Birthday wishes for daughter from dad

birthday messages for daughter from dad

The manifestation of emotions is not peculiar to men. However, your loved ones should know how important their role is in your life. Therefore, what can be more valuable than congratulations on daughter’s birthday from dad? Find the right words will help our site. Here are a huge number of congratulations for different occasions and people. It is enough to spend a little time, and you will find what you have been looking for so long.

Birthday wishes for daughter from dad

My wonderful daughter, go forth and live all your dreams. But…don’t forget to be responsible as your father taught you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

 As long as I can show you my love for you, daughter, I’ll be the happiest dad in the world. You are the most beautiful prize of my life. Love you, sweetie. Wishing you the best b-day!

animated bday card for daughter birthday wishes for daughter from dad Birthday wishes for daughter from dad animated bday card for daughter

 I’m proud to see you as the mini copy of me. You are and will always be my little girl, no matter how old you get. Happy birthday, my angel. Love you!

Sometimes I might be angry on you or even grumpy, but I’ll always love you, no matter what happens. Trust in me, sweetie. Your dad wishing you the best day and b-day party. Kiss you!

 Happy birthday to my perfect little girl. Your daddy isn’t a good speaker, so I have only a few words – you are absolutely adorable daughter. Love you, my girl. Congratulations!

Daughter, you have grown into such a wonderful woman. I’m really proud of you. But, I think you got something sweet from me too. Happy birthday, my lovely girl. Have fun!

birthday wishes for daughter from dad birthday wishes for daughter from dad Birthday wishes for daughter from dad birthday wishes for daughter from dad

My girl, you remind me of my childhood – such a beautiful and charming kid. Yes, you know a little child, but I’ll always remember your baby face. Love you, my dear. Happy and perfect birthday!

It wouldn’t be good to say you “go have fun” as a father, but I want to be your friend too. Your daddy is still young and understands you perfectly. So, go have fun, daughter! Happy birthday!

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From the first day you came home, you became our little princess. Hope this day will be as in your favourite stories about love and princess. Wish you the best, dear. Happy birthday!

I still remember our night with movies and tons of ice cream. If someday you need me and our time together as in your childhood, just turn to me. Your daddy loves and cares you. Happy birthday, my girl!

animated ecard for daughter birthday wishes for daughter from dad Birthday wishes for daughter from dad animated ecard for daughter

Happy birthday, my little sunshine. You are so little, so beautiful, so powerless, but you give so much to me. Thank you, darling, for coming into this world. Your dad will always love you!

No one can express my happiness than you can, darling. Your cute smile and eyes are the most beautiful view for my eyes. I can’t believe how could you change everything being so small. Love you, my princess. Happy birthday!

Sweet birthday wishes for little daughter from dad

Happy birthday to my little angel girl! Your dad is ready to be your angel guard, your superman. Now I really feel special by holding you. You give me everything I need. Congratulations, my darling!

 The happiest and the greatest day in my life was day when you were born, dear. I was lost, disturbed, I didn‘t know what to do, but I was the happiest dad in the entire world. Thank you, sweetie, for all those moments. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

 The best and the most beautiful moments are with you, my little girl. I have never thought that such a little person can do so much. Love you, sweetie. Promise you, this birthday will be amazing! Happy birthday!

Daughter, you give me a thousand of reasons to be happy every day, because you are the most beautiful and adorable girl I’ve ever seen, and you are mine. Maybe it sounds really soft, but your dad also has moments of weakness. Love you, sweetie. Happy birthday!

birthday greetings for daughter from father birthday wishes for daughter from dad Birthday wishes for daughter from dad birthday greetings for daughter from father

Happy birthday to my little princess! Today your daddy is ready to play with you and all your barbies, because he needs to see you the happiest girl! This day will be full of funny and sweet moments. Congratulations, darling!

Whatever I did in my previous life, but I have the most adorable and wonderful daughter in this lifetime. Hope each day spent together will be the best in both lives. Love you! Congratulations on birthday, my little girl!

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Dear, no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little princess with your pink and fluffy crown. I love to see you happy and no tears in your eyes. Wish you always to be strong and with a character. Happy birthday, princess!

Never give up, my little girl! Sometimes life can be hard, but remember, you have the best dad in this world and you can trust him. I really hope this birthday will bring you even more happiness. Happy birthday, dear!

Happy birthday to my little pumpkin which always make me smile. Today I promise to bring happiness into your beautiful birthday celebration, sweetie. You are everything for me and I need to see you happy. Kisses!

Enjoy your birthday and your beautiful childhood, darling! You are the cutest and the sweetest girl who deserved the most pink birthday ever! I’ll make you a princess, promise! Dad loves you the most. Happy birthday!

My little girl, thank you for being my inspiration, because now I perfectly understand my way in this beautiful life. I have you and I need to the best father for you. Hope this birthday will be one step towards it. Love you and happy birthday!

 The biggest birthday kiss to my sweet sweet little girl! Today is the most important day for me, sweetie, because you came into my life. Now I want to protect you from everything and to turn your childhood into a fairy tale. Love you. Happy birthday!

There’s no better feeling in the world than to be a father. Thanks to God and your mom, who gave me an opportunity to have you. I promise to be with you at all times, my girl. Now, smile and be happy. Congratulations on birthday, my princess!

