Funny health quotes

funny health sayings

Many sayings about health have come down to our generation from ancient doctors, philosophers, in which the supremacy of health over everything else in life is affirmed. But besides them, on this page you can find many funny health quotes. After all, everything in life must be treated with humor! Read, smile, and share them with your friends!

Funny health quotes

Healthy people do not exist. There are only under-explored.

Diagnostics have achieved such success that there are practically no healthy people left.

funny health quotes funny health quotes Funny health quotes funny health quotes

Health is the lack of knowledge about your diseases.

Freedom and health have one similarity: we begin to value them only when we lack them.

It is even pleasant to get sick when you know that there are people who are waiting for your recovery.

If we paid as much attention to our health as we pay to our diseases, we would never get sick.

funny health words funny health quotes Funny health quotes funny health words

Health is when everything hurts, but there is still strength not to go to the doctor.

Exercise can replace many drugs, but no drug in the world can replace exercise.

Funny health sayings

People spend their health by earning money and then spend money restoring their health!

A healthy person is not the one who does not feel pain anywhere, but the one who feels pain in a different place every time.

We drink to each other’s health and spoil our own.

Mature years end when health turns from effervescent to friable.

funny health card funny health quotes Funny health quotes funny health card

Absolute mental health is just total predictability. 

Whatever your health, it will last for the rest of your life.

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You can’t earn all the money, no matter how hard you try. But health can be completely lost.

It is said that happiness is like health – you do not notice it until it is gone.

funny health thought funny health quotes Funny health quotes funny health thought

In a society where most people are sick, healthy people are considered sick.

You can’t buy health. Money can only buy a personal trainer, a personal doctor, and a place in the cemetery.

Sugar is bad for your health. Alcohol is harmful to health. But don’t be discouraged! After all, it is also unhealthy!

Some are always sick only because they always care about their health, while others are healthy only because they are not afraid of being sick.

Anyone who expects to ensure his health, being in laziness, he acts as foolish as a person who thinks that silence can improve his voice.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is a short but complete description of a happy state in this world.

Two things reveal their value after losing them – youth and health.

Nothing interferes with health more than changing your medications frequently.

The less time you devote to your health, the more it remains for the hospital.

In youth, a person spends his health in order to earn money, and in old age he spends money in order to redeem health, but no one has yet succeeded.

Hope is the most useful of all attachments of the soul: because it maintains health through the tranquility of the imagination.

Health will cost you more if you run around psychics.

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