Birthday messages for niece

birthday wishes for niece

What is the most important thing in the life of any person, for which he can sacrifice material values? Of course, it is family. And the most favorite thing in the family is the kids. Of course, we want their childhood to be cloudless and happy. And therefore, if we cannot manage to give them due attention, we try to arrange surprises for them at least for the holidays. Below are the best birthday greetings for niece. Choose, apply, and surprise!

Birthday messages for niece

I love you so much. This is not just because you are a lovely niece, but because you are such a wonderful human who deserves the best love from anyone, everyone. Have a pleasant celebration.

The word “aunt” became a very special word in my life after you were born. My relationship with you is not just about the laughs and smiles. You have been such an amazing niece. Take this lovely cake and enjoy the rest of your day!

birthday messages for niece birthday messages for niece Birthday messages for niece birthday messages for niece

The term “wonderful Aunt” will never be complete if there is no “awesome Niece” like you. We are so perfect. Happy birthday!

I thought I had it all, but when you were born, I realized I really had nothing.  You are the most valuable thing in my life. Nothing in life would have been enough if you weren’t born. Happy birthday!

Great things are not easy to come by. But I am the luckiest because I have found the greatest thing in life without hard work. Thank God for gifting me with a sweet, colorful and amazing niece like you. Happy birthday!

You are an angel who has made our lives sweeter and more colorful. It couldn’t get better than this. Now I believe I will never get old because I have a beautiful niece who will remain forever young. Happy birthday!

birthday image for niece birthday messages for niece Birthday messages for niece birthday image for niece

Whenever you are down or feel bad because your dad/mom just punished you or maybe the teacher grounded you for something, don’t think that you are alone. Your aunt is always there to hug you. Happy birthday!

Though it might sound somehow crazy, but the truth is that my life will have remained incomplete without having a lovely niece like you. Wishing you a wonderful birthday from my heart!

Inspirational birthday wishes for niece

My beautiful niece, life is full of real dreams, but you have to see them with wide open eyes and heart. Do you ready for this challenge on your birthday? It’s perfect time to all your dreams come true! Happy birthday, my girl!

Niece, don’t be scary of unknown of your future life because you are smart, brave, insightful and cute girl. I believe in you and your abilities. Happy birthday, dear. Future is bright!

Wish you a very Happy Birthday, niece! Every year I see you more mature than before. It’s perfect! Keep going and never look back. Congratulations on this beautiful day!

No matter how young you feel in your heart, you always have to think about your future. You are beautiful young lady, niece, with a big potential. Don’t forget this! Happy and funny birthday!

birthday card for niece birthday messages for niece Birthday messages for niece birthday card for niece

My dear, set your goals high because you are unique girl. I believe in you, your heart and your attitude to life. Hope this birthday will also be as perfect as you. Happy birthday!  

Happy birthday to the coolest niece ever! I know you’ll have perfect birthday and more impressive next year. Everything is in your hands! Congratulations!

Inspirational quotes about happiness

You are an artist of your life and everything depends on you, niece. Hope this birthday will be full of good emotions and inspirational people. You are worth all the best. Happy birthday!

Niece, you’ll never be too old to dream because dreams are reason to push yourself ahead. Birthday it’s also a perfect moment to make a new wish or dream. Just do it now! Happy & magical birthday! Love you, sweetheart!

niece birthday image birthday messages for niece Birthday messages for niece niece birthday image

Happy birthday to my wonderful girl who’s always my inspiration and motivation. You’re a perfect creature of life. Wish you always be so perfect. Happy birthday, my lovely niece!

On this birthday I just want to thank you of being in my life. You are wonderful little woman, niece. I love you and I’ll always be next to you. Congratulations!

Although your life can have both ups and downs, I’ll always believe in you and your dreams. You are wonderful girl who has a bright future. Love you, dear. Happy birthday!

Do you know the phrase: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? So, I just want to say you that I’ll always be your friend who will help you to make this lemonade. Super sweet birthday, my beautiful niece!

May the life ahead of you be filled with wonderful days and people. You are worth to feel the best that life can give you. I also have a gift for you. Just wait for a second. Happy birthday, my dear!

Difficult roads almost always lead to beautiful destinations. Hope your next year will be full of amazing destinations and even more beautiful views, niece. Happy birthday, my sweetie!

Never give up and always trust in me, my dear. Everything the best is in your future, not in your past. I perfectly know that your birthday will also be the best. Good luck and happy birthday, my niece! Kisses!

Sweet birthday wishes for niece

No one can measure my admiration for you, my dear. You’re wonderful little lady. Wish you the sweetest birthday and perfect time with your friends. Love you. Happy birthday!

As your aunt, I have one duty for you – to wish you the best birthday and celebration. Hope you’ll always be happy, my sweet little niece. Congratulations and sweet birthday!

As part of our family, on this day I officially allow you to do everything you want. Just remember – everything must be done responsibly! Have a good time. Happy birthday!

You’re such a wonderful niece that my heart wants to smile every time I think about you. Congratulations my dear on your beautiful day! Have sweet and perfect b-day!

