Happy 50th birthday wishes

happy 50th birthday wishes

Looking for beautiful and unique happy 50th birthday wishes and greetings? Turning 50 is a great milestone that is worthy of a grand party and huge celebration, so it’s a perfect occasion to make that person feel special on this day. Our collection of 50th birthday messages is exactly what you need! Here you’ll get lots of birthday quotes for friends, sister, brother, husband, wife, mom, and much more!

Happy 50th birthday wishes

The knowing of turning 50 should not stop you from feeling joyful and young at your heart. Stay happy, ambitious and Party Hard!

My friend, enjoy your life, all your achievements and just forget about age! Remember only the good times and moments!

50th birthday greeting happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes 50th birthday greeting

Happy 50th birthday. Don’t count how close you’re to a hundred, but count how many blessed times you have had so far. Wishing you the best of luck for the years coming ahead.

Hey friend, there’s a lot in your life, yet to discover. Awesome days are coming and life will offer many more great opportunities ahead. Be Happy and Party Hard.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday, buddy. Stay happy, joyful, healthy and do only what you really feel doing. Best of Luck on your big day!

Happy birthday! From today people will tell you that your half life is over, but let me tell you that the new half of your life just begun. So have lots of fun and Party Hard!!

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Here we are, celebrating your 50th birthday, just like 30 years ago! As I  told you we will be here for you – today and many many years in the future!

Many people in their fifties feel the need to restructure themselves, but you are different, you are amazing just the way you are.

Funny birthday messages for friend

Birthday wishes for best friend female

Wishing you have an amazing day, may all of your dreams and wishes come true, and tht may you be totally happy!

My friend, you turn 50 only once, so today we must have an unforgettable celebration! Let’s get the party started!

50th birthday congratulations happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes 50th birthday congratulations

My dear friend, you’ve come to the second half of your life. But…you still are young and crazy guy. Happy 50th jubilee!

50th birthday messages for friend

Don’t count your years, they don’t mean anything. Wish you to be strong, full of energy, positive and always happy. And don’t forget yourself. Happy 50th birthday, dude!

Maybe you are not so fast as you were at 20, but you still have a lot of energy for your 50th birthday party. So, just go and have fun.

Dude, I understand how you feel and what’s in your mind, but just remember I’ll always be your friend. My age is the same as yours. We are like fate brothers.

My dear friend from school, today you turn 50, but don’t be sad, it’s just an unimportant number. Wish you to be crazy and wild as in your youth! Have fun 50th birthday!

50 candles on your birthday cake look a little bit weird, friend. You are not old. You still are my youngest friend. I raise a glass of champagne for you! Be happy. Congratulations on this grand day!

50th birthday image happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes 50th birthday image

My dear friend, welcome to the middle age. You have to be strong and fresh like a real knight! Happy 50th birthday!

You look good, friend. But you have to be ready for changes after your 50. Have you ever heard something about mid-age crisis? Ha, ha, I’m kidding.

Good thoughts about life

Funny quotes about best friends

Happy 50th birthday, my lovely friend. Don’t worry about turning 50. It’s just a new life stage and nothing more. Let out your hair and be ready for party. Congratulations!

I know fifty shades of you but I still know that another fifty shades hiding somewhere. You are so intriguing personality.

happy 50th birthday ecard happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes happy 50th birthday ecard

Roses, candies, gifts are not suitable for you, because you are a different person. On this 50th birthday wish you to have unique emotions which will accompany you for a long long time. Happy birthday to my great friend!

I congratulate you on your golden anniversary! Let the gold remain with you for all subsequent years: the house will be a full golden cup, health – strong as an ingot of gold, and the wedding will be golden!

inspiring 50th birthday card happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes inspiring 50th birthday card

At 20, a person is guided by desire, at 30 – by mind, at 40 – by reason, at 50 – by wisdom. Today we congratulate a wise and reasonable person!

Fifty is the time for smiles! We wish you to live as many more years, without grief, misfortunes and troubles!

Let’s not tell anyone how old you are, but let’s say that you have become 50 times smarter and more beautiful. Let this date be the beginning of the best half of your life!

Happy 50th birthday to my sister

Happy 50th birthday to you! The calendar inexorably turns the pages of days, but your old age is still so far away. We wish you many more years to live in health and with a clear mind.

My dear sister, you always were my second mother with all your lessons and control. Now, I really appreciate it, because I don’t know what I would have been now without you. Love you, sis.

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Happy 50th birthday to my lovely sister. Although you’re an adult woman, you still are my sweet and the best sister. Wish you don’t count your age because memories are much important. Congratulations!

You’re the only one and the best sister ever! I’m so happy we’re almost the same age because time together is one of my favorite things. Hope your 50th birthday will be perfect. Happy birthday! Keep your smile up!

happy 50th birthday animation happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes happy 50th birthday animation

May all your post worries go away, because turning 50 is a new stage of life. Wish you to be happy and have no problems. Love your life. Happy 50th jubilee, sister!

Sis, wish you to get out of your comfort zone, because now is perfect time to fulfill all your dreams. Wish you to feel brave and free. May this 50th birthday be start not a finish. Congratulations!

50th bday image happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes 50th bday image

My sweet sister, on this birthday I just wish you to live the next 50 years from all your efforts. You are a cool woman and crazy sister. Thank you for everything. Have fantastic 50th birthday! Hurray!

May your 50th birthday will give you wings to fly far far away. Enjoy your life without worries and sayings “what will others say”. Love you and support you, sis.

50th birthday greeting happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes 50th birthday greeting

Today it’s your special day when you can do everything what have you been waiting for fifty years. So, chill and relax. I’ll prepare for you cocktail! Happy 50th birthday , my dear sister!

