Funny engagement wishes

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Engagement is a solemn festive meeting of families of future bride and groom.  Actually, it is during such a feast that the lovers receive these statuses and can already meet freely and get ready for a future wedding.  You can play this status merrily in congratulating them on their engagement day by choosing comic humorous wishes. You can always find cool greetings for a beloved couple on our website, which is always happy to share them with you.  Choose one of these funny engagement wishes you like best and feel free to use it in your speech.

Funny engagement wishes

You have found each other among millions. I wish you to create the strongest family, that paradise world for you two, which will be a reliable refuge from external evil.

Congratulations on your engagement, such an important decision in your life. May your woven paths of life never be intertwined.

funny engagement wishes funny engagement wishes Funny engagement wishes funny engagement wishes

May your life be as beautiful as you are today, and your feelings will be timeless. May passion and tenderness always reign in your relations.

I wish you to continue to maintain a union of thoughts and decisions, endurance, help each other, be faith and support for your loved ones!

I wish that the threads of doubt, disappointment, resentment and parting were not woven into the braid of your life together under any pretext.

Let this serious step lead you to real happiness. I wish you never to doubt each other and be able to create a strong and friendly family.

funny engagement greetings funny engagement wishes Funny engagement wishes funny engagement greetings

I want to wish the young that their home is always a full bowl. So that they do not over salt with promises and do not mess with quarrels.

A dressing gown and curlers on the head, life from paycheck to paycheck, and tasteless borscht … Do we really want such a life for our couple in love? So let’s raise our glasses so that life is a real fairy tale, not a horror movie!

Funny engagement messages

Congratulations, newlyweds, we are drinking today for the bottom for you! Let there be so much love so that there is no time for sleep!

Soon we will have a lot of fun at your wedding, and we wish you to enjoy every minute of preparation for this unforgettable day!

Congratulations on your engagement. Let luck always smile for you and never frown, but in life everything turns out with a bang.

Your first and most important step towards family happiness has been taken. Let everything that lies ahead of you be happy and bring only joy.

I wish you such happiness that you won’t dream, warm feelings, loyalty and a rich joint future.

funny engagement messages funny engagement wishes Funny engagement wishes funny engagement messages

You have taken the first step towards family life! Let this engagement be another page in your romantic story!

I wish you eternal mutual love, passion and refined tenderness in a relationship! Let your hearts beat in unison!

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I wish you to lay a solid and strong foundation for a happy long relationship. May there never be sadness and misunderstanding in your couple.

Let your wedding be the brightest holiday of your love, and each day for both of you become a joyful, kind and memorable page of life.

funny engagement card funny engagement wishes Funny engagement wishes funny engagement card

Life is the interweaving of sunny and cloudy days, the alternation of white and black stripes. May everyday trifles and trifles not spoil love and happiness!

Be always attentive to each other, forgive weaknesses, be quick-witted and treat any situations with humor! Let your love bloom and grow stronger!

Be loyal to each other, easily relate to any difficulties and worries, try to turn even a weekday into a holiday. Remember that if love reigns in the house, then even everyday life is filled with light and kindness.

Humorous engagement greetings

Let your home always be for you the most comfortable and reliable place in life. I wish you never to lose the joyful gleam of your eyes.

Today you lit your star of hope and dream. Let her bright light illuminate the happy path of your life, and oaths will be a real charm of prosperity.

I wish to protect your feelings from adversity, to keep the right path in life and not to let your happiness slip away. Let only joy be in your life!

Congratulations on your engagement. Let this step be the beginning of the great era of your family. Let everyone around you envy your relationship!

I wish your whole life to live like doves in love, and to turn each other into a celebration of love and happiness every day.

I wish that the feeling that is fragrant in your hearts today is carried through the whole life, like an Olympic flame, guarding and protecting it from inclement weather and storms!

May your love help you survive in difficult life situations! Love each other, and never forget that love also needs protection!

I want to wish a bright road to creating a strong and friendly family! Let love help you patiently endure the monotony of everyday life, not pay attention to household trifles, and see joy and happiness ahead!

Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you not a second of doubt, not a minute of regrets, not an hour of sadness and longing. Be focused on the course of eternal love and good.

I congratulate you on your engagement and want to wish you a grand wedding, a wonderful life together, a strong family and endless happiness for many years to come.

I wish that after the wedding honey was not only the first month, but also your whole life together. May your hearts be united forever by one strong thread of love.

I wish you to not be bothered by envy and adversity. Let the wedding be like a ball from a fairy tale with pleasant surprises and kind smiles.

I wish you not to lose the course of fidelity, not to stray from the rhythm of joy, to strive for shared dreams, to believe in each other and to reap the fruits of your love every day.

I wish you with confidence and to complete the work you have begun, to play a memorable wedding. May you have enough strength and means to realize all your ideas.

I wish to share moments of sincere joy with loved ones and dear people. May your life together be gracious, and joy and success always knock on your door.

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