Happy birthday wishes for nephew

birthday card for nephew

Looking for nice and cute happy birthday wishes for nephew? Check out this wonderful collection of birthday messages and cards that you can send to your beloved nephew on his great day. He will be certainly pleased to get a nice greeting image or text from his beloved aunt and uncle. Remember the day you learned that your brother or sister would become a parent. Without a doubt, you remember this day, because then you realized that you will have a nephew very soon. And now he is on the verge of growing up. He is very excited because this is his holiday, which should be remembered. And in your power to do it! Give him the most desired gift, and say the most important words. And then this holiday will become the most memorable for him! 

Happy birthday wishes for nephew

Happy birthday to my sweetest nephew! Sending you the warmest wishes and hugs. You’re such an adorable boy. Hope to see you soon. Congratulations!

Nephews may come in all characters but for me the best nephew is you. Happy birthday, my lovely boy! Hope your birthday will be crazy and fantastic. Love you. Congrats!

animated birthday card for nephew happy birthday wishes for nephew Happy birthday wishes for nephew animated birthday card for nephew

I’m proud to have you as my nephew, you’ve done so much, you’ve gone so far, and I hope you have an amazing future, I know you will do great things.

My nephew, thank you for being so cute and adorable boy who adds so many colors to my life. May you have a colorful day and the best birthday party. Wishing all the best! 

We all know you will do great things, and I know you will have great future, you are unique, and I hope you know that! We love you, lots of luck and happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my friend and my partner in crime. Have a wonderful day and Party Hard!!

happy birthday wishes for nephew happy birthday wishes for nephew Happy birthday wishes for nephew happy birthday wishes for nephew 1024x1024

I hope that your life will be full of happy and fun moments! Appreciate what you have and enjoy every day! Congratulations!

May life lead you to the right decisions, and never be in a lack of encouragement to fulfil your goals! Love you! Have a nice birthday!

Funny birthday messages for friend

Birthday wishes for best friend male

I wish you a thrilling, exciting and joyful day because it’s your birthday! Make sure you eat as many pieces of cake as possible!

Happy birthday my nephew!! I wish you good health, wealth and a beautiful life as you are a wonderful person. Have a Blast!

birthday ecard for nephew happy birthday wishes for nephew Happy birthday wishes for nephew birthday ecard for nephew

Happy birthday to my sweetest nephew. I’m so glad to have boy like you. We have so lot in common. Have fun, my dear.

Nephew, you are the most handsome boy I have ever laid my eyes on. Just don’t break the hearts of girls. Have a good time.

Happy Birthday to an amazing nephew. You are the sun in this family shining with so much light that you can never be shut off.

Happy birthday to nephew from aunt

Do you know who is the best aunt? I AM! But you are the best nephew, too. Wish you to have fun and good luck for all the next year. You always can ask me for anything.

Your aunt loves you, nephew. I’ll always be there for you, sweetheart. You always can rely on me. Hope your birthday will be fantastic!

God has granted me with one thing – you, nephew! I’m so happy and lucky aunt. Hope you’ll share your b-day moments with me. Don’t forget this. Happy birthday, my boy. Love you!

birthday greeting for nephew happy birthday wishes for nephew Happy birthday wishes for nephew birthday greeting to nephew

Today is a very special day as today my dearest nephew was born. May you have a lovely day full of surprises and fun. Happy Birthday, my little boy!

My dear nephew, I may not be your mum, but I promise to be your best friend forever. You can always count on me through the good and bad times.

Ever wondered why your dad and mom hate me? It’s simply because they have put in more time and effort to discipline you, yet I spoil you with care. But I can’t just help it. You are so irresistible and adorable.

Happy birthday messages for niece

With sweet hugs and warm wishes, I pray that your special birthday will be as great as you, my lovely cute nephew. Happy birthday dear!

My lovely nephew, I wish to let you know that you are just like my own child- the only difference is just that I have not gone through the struggled months of pregnancy. I love you like a mother.

As your aunt, I have all the rights to kidnap you and celebrate your birthday. So, can I do it? Ready for surprises, boy. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for nephew from uncle

Happy birthday to my brave and strong nephew! I know you will grow up into a good man.  Congratulations, boy, enjoy your day!

You’re really special for me, nephew. Today is a perfect time to celebrate your big day and to spend more time together. Hope, you’ll like it.

Hunting or fishing on your birthday, nephew? I think we have to try some fun male activities, boy. Whatever you choose, we will do it. Happy birthday, nephew!

I love you so much, my sweet boy. Wish you to have an amazing b-day because you are wonderful nephew without stubbornness and something like that. Have fun!

