Funny quotes about teachers

Funny sayings about teachers

Each of us at least once in his life inevitably came across different funny and ridiculous situations. Every day a lot of interesting, memorable and funny things happen in the educational institution. That is why there are so many funny quotes about school. Reading funny quotes about teachers, a person recalls his experience, friends and teachers, as well as various funny cases and jokes. We hope that they will help you not only cheer up, but also remember the wonderful carefree school years!

Funny quotes about teachers

Young teachers don’t know how to work. But experienced ones know how not to work …

The cross-eyed teacher keeps the whole class in suspense during the test.

Funny quotes about teachers funny quotes about teachers Funny quotes about teachers funny quotes about teachers

Judging by the teachers’ salaries, our government is made up of vengeful ignoramuses.

Life is a far too good teacher to teach us only good things.

Your teacher is not the one who teaches you, but the one who you learn from.

The best teacher in our life is life itself, its lessons cannot be skipped.

Funny thoughts about teachers funny quotes about teachers Funny quotes about teachers funny thoughts about teachers

Nobody is your friend, nobody is your enemy, but every person is your teacher.

Patriotism is always the result of a happy childhood, which depends not on money, but on parents, friends and teachers.

Funny sayings about teachers

People demand a miracle from teachers, and if a miracle happens, no one is surprised.

Good teachers also have bad students: for example, Christ had Judas.

If earlier gifted children of any parents were sent to study abroad, now they send any children, but already gifted parents!

A sentence for any 7-year-old child: 11 years of school regime with toys confiscated.

Funny card about teachers funny quotes about teachers Funny quotes about teachers funny card about teachers

Physical education lessons are created in order to show the physical advantages of the teacher, and emphasize the physical disabilities of students.

There are no evil teachers. There are few flowers and chocolates!

The school year is like pregnancy: it lasts 9 months, and you start to feel sick from the 2nd week …

Funny quotes about education

It is said that a teacher is a profession from God. The only pity is that the salary from the state …

If your teacher is constantly offended by you, then his birthday falls on the summer.

Funny image about teachers funny quotes about teachers Funny quotes about teachers funny image about teachers

Our director has only one drawback – the absence of any advantages.

The best way to organize a panic at school is to ask everyone to stay calm.

Only very courageous people choose the profession of a teacher, because then they have to go to school until retirement!

School is the place where children learn, and parents get a hole in the family budget.

To educate another person, we must first educate ourselves.

Funny thoughts about teachers

For a teacher, perhaps the most important thing is not to take yourself seriously, to understand that he can teach another person very little.

A real teacher is not someone who constantly educates you, but someone who helps you become yourself.

The teacher is not the one who teaches anything, but the one who helps to reveal to his student what he already knows.

Knowledge belongs to everyone. No teacher has the right to hide them from anyone who asks for them. Teaching is the art of giving.

Teachers were given the floor not to lull their thoughts, but to wake someone else’s.

Everything that needs to be known cannot be taught, the teacher can do only one thing – to show the way.

It takes more intelligence to teach another than it does to teach yourself.

To teach is to learn doubly. Disciples do not need instruction, but examples.

If you have the knowledge, let others light their lamps from it.

Education is knowledge that we get from books and about which no one will know, except our teacher.

Teachers, to whom children owe their upbringing, are more respectable than parents: some give us only life, while others – a good life.

People should have more confidence in those who teach than in those who command.

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