Happy birthday messages for adult daughter from dad

Happy birthday my sweet lady bird! Although you are a grown-up woman, but I still love to call you my girl. You know how much I love you, sweetheart. Hope this year will be great for you. Congratulations!

There are many things I could wish for you on this beautiful birthday, but I need to wish for you a one thing – love. Always love and be loved. It’s the key to all the happiness and success. Congratulations on birthday, my beautiful daughter!

Although today is your birthday, but you need to know you are the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received. Thank you for being so wonderful daughter and now such a perfect grown-up woman. Wish you fantastic year ahead! Happy birthday, darling!

The biggest happy birthday to my beloved daughter! You have achieved so much in your life that I’m very proud of you, sweetheart. Hope everything will be easy and successful in the next year, too. Of course, you always have my support. Congrats, dear!

I’m the proudest dad of a wonderful daughter, sweetie. Hope we’ll always have our dad and daughter time no matter how grown-up you will be. Enjoy this birthday and all the gifts life sends for you. Love you. Happy birthday, dear!

I am so grateful I have such a kind and generous daughter as you are, darling. With every year and birthday, I more and more understand how lucky father I‘m. Age fits on you perfectly, so don’t worry about nothing. Love you, dear, and happy birthday!

Dear, with every year I see more and more myself in you. There is absolutely nothing can stop you or you can’t do. Always be so brave and seeking goals. Hope the next year will not be an exception. Love you. Happy birthday!

My dear daughter, thank you for enriching my life in so many ways I can’t even count them. You are an amazing woman and you can always surprise me. Hope this message will surprise you, too. The happiest birthday ever, darling!

Happy birthday to my brilliant diamond! Wish you to glow, shine and be as beautiful as you are now. You are wonderful adult woman, dear, and I really proud of you. Love you, sweetie. Congratulations!

There is no line when I should stop calling you my little girl, so be ready to hear it for all your life, dear. Your age doesn’t say anything to me. Bet, today I wish you all the happiness, health and wealth for next and all your life ahead. Be happy, darling. Happy birthday!

Daughter, there is absolutely no one who could replace you in this world. You are my girl and will always be. Hope this birthday will bring you something special because you are my special one. Love you, darling, and wish you all the best. Happy birthday!

 I can only imagine that one day I’ll have such a beautiful daughter as you are, darling. Years run so fast that I didn‘t even notice how fast you became such an adult woman, but all those years were the best in my life. Love you, dear, and wish you the greatest birthday! Congratulations!

The sweetest birthday kiss to the most responsible daughter! Wish you calm life without worries and stress about home, kids and so on. And remember, today is your day for relax and time even for yourself. I can help you in doing it. Love you, dear. Happy free birthday!

Happy birthday to my perfect daughter! You are fantastic daughter, mother, wife, friend and listener. And I‘m the happiest father of you. I think we are a great team. Love you, daughter. Congratulations!

I know how sometimes it’s hard to be a perfect, so don’t repeat my mistakes and just enjoy your life, daughter. Everything will be much easier when you’ll be happy and full of joy. So, I wish you this and much more. Happy birthday, darling. Love you!

Beautiful birthday greetings for daughter from father

My dear, on this day I send you the biggest birthday congratulations and wish you only the best for you. You’ll always be my favorite girl and daughter. And you can always relay on me. I’m your father and friend. Happy birthday!

May your birthday be as an amazing as you are, sweetheart. I feel very fortunate having you and I hope we will always be so close to each other and share joys and sorrows. Love you. The happiest and sweetest birthday!

As a serious and strong man and your father, I just wish you a happy birthday! Scared? No, no, I’m joking. I will always be your best friend, listener, helper, advisor and everyone else you need. I’m soft and cute daddy. Love you, sweetie. Congratulations!

Happy birthday to my favorite flower! With every year you need less and less care, but your flowering and glow are more and more magical. Hope you will always be blooming flower which will always make me happy. Congratulations, dear!

As a father of a perfect daughter, on this birthday I just want to wish you more and more perfection in your life. I know you are a good person who must be happy every day and minute. Keep smiling no matter what happens. Happy birthday, girl!

Happy birthday to my super girl who always has so much brave, power and desire to do something. I really proud of you, dear. Of course, just don’t go crazy about it and calculate your strength! Congrats, my dear!

Dear, I wish you unlimited happiness and endless love because these two things are the most important in life. I promise will always be with you, in any way or situation. I‘m the only one man you can trust the most. Happy birthday, my little girl!

Making my life happy depends on whether you are happy, dear. So, I really need to see you happy, with your charming smile on the face and lights in your eyes. Be the happiest girl on this planet, darling. Love you so much. Happy birthday!

Sweetheart, if ever you don’t know what to do in your life, just remember, you have me – I’m your father and friend. Asking me for anything and I’ll do everything for my girl. You are my darling and love. Send you the sweetest birthday greetings, too! 

Even a few words can change everything. So, happy and beautiful birthday, daughter. I‘m so happy you grow up such a wonderful lady and finally, I‘ll can take a break. Just kidding, my eyes will always be on you, dear. Congratulations!  

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