Hurray! Have a gorgeous birthday, sweetie! I hope you’re enjoying this day a lot. You’re an amazing girl. Congratulations, my dear!

“Awesome aunt” is nothing without “awesome niece”. I think we are perfect squad. Wish you the best birthday party and hope you’ll visit me soon. Happy birthday!

When you were born, I felt that I really had a beautiful little angel who will always be special for me. Love you, my lovely niece. Hope you’re having a perfect day. Congratulations on your birthday!

You’re a girl who made my life more colorful and bright. Hope this day will be amazing because I need to see your happy eyes and smile. Love you. Happy birthday!

Great things are to find but I’m lucky of having you so close. Hope our relationships will always be so strong. Happy birthday, my sweet girl! Your aunt loves you.

I’m really thankful for my sister for giving birth for such a beautiful girl. I’m really happy. Wish you to be super happy on this day, too. Sweet and funny birthday, niece!

I know I’ll never get old because I’ll always have such wonderful and crazy niece as you. Now, I wish you to spend this day with your sweetest and beloved people. Enjoy your young age. Sweet birthday!

Have an amazing birthday party, niece. I know how much you like to spend your time with friends and how crazy this time is. If you need something, just say for me. It’s your big day! Happy & crazy birthday!

Take all the lovely greetings on this beautiful day from your aunt. I’ll always take care of you, dear. You’re a part of my life. Happy birthday, girl!

You are so cute and beautiful girl who I loved from the first sight. I love you like a real daughter. Trust in me every time. Have a wonderful day! Happy b-day!

 You’re not my niece, you’re my daughter, because my love for you is endless. Enjoy my love and goodness without any doubt. You can trust me like a real mom. Happy birthday, dear!

Happy birthday wishes for niece from aunt

Dear, your aunt is young and wild, so if you want to go out – just write for me. We’ll have amazing time together. Promise you. Now, enjoy your birthday. Congrats!

Wishing wonderful birthday to my lovely niece and my friend. I’m happy of having you. Have perfect day with lots of sweets. Happy birthday!

I’ll tell you a secret how to have the max fun on your b-day, but you must promise me not to tell your parents. I’ll make your day special, dear. Happy birthday, niece!

A niece should be as nice as you are, dear. I know you’ll have amazing time, so I’m wishing you more amazing gifts and people in your b-day party. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Niece, just have fun and celebrate the grand day of your year with lots of cakes and cupcakes because you’re the sweetest girl on this planet! Also have a crazy birthday night. Love you, dear. Happy birthday!

You’re a wonderful little woman who is steadily moving into adults’ life. I’m really proud of you, niece. So, enjoy your special day and have fun. Happy birthday!

Dear niece! I wish you to shine brighter than the sun from inner peace and happiness. Let your radiant smile cheer you up and inspire you and your friends.

Niece! You are like a daughter to me, like a dear person. I want you to have no black bars in your life. Let them be white, colorful, bright and unique.

Let your life resemble a kind fairy tale with magical adventures! Don’t be afraid to fight back offenders. And I will hold your hand and make sure that no one breaks your wings!

Congratulations on the long-awaited day! I am happy with you and I hope that the holiday will be wonderful! May every day give you the joy of novelty, positive and cause for delight.

My favorite niece, happy holiday! May your years be amazing, different, but no less wonderful. Always believe in yourself, in your strengths and capabilities. I wish you to find your way and make all your dreams come true!

Best birthday to my lovely niece. Your parents have a fantastic daughter no matter what foolish you do sometimes. Wish you to do everything you feel in your heart because life is the best teacher. Love you. Happy birthday!

 Happy birthday to my wonderful friend. I think our relation is much more than niece-aunt. And…. I’m still waiting for invitation to your b-day. I promise you don’t tell anything to your parents. We can have fun!

Wishing you a happy b-day, niece. Hope your mom is not jealous for our wonderful friendship. You are my lovely friend. Congratulations on this day!

My sweetie, hope this special day will be filled with love and warmness because you are so cute and sweet lady. Be happy now and for all your next year and life.  Happy birthday! Kiss from your aunt :*

Happy birthday quotes for niece from uncle

My happiness is growing together with you, my beautiful niece. So, don’t worry for your age because your uncle with every year becomes more and more happier. Love you, dear. Have a wonderful birthday!

You’re absolutely the most adorable niece I’ve ever seen! On this birthday I wish you well in your new year because time runs very fast. Be happy, my sweetie. Happy birthday!

The most important thing to me is ensuring your happiness, my dear. You’re my princess and will always be. The biggest birthday congratulations from your uncle!

I’ll protect you from silly boys and everything you don’t like it, just a one word. You’re my girl who I love the most. Wishing you the best birthday and wonderful time. Congratulations!

I have a little secret, my sweetheart. You’re the queen of my life. Hope you’ll found your King because you are worth a true love. Love and be loved. Happy birthday!

The greatest thing my sister did is giving birth to you, my dear. I’m so happy of being an uncle. Hope your birthday will be fantastic. Happy birthday!

I’m the proudest uncle to have niece like you. You’re so kind and gorgeous girl. Keep your good nature. Happy birthday, love!