If I’ll have my own child someday, I want he/she has an attitude as you have, nephew. You’re a perfect man. Love you.

Dear nephew, Happy Birthday!! You can always consider me your best friend and someone whom you can all the time count on, through bad times and in good times.

Long-awaited and majestic birthday has come. Today you’re 18 years old. Wow, wow, wow, how fast you grew-up! Have the best party!

Happy Birthday man!! I wish you look alike your awesome uncle as you grow older!

My lovely nephew, no matter what your parent may have told you just remember me when you feel like doing what you shouldn’t do. I love you, happy birthday!

To a man in the prime of his life, a witty interlocutor, a noble knight, or, more simply, to my nephew, I wish on his birthday, live happily and achieve every his goal!

Let all goals, like good cars, approach you at a decent speed! Do not forget that you were not sent to this world not by accident. Therefore, I wish you to find your purpose in life!

Dear nephew, there are no more boys like you. You are the kindest person on the planet. I saw how you turned from a baby into an already smart boy. I wish you not to lose your positive attitude towards life.

Today is not only your holiday. Once upon a time on this day, I received my most important gift – you. And even if we had anything, the main thing is good moments and positive. Happy Birthday!

You are my nephew. And today I wish you had only good moments that will leave pleasant memories! Well, and of course, I wish to get everything that you want yourself!

We just need to lock your parents outside to have the Best party for your birthday. I really want your day to be awesome. Happy birthday from your uncle!

Funny happy birthday messages for nephew

Happy birthday to the craziest boy in all family. In truly, I don’t know what you are like. Maybe to me? Congratulations, nephew! Always be so funny and cool!

It’s time to celebrate your birthday, nephew. I’m serious, not kidding at all. Pack your clothes and wait for me. We’ll have fun. Happy birthday, boy!

The best gift for the best nephew is …time with uncle, of course! I’m just kidding, boy. I have a real birthday present to you, because I am not so young as you to do all the extraordinary things.

Happy birthday to my sweet little chipmunk. It’s OK for b-day to go watch Alvin and the Chipmunks? It’s my favorite. I see you in them. Congrats, nephew!

Happy birthday to the coolest nephew ever! Hope your birthday will be funny as your b-day cake on your face. Have a lot of fun. Congratulations!

Congratulations with your day, nephew. You’re so adorable, handsome and smart man. I’m always asking myself – how is it possible? There is only one answer – genetics!

Nephew, sometimes you are like a glue which are so tight that it’s hard to unravel. But…I like your attention. Keep going, boy.

My gift on this day us to tell you how amazing man you are. OK, OK. I have normal present for you. Don’t look so scared. Happy birthday, nephew!

Happy birthday, nephew! On this day I want to promise you not to give books during the Christmas season. What’s about sweaters? Congratulations!

Are you ready for hangover, nephew? So, let’s watch “Hangover” on TV. Have fun, boy. This birthday will be different.

I know mum is making your birthday a healthy themed one, but don’t worry, I have some sweets hidden somewhere for you. Just ask me nicely.

You have a very handsome face my boy, use it wisely, the ladies will love it. Have a great birthday.

My little boy, what a beautiful man you’ve grown up into. Celebrate this day as an adult and enjoy your birthday. Party all night, right?

Short birthday greetings for nephew

Happy birthday wishes for nephew!! May you spend your life doing things you love to do!

Go for your dreams and never miss any chances in your life! Love you!

Use all of your charm! Girls love those eyes of yours… Enjoy your day, boy!

I wish that you will find all the things in life that make you happy. Do not let go of them!

Listen to year heart, follow your dreams and live your life as you want! Love you so much! Have a nice birthday!

Always remember that you are special and beloved. May every signle day bring joy for you!

Happy Birthday to my favourite nephew! You are so special for me and I love you! Have fun on your celebration day!

Appreciate what life gives you, because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Love you.

Lots of exciting, joyful, happy and fascinating moments I wish you on your birthday!

Happy Birthday Nephew. With warmest wishes and hug, celebrate your special day and do it up BIG! Have a Blast!!

Cute and sweet b-day wishes for nephew

All my time and efforts were not in vain because now I have the most amazing nephew. Thanks for being in my life. Happy birthday, my b-day boy! Have fun!

Happy birthday to my youngest fellow! You changed my life when you came into this world. Hope we’ll always be so close and good friends. Congratulations, boy!

Nephews may come in all sizes and shapes, for me, the best nephew is YOU. Happy a lovely day and Party Hard!