Happy 50th birthday wishes to my beloved sister. Today I’m celebrating with you, because you are the closest person to me. Thank you for being with me. Congratulations!

happy 50th birthday ecard happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes happy 50th bday ecard

Although we’re not so young as 20 years ago, but I still admire you, sister. You’re a wonderful woman and perfect woman example for my little girls. Hope this birthday will also be wonderful. Love you. Have a beautiful 50th birthday!

50th birthday greetings for brother

Happy birthday to my little brother. No matter you’re 50 or 60, you still are younger. May this day be fantastic and show how 50-years-old celebrates his birthday. Congratulations, brother!

Congratulations, brother! Today you enter the second half of your life. How do you feel? Hope everything is OK. I promise to make this day special.

Hurray for my brilliant brother! You’re turning 50, but does it matter? You still are young and wild. Let celebrate this day!

happy 50th birthday happy 50th birthday Happy 50th birthday wishes happy 50th birthday

You look a little bit different, brother. Turning 50 has its own advantages. You look so mature, smart and strong man. I’m really for you and your happiness. But, happy 50th birthday, kiddo!

50th birthday is the birthday of second chance to be good with your sister/brother. Hope you’ll keep this in your head. So, wish you to be full of positivity and enthusiasm.

50 sounds terrifying, right? But… don’t be afraid because you’re not alone. I’m almost the same as you. So, congratulations on your 50th birthday, brother. Have fun!

Two kids and beautiful wife is really a good achievement, bro. I’m happy that now you’ll have more time for your hobbies and more your sister/brother. We love you. Happy 50th birthday, brother!

My dear old, ups, sorry, young brother, turning 50 means fun, more time for fishing and basketball and less time for your concerns. This is a new milestone, so be ready for your pleasures. Happy 50th birthday, brother!

Thank you for all your lessons and our disagreements because without them our life wouldn’t be so interesting. Hope after your 50th birthday everything will be even better.

My lovely brother, thank you for your protection, experience and being my best friend. Hope this birthday will be a start to become even closer. Love you.

Happy 50th birthday wishes for husband

My dear man, don’t feel old and boring. 50th birthday is a start of your free life from children and worries. All the time will be only yours. Be happy and beautiful 50th birthday!

My man, you are my support and my pillar.You are the only one person I trust. I love you and my love will never end.Happy 50th birthday, my old man!

Knock knock knock, your 50th birthday is coming. Don’t worry for your age, you look amazing good! Save energy for party!

Count to fifty and be ready for party. Your 50th birthday will be hard. I know that you still wild and free. Love you my man.

Hard party for 50th birthday? Why not! You are still young and full of life. Love you, party animal.

Why you don’t take a time for yourself? It’s your big big birthday! Wish you to stay energy as 20 years ago. Happy 50th anniversary my dear husband!

Birthday comes and goes away but you still stay young and beautiful. My handsome man, happy 50th birthday! I want to see you happy, not upset or sad!

Funny 50th birthday wishes

Happy birthday old timer. Don’t bother to spend money on face-lifting lotions or anti aging creams. there is no turning back at the age 🙂

You are not old, you are more classic now, my dear friend. Wish you to have perfect day and memorable birthday party! Move your clubs and don’t stop yourself. Happy 50th anniversary!

Happy 50th birthday. From today, you may not be young but you should not let anything stop you from being funny and nifty.

Hey, look at you, you are still here with us, let’s drink for that! Don’t let the feeling of turning 50 make you feel nervous. Don’t slow down, Party Hard and live your life to the fullest.

Now you that you clocked 50 you have probably grown more hair where you expect less and less hair where you want more. You can’t fight it but you can just let your hair down and enjoy your birthday.

Today you turn 18 plus 32 years of experience and wisdom. You are really good man and my friend. I’m happy for you and your a grand 50th birthday.

Shake out ashes from your pants and go celebrate your beautiful jubilee. You are not dead, friend. Have an amazing 50th celebration!

Happy 50th birthday wishes for best friend

Life is beautiful and you’re the most beautiful person and my best friend in this life. Continue to enjoy your time because after 50 everything it’s even easier. Love you.

You still look so gorgeous. Turning 50 is worth milestone, so you should mention it. Wish you to be happy and so glowing as never before. Happy 50th birthday my sweet BFF!

Today you turn 20 of crazies plus 30 years of experience. So, calm down and celebrate this occasion. And don’t forget you’ll always be my crazy and young best friend.

You’re 50 and now you can spend all your time with your BFF! Isn’t it great? I hope you’ll have amazing day and grand night. Happy 50th anniversary. Congrats!

Maybe you’re not so fast and careful as in 18, but I’m sure you have enough time and energy to have amazing birthday party. May these 50th jubilee be the best in your life. Happy birthday my best friend!

Our friendship is so strong that no matter how old we are or how we look. I perfectly know that we’ll always be the best friends. Hope your 50th birthday will be wonderful as you are. Happy 50th b-day!

After all these years you have only one thing that remains the same – me, your BFF. I’m really happy of sharing my life with you. I know our friendship will never end.

Looking fifty is great when your best friend is fifty-five. So, don’t worry and relax. You’ll never be older one. Have amazing and funny 50th birthday!

The worst thing about your 50th birthday is number of candles because you’ll need a lot of efforts to blow off them. But… your BFF is ready to help you! Be happy and never stop smiling. Happy 50th jubilee!

If you don’t mind, I have amazing quote for you: “you’re like a wine which only gets better with age”. So, maybe a glass of wine for your 50th birthday? Be happy, because life is beautiful when you have your BFF.

Happy 50th birthday to my best friend and life companion. I know that after this day nothing will change, because you are a wonderful person. Life is smiling for you. Take everything you can the best. Congratulations!

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