There will never be someone as special as you, my sweetheart. You’re unique girl with beautiful heart. Your future husband will be super happy. Now, enjoy your day. Happy and sweet birthday!

Dear, you’re loved a lot and don’t forget it. Your uncle will always be with you. Today you deserve the best birthday and amazing gifts. Hope all your biggest dreams will also come true. Happy birthday, niece!

Being an uncle of such a girl is one of the best feeling in the world. I’m happy in million percent. Wish you to be happy even more on this special day. Love you. Happy birthday!

I’m glad to have you in my life as a niece, you are smart, talented, and very pretty

I hope you have an amazing birthday, toast to you my darling!

Here we are, gathered in the same room, our whole family, to celebrate your birthday honey! We wish you lots of happiness, joy, strength, laughter and much luck in your future.

My dearest niece, I love you with all my heart, you were, are and always will be in my heart no matter what I hope you know that, and today I wish you happiness and love! Happy birthday!

Here we are, all together again, I hope you know I love you, and we are here for you, I hope you stay just the way you are because you are an amazing person!

Short birthday greetings for niece

Happy Birthday, sweet angel!! You’ve brought a lot of joy and laughter in our family. Happy Birthday J

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day and a brighter tomorrow. I wish you all the best.

Happy Birthday my lovely niece. I like playing the cool aunt/uncle so it’s a good thing I am not your mom/dad. Party Hard and enjoy your special day J

Dear niece I can see a brighter tomorrow in your eyes. Be brave, smart and strong. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to cute little angel. I can never forget the day you grabbed my finger with your little hands. So proud of you. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!! You are our happiness, sunshine and light. Happy Birthday, dearest niece!!

We are so proud to have you as part of our family as you spread love and happiness wherever you go. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!! I feel blessed and honored to be your uncle/ aunt. You are truly one of a kind. Happy Birthday little angel J

Happy Birthday!! If I could award wishes, I would have given you everything your heart desires. Have a lovely day!!

Happy Birthday sweet angel. Whenever your mom scolds you, dad grounds you, friends tease you etc remember you have an aunt/uncle who are willing to hug you. Happy birthday.

I wish a glorious, surprise full and exciting birthday to my favourite niece! Love you from all my heart!

My heart is filled with hope that all of your dreams will come true on your special day! Love you!

I hope that you will discover all the simple, but beautiful things in life – happiness, friendship, love, and seeing your dreams come true… Happy Birthday!

From all my heart I wish you a happy and joyful life, which would be full of love, laughter and beauty!

I wish you will be a person who can discover beauty in every day and moment, bring brightness and happiness in other people’s lives! Good luck on your special day!

I hope that every moment in your life will bring you happiness and laughter! Always keep smiling and never give up on your goals! Your loving aunt…

Live your life as you want, cross the limits and always smile brighter than the sun! Love you!

Think about your dreams and make sure that you blow all the candles on your cake today! Congratulations on your special day!

Listen to your heart, my precious girl… It will tell you what you really want and how to make your dreams come true! Happy Birthday, sunshine!

May this special day bring you lots of fun and happy moments, which you could carry in your heart for the rest of your life! Happy Birthday!

If I knew that my wish would come true, I would not know what to wish for you: friends, love, lots of delicious cake, lots of smiles or finding your dreams, because you are worth all of that! Love you, precious!

I wish you will have a chance to swim in a stormy sea to find out how good it is to walk on strong, hard ground! Best wishes for you!

Look at the sky when it is full of stars, and if you see one that is falling, make a wish – it will definitely come true! Happy Birthday. I love you.

Never let go of what makes you happy! Shine bright as the sun and never stop smiling!

I wish you to face less rain in your life and discover more happiness. Make your life blossom as flowers blossom in Spring… Love you!

Never regret what you did – regret what you did not do, but could have done. It is the only way to find your path through life! Happy Birthday!

Your birthday happens only once a year, so enjoy it in every way you can! Lots of love!

Happy Birthday to my favourite girl! May your deepest dreams come true and fulfil your life!

Feel the thrill of life, because you live only once. Try everything you want and be happy! Love you, sunshine, and I wish you a Happy Birthday!

Your smile is your biggest power! Keep using it ant satisfying people! Happy Birthday, beautiful!

May your heart be filled with calmness, your stomach – with butterflies, and your mind – with great ideas! Love you!

I wish you the most beautiful things that life can give you – love, tears of joy, lots of laughter, good friends and beautiful days! Happy Birthday! Go for your dreams, sweetie!

Sweetheart, you are like a true daughter to me! I wish you all the best on your birthday! Love you so much…

I am happy to have you in my life and be able to fill yours with love and joy. Have a great celebration!

You will always be my little princess, the strongest feelings are felt by heart and that’s why I love you so much!

I wish you lots of love, laughter and happy moments on your special day! Love you, girl!

You are so special to me, my beloved niece. Always remember that. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my precious! Stay amazing and always keep smiling!

I am so glad to have a chance to see you growing up and be a part of it. Love you.

I hope that your life will be full of love, good people and happy moments! Happy Birthday!

Hey, precious! Celebrate your day like you never did before! Best wishes!

Have a joyful and memorable celebration! Love you, girl!

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