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Funny quotes and images about gym, marriage, friendship, money, life.

funny sayings about money

Funny quotes about money

The topic of money has always caused a heated discussion among people. Not surprisingly, great people from ancient times expressed their opinions about money, which has come down to our days in...
funny sayings about life and love

Funny quotes about life and love

A clear, complete thought with deep meaning said by someone is considered a quote. They are usually taken from the statements of writers or great people. But no less interesting are funny quotes...
funny sayings about relationships

Funny quotes about relationships

Many people recognize the value of friendship and cherish close friends. We are designed to share victories and defeats with someone. After all, friends can not only rejoice at our successes but...
funny sayings about husband and wife

Funny quotes about husband and wife

True, wise, vital, funny ... That is how our quotes about a husband can be. Indeed, if you look, the spouse is a mystery of nature, which only his loving spouse can...
Humorous sayings about happiness

Funny quotes about happiness

Happiness is one of the main necessities in life. Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone has the right to it. Each person himself determines what happiness is for him. For some...
funny sayings about family

Funny quotes about family

Family is the most precious thing a person can have. But what to do if everyday problems spoil your family comfort and your family no longer seems to you as perfect as...
Funny sayings about education

Funny quotes about education

Education is very important for all of us. However, in order for the learning process to be easy and interesting, you will need to find the right motivation.  To help get this inspiration,...
Funny words about food

Funny sayings about food

Have you ever noticed that people talk a lot about food? Because food is the basis of life. It can greatly affect our mood and our lifestyle, so each of us selects...
funny sayings about food

Funny quotes about dieting

They say that it is better to convey the truth to a person in the form of a joke. Better yet, when a person finds out his situation in a joke. It...
Funny sayings about children

Funny quotes about children

Children are a source of joy that can cause strong emotions and make you laugh. However, sometimes their tricks can cause resentment and anger. We have collected for you funny quotes about...