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Wedding wishes, messages, and quotes, greeting texts, and images.

Second anniversary messages for husband

2nd anniversary wishes for husband

Congratulations on the wedding day are always pleasant and welcome words. For newlyweds, a wedding day is a festive moment that revives the feeling of a wedding day. There are different options for...
funny wedding greetings for friend

Funny wedding wishes for friend

Here you'll find lots of funny wedding wishes for friend. A wedding is the most significant event in the life of two people, which is why you should be very serious about...
10th wedding anniversary messages

10th wedding anniversary wishes

The 10th anniversary of family life is the first anniversary for the couple. A tin wedding symbolizes the flexibility of relations between spouses, the passion of their feelings, love and tenderness. That is...
wedding card for bride

Wedding quotes for bride

A wedding is one of the most important events in life for each person because on this day a new family is created. The importance of marriage can be evidenced by a huge...
25th wedding anniversary messages for parents

25th wedding anniversary wishes for parents

A silver wedding is 25 years of marriage. Spouses who have lived together for a quarter of a century will never part since their love has been tempered for years! Invited guests must...
wedding messages for brother

Wedding wishes for brother

If you have a brother, then you are a doubly happy person. And, of course, congratulations on the wedding from a loved one - one of the most reverent and exciting moments...
wedding messages for sister

Happy marriage wishes for sister

If you have a sister, then you should not be afraid of loneliness. All joyful moments and troubles are divided in half, and therefore their load becomes much less. A wedding day...
funny marriage greetings for newlyweds

Funny wedding messages for newly married couple

Surely you, as a guest, want to wish the bride and groom something special. You can take advantage of this collection of funny wedding messages for newly married couple, like a cheat sheet! Make...
Wedding messages for best friend

Wedding wishes for best friend

Friendship is one of the greatest values in the life of every person. Therefore, it is not so important to buy an expensive wedding gift for a friend, how important it is...
engagement messages to friend

Engagement wishes to friend

Engagement is one of the most romantic moments in the life of lovers. All relatives, friends and acquaintances hurry to celebrate the creation of a new family. We want the words spoken...