Have a fantastic birthday, my son. Yes, you are son for me, because I love you more than just a nephew. Let me celebrate this day with you.

Nephew, wish you to spend your birthday doing the things you love the most. It’s your day and all 24 hours. Take all the advantages from them.

My dear nephew, no one can understand you as well as I can, so let me be your best friend. I promise you the best time. Your parents won’t know anything. Happy birthday, boy. Love you!

Today is a wonderful day, even though its not a usual day, it’s your birthday! I wanted to wish you everything your heart desires, and I hope you’ll be happy in your future, because in this world, happiness is everything!

My dearest nephew, you know I love you to death.. I know, you’re growing up, and won’t be this little boy for much longer, so today I wanted to wish you youth, happiness, love and strength!

Happy birthday nephew quotes

Dear nephew, I hope that you will be the happiest person today because it is all meant for you. May your day be spent doing things you have always loved doing. Happy birthday!

My dear, the whole family is here today and all your true friends are here also. Remember that we will be there for you whenever you need us!

Today is your birthday, and I wanted to wish you a happy one, because all you really need in life is happiness, and I hope you always be loved and happy!

Here we are, gathered in this room just to be with you today. Wishing you the most beautiful future, and even more beautiful girlfriend! The warmest happy birthday wishes for nephew!

Have a celebration that you will remember all your life, party as hard as you can, and make all of your dreams come true! The most joyful happy birthday wishes for nephew!

Never let go from what is important to you, and never lose hope when dark days come… May sun shine for you every day!

I wish you to stay young forever, because years, months, days go very fast… Capture all the special moments and keep them in your heart! Love you!

Be brave, kind and honest – these are one of the most important things in life. Be good to yourself and others!

Do not hurry to live – you will not feel how days pass by, and never regret what you did for your dreams! Lots of love on your special day!

Be full of love for the world, do not keep hate in your heart. Remember, if God closes the door, there must be a window open somewhere… Good luck on your happy day!

Work as hard as you can if you want to reach all of your goals! Do not give up, and go for what your heart tells you! Love you!

From all my heart I wish you a delicious cake, happy moments with friends, lots of love from your family, and I will come to see you soon! Love you, boy.

I wish you all the best on your birthday! Celebrate it as you always have wished, spend fun moments with your friends and family. Love you so much.

My beloved nephew, I just want to let you know that I always think about you like my own child. I wish you all the success in life.

Do the best that you can! You only live once and have to use all opportunities that are given to you!

You will have a beautiful day today. It will be full of music, dancing and food. How can that not be a good birthday? Enjoy it my nephew.

You are more than a nephew to me, you are my best friend and I hope I am too. Happy Birthday nephew.

The most valuable jewel around my neck is the arms of my nephew. I love you, my sweet child.

You are a blessing on this world and I hope you continue to be blessing for all those around you.

Birthdays come and go but great people like you stay forever. Have a beautiful celebration.

You have not only brought joy and happiness to your parents but also to us all. Have a great day!

You’re my nephew but I love you as though you were my own son because you cannot imagine how happy you’ve made me.

I thank God for you each day, you are not only my nephew, you are like my son and I would do anything for you. Enjoy your birthday kiddo.

Oh how I want to see you on this special day of yours, but distance won’t allow me. I hope you’ll have a very Happy Birthday.

I love you my handsome nephew and though you’re too young to understand these words I wish you well in your life.

I know there is a young lad who will be celebrating their birthday today! Do you know whose birthday it is? That’s right, it is yours.

Happy Birthday my nephew. I just want you to know that I love you dearly and that if you ever need a place to crash, you can come over.

Looking at the stars, I am reminded of the star in you. Have a Cute day dear nephew.

Before now you were my little boy, but now I can call you my little man. Happy Birthday nephew, god bless you.

You will someday be the man I know you are and I will always be proud of you my nephew. Enjoy your birthday.

Hey kiddo!! I want to wish you a long, prosperous and fruitful life.

I hope to see clips of your birthday party very soon, therefore, live today with joy and gladness because it is your birthday.

You are far away yet close to me than most people I see daily, though you are my sibling’s offspring, it feels like you are mine. Enjoy every moment of your day.

I wish you all the best on your birthday and I feel blessed to have you as a nephew despite our difference in location.

You grew so fast that I could not recognize the little boy who runs around.

No matter how old you get, you will remain my favorite baby. I love you greatly. May you have many more to come.

Wishing you a lifetime of prosperity, happiness and health! May your success be found in leaps and bounds, as tall as skyscrapers and crisp as the morning sun.

Smile more, have fun and be happy on your birthday, self-love is the most important virtue.

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