want to thank you for always being there for me. May your special day bring you true happiness!!

Happy Birthday to the person who means a lot to me. You make my life so amazing and wonderful just by being a part of it. Have a glowing year ahead!!

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