Birthday wishes for elder sister

Birthday messages for elder sister

An older sister is a wise mentor, helper, and reliable support in life. Surely you are responsible for choosing a gift for your older sister’s birthday. However, it is not enough just to buy a material thing. Words that come from a pure heart are no less important. On our website, you will find the most sincere and sincere birthday wishes for elder sister.

Birthday wishes for elder sister

Our magical birthday girl! I wish you success always and in everything! Let the Universe always generously endows you – and you, in turn, will give those around you warmth, tenderness and your radiance!

Happy birthday to my elder sister! Let everything that surrounds you be filled with the wonderful light of your kindness.

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May the next 365 days be happy and happy for you! Today I wish you not to be bored and get a lot of positive emotions. 

Sister, may your life be bright, like a cloudless morning, sunny, like a clear summer day, and carefree, like in childhood!

Let the fireworks of joy flare-up over you with bright lights! Be always loved, and remember that I am always with you, wherever you are!

Sister! May all sorrows go far on this day, and only the tender sun smiles at you in the morning.

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Dear sister! Sometimes I don’t even believe that you have become such an adult. I wish you female happiness because it’s so great when you love your life and the whole world is open for you!

Sister, may incredible luck lead you by the hand along the easiest roads, on which there will be no barriers!

Birthday messages for elder sister

Today is your birthday. And it seems that today the sun is shining brighter, the birds are singing more melodiously, and everything around has changed. Stay always the same charming and enjoy everything that happens in your life!

Happy Birthday! I wish you to be the most beautiful, funniest and most successful in order to be fully armed to meet your prince on a white horse and charm him!

Sister, today is a great date, because on this day you were born! Just look ahead and remember that you are a wonderful girl and you deserve happiness!

No matter how many years have passed, I always remember about you. May such prosperity descend on you on this festive day that you yourself will be amazed at your luck!

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I wish you, sister, to feel like a happy person – which means to be able to love, dream, believe in the best and receive unexpected pleasant surprises from fate.

My wish for you, sister, is the following: be open to everything new and firmly believe in yourself, because all the ways are open for you now and you just have to choose the best one!

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Sister! Let only positive and benevolent people surround you. And finally: believe in yourself and your success – and your life will be transformed immediately.

Fate rewarded me by giving a sister like you! Continue to carry joy and love within you, and then the world will be at your feet!

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On your personal holiday, I wish you pleasant surprises, successful projects, and true friends! Let failure only temper you and become the engine for progress!

You don’t have to count your years today. Be glad that for another year you were happy, cheerful and healthy. Believe in the magic power of this day and feel free to make wishes.

On this beautiful day, when you have become a year older, I wish you to remain the same kind, sympathetic girl, and never lose heart.

How many joyful plans you have shared with me, sister. On your birthday, let me share with you the most intimate – love for you. Whatever happens – hold on, know that you are not alone.

This is a beautiful day, because you were born into the world! Go boldly your way, love yourself and enjoy every pleasant moment.

Sister, you are a faithful friend, helper and advisor. I love you very much and wish that your life is always filled with joyful events, new pleasant moments and positive impressions.

Old age sneaks up on you, sister! So quickly shoot it with a bottle of champagne, shower it with sweets, let it burst with laughter and choke with envy of your youth and beauty.

Dear sister! You are a special person to me. No matter what happens, you can always rely on me. Happy Birthday!

With no one in the world I have such a unity of souls as with you, sister. Life is fleeting and beautiful, enjoy it! 

Today you sparkle and decorate this world, like a delightful delicate flower! Always remain the same charming girl, let your eyes always shine with happiness and anticipation of miracles.

You are the most valuable and most precious thing that I have, sister. Keep in your soul faith in magic and a little childish naivety, and, of course, always be happy! 

More important than you, sister, there is no person in my life. Set a goal for yourself – and by the next birthday you will get even more joy, because everything planned will come true.

Sis, I want you not to know a reason to be upset for your whole birthday. May happiness never leave your heart, and goodness bloom in it.

My dear sister! Be as cheerful as a mountain stream, light as a bird, tender as a violet petal. May only good wizards meet in your life, presenting you with the most valuable gifts: intelligence, health and luck!

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