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Inspirational quotes and motivational words about life, friendship, moving on, and letting go.

Self motivational thoughts

Self motivational quotes

Sometimes it is so difficult for us to get down to business that even we cannot force ourselves to do it. Laziness and apathy replace vital energy, and then it seems that...
forget the past and move on sayings

Forget the past and move on quotes

Letting go of something or someone doesn't mean that we no longer care about them. It just comes to the realization that the only thing we can really control is ourselves, right...
monday morning positive words

Monday morning positive quotes

They say that Monday is the hardest day of the week. All people are hustling and getting ready for work. Many have a hard time waking up after the weekend, which also...
learn to love yourself sayings

Learn to love yourself quotes

You must have heard the expression “Self-love” many times. Being able to love yourself is very important. In fact, it is as important as the air we breathe and the water we...
starting over sayings

Starting over quotes

Life is beautiful, but also full of obstacles. A person is always developing, everything around him changes. After some time, we inevitably realize that the time has come for change. And when you...
teamwork words for work

Teamwork quotes for work

Are your employees tired? Do they look depressed and overworked? You just need motivation, and in the shortest possible time. At the same time, you know that a few words and a...
Motivational sayings about friendship

Motivational quotes about friendship

Everything in our life comes and goes: money, work, things. Only people stay with us. Moreover, only those people for whom we are dear and who are dear to us. Friendship is...
stay focused sayings

Stay focused quotes

The world is infinitely large and diverse, there are so many interesting things in it that one life is not enough for us to learn everything about them. And therefore, given that...
Beautiful words about myself

Beautiful quotes about myself

Quotes and statuses about yourself are just those phrases that characterize and describe you. People are very different, and each person should choose quotes about himself independently. We try to place a...
education sayings for students

Education quotes for students

Student years are a wonderful time that gives a lot of discoveries, fun and allows you to make new friends. Student and study are inseparable concepts. During their studies, students often lament...