Funny birthday messages for friend

Funny birthday wishes for friend

Nowadays, the concept of true friendship is not familiar to many people. But, nevertheless, real friends are still there, and it is customary to treat their congratulations with special attention. If you have to go to a celebration in honor of a friend’s birthday, and you want to cheer up the birthday man, then this collection is created specifically for you! Here you can find comic and funny birthday messages for friend that are ideal for a fun company, giving everyone joy and good mood. Just select a cool greeting from our archive and congratulate a friend on his personal holiday.

Funny birthday messages for friend

Dear friend! Let money always unexpectedly attack you, but don’t fight back. Let your desires cry from your possibilities, and do not reassure them. Let your goals catch up with you, and dreams be amazed at your fantasies.

Happy Aging. That is, happy birthday. Let the bones not break and the sand not crumble, let the funny jokes still please you and let the soul fly high.

Funny birthday messages for friend funny birthday messages for friend Funny birthday messages for friend Funny birthday messages for friend

On this day, your eyes saw the world, and the butt realized that it was waiting for incredible adventures. I wish you eternal pleasure from life, fewer problems and more money!

Friend! I wish you constant drive and upward movement, to your dreams, victories and glory. Even today, and after forty years, you are drawn to adventures and great deeds.

Congratulations on the holiday and I want to wish you not to suffer tomorrow from a terrible hangover, and today have fun with all your heart. Live so cool and fun as if this is the last day!

Friend! Let the answers to any questions be found easily and correctly, and only the right and rational decisions will be made. May your ideas for improving your life never end!

Humorous birthday greetings for friends funny birthday messages for friend Funny birthday messages for friend Humorous birthday greetings for friends

I wish you a lot of birthday stuff. And may wealth, happiness, luck be in this heap. I also wish you a shovel so that you can row more and more worldly goods and useful acquisitions into this pile.

Happy Birthday! Do not expect miracles, muss up yourself! I wish you constant luck and daily creativity. Let the heart beat in the rhythm of the dance, and the smile always shines on the face!

Funny birthday wishes for friend

I wish that every moment of your life is filled with positive and happiness! Let love be always stored in your heart, kindness in your soul, and a tidy sum on your bank card. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. I wish you a strong hug, sweet kisses and strong nerves in life. You are a very good person, know this!

 I wish you money for a trip around the world, a luxury car, a villa and everything you wish! But most importantly, take care of your health. Only it is truly priceless!

Happy Birthday. I wish this year of life to do without falls. Fall in love with life every day more and more and never try to get upset! We will always be in touch!

funny birthday messages for friend Funny birthday messages for friend birthday card for friend

Dear friend! On this beautiful day, I want to wish you more laugh and dream. Use all your talents, opportunities in full. Good luck and happy ending in every story.

Happy Birthday. I wish that no one poured salt on the wound. And that there shouldn’t even be any wounds. Live sweetly and enjoy life every day!

Good morning motivational messages

Happy Birthday! I wish that the legs were not braided, that the priest sat on the soft one, that the eye did not twitch, that the hands did not tremble, and that the heart loved to the point of insanity. In general, let everything be cool with you.

I wish you more of the following problems on your birthday: how to spend a million, on which sea to bask in the winter, which cabriolet to choose. After all, living without difficulties is not interesting.

birthday image for friend funny birthday messages for friend Funny birthday messages for friend birthday image for friend

Shine like a bright sun on this joyful day! I wish that all your dreams come true, that life is beautiful, like a kind fairy tale, that your smile shines as often as possible, and gives everyone only positive!

Let the years fly like a bullet, but don’t count them and don’t be sad. Indeed, with age, and wine becomes tastier and more expensive. So with age you gain intelligence, greatness, experience of years lived. Live as your heart tells you and only step forward!

Humorous birthday greetings for friends

Dear friend! Your age is not an obstacle to our friendship! The sand that is falling from you does not allow me to slip in the winter! Look in all the positive aspects, and then everything will be cool.

Happy birthday and I want to wish you a happy smile, explosive ideas, fun and cool imagination, which will allow you to remain a nonsense for problems and an optimist in life! 

Happy Birthday. I wish you good health, and so that in the morning you don’t have a headache. I wish to cry only with happiness, and drown only in love and joyful emotions.

Happy holiday, friend! I wish you a sweet life and good health. Let money flow like water and you always want to go home. Happy holiday!

The pension is getting closer every year. I wish you to meet it with your own teeth and wrinkles from laughter! Let the hair not turn gray, despite the time, and the nerve cells are restored. Live and get younger!

Happy Birthday to You! May all roads lead to success, and all plans come true at maximum speed!

Let your whole life be a bright holiday! Enjoy life, appreciate and attract all that is beautiful in this world! Happy B-day!

Take vitamins of joy regularly and taste sweet moments of happiness! And more vivid impressions – they are needed like air! Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, I wish you drive, excitement, great luck, and incredible opportunities! Allow yourself to see the chances, follow your dreams and be the creator of your life!

Happy Birthday to You! I wish you vivid impressions, a happy million and a house on the seashore, an expensive car and a cool company of friends for fun evenings.

I want to wish that everything ingenious was simple, that everything that happens was full of glory. May you have no enemies in your life.

My miracle. I wish you to feel love with every cell of the body, every bone of the skeleton, every cartilage and every tissue of the body!

On your birthday, I would like to wish a particularly modest life. Drive a car without a roof, drink old wine and eat blue cheese. Do not choose between two boats, but buy a yacht!

Let the balls fly around, let the flowers stand in the vase, let kind words and dear gifts fly from all directions. May this day even a Djinn, even a Golden Fish, fulfill your cherished desire. Happy Birthday.

I wish you a thrill, unpredictable, like a sea wave, adventure, caring, like the sun’s rays, friends and unexpected, like spring rain, gifts of fate! Happy Birthday!

Friend! With all my heart I wish you colorful days, resounding laughter, peace of mind and inexhaustible optimism!

 I wish that life was not a juicer and did not squeeze all the juices out of you, but that life was a huge shaker, that will prepare an excellent cocktail for you every day out of love and happiness.

I wish you to bloom, not to weed, not to fade for a moment and always keep your flower bed in order. Except this I wish you happiness to the point of insanity, love to exhaustion and luck above the norm.

 I wish you always to have delicacies on the table, and in your hands a lot of money and opportunities.

I wish your heart to sing with happiness, and rainbow colors spilled in your soul! Let the salary card always have money for the most luxurious desires!

Happy Birthday! Let love cover you and give you white wings behind your back! I wish you many, many happiness, excellent health and all kinds of benefits!

Congratulation with a new date! I wish that life will be rich, that money will not end, and that all doors will open.

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