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Funny quotes and images about gym, marriage, friendship, money, life.

funny health sayings

Funny health quotes

Many sayings about health have come down to our generation from ancient doctors, philosophers, in which the supremacy of health over everything else in life is affirmed. But besides them, on this...
Short funny friendship words

Short funny friendship quotes

People can be close to each other not only because of romantic attraction or blood relationship. Often, along with these feelings comes another feeling - friendship. In this regard, we have prepared...
funny sayings about life

Funny quotes about life lessons

Life is our most important teacher. That is why, from all incidents and life stages, you need to learn a lesson. Only in this way will we gain experience that will help...
funny sayings about gym

Funny quotes about gym

Gym and healthy lifestyle... These concepts always go hand in hand, and are hardly perceived separately. There are plenty of funny quotes about gym. Sports fans will find a lot of interesting...
Funny sayings about teachers

Funny quotes about teachers

Each of us at least once in his life inevitably came across different funny and ridiculous situations. Every day a lot of interesting, memorable and funny things happen in the educational institution....
funny sayings about photography

Funny quotes about photography

The quotes about photography that we provide you below are filled with words that will be useful and interesting to both beginners and professional photographers. They embodied the immortal passion of photography...
funny engagement image

Funny engagement wishes

Engagement is a solemn festive meeting of families of future bride and groom.  Actually, it is during such a feast that the lovers receive these statuses and can already meet freely and get...
funny card for wedding anniversary

Funny wishes for wedding anniversary

Attention is something that is valuable to every person. And even if the couple does not celebrate the anniversary, they will be pleased to receive congratulations on their special day. No matter how...
funny card about mom

Funny quotes about moms

What word do all people pronounce first in their life? Of course, this is the word "mother." Who is closer, more expensive and dearer to us than mother? There is probably no such...
funny messages about marriage

Funny quotes about marriage

Marriage is a mutual desire of two loving people to formalize their relationship. And despite the fact that there are many wonderful moments in the relationship between husband and wife, trouble also...