Funny quotes about life lessons

funny sayings about life

Life is our most important teacher. That is why, from all incidents and life stages, you need to learn a lesson. Only in this way will we gain experience that will help us not to make mistakes of the past in the future. But it happens that life teaches us lessons, but we do not notice them, and we repeat the mistakes over and over again. How to be in such a situation? The main thing is not to despair, and treat everything with humor! On our site you will find the best collection of funny quotes about life lessons.

Funny quotes about life lessons

Life is what happens to you while you make other plans.

The biggest bankrupt in this world is a person who has lost his life enthusiasm.

funny quotes about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny quotes about life

Life experience has convinced me that people without flaws have too little merits.

You can’t repeat the same mistake twice. The second time is no longer a mistake. It’s a choice.

You can think that you have found the right path in life. But you have no right to assure yourself and others that this is the only way.

Don’t look for a path that will get rid of problems. Look for a way to solve them.

funny words about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny words about life

Each of us chooses his own path, and there is nothing to complain about fate. You have made a choice and you have received the corresponding result.

If you are at the bottom, then you are in a really good position: you have nowhere to go but up.

Funny sayings about life lessons

New horizons open up only as you move along the way. Life is boring and monotonous for those who stand still.

If you try, you have two options: it will work or it will not work. And if you don’t try, then there is only one option.

There is a lot of rubbish on the path of life. And you are either a sweeper or a broom.

Do not follow where the trail leads you. Instead of it, go where is no path and leave a trail.

funny image about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny image about life

A person lives best in those moments when he does not know that it is possible to live better.

Life is not a series of black and white stripes. This is a chessboard, and it all depends on your move!

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Everyone must understand everything for himself, must go his own way, climb higher or fall to the bottom.

Sometimes just one confident step decides more than the entire path of life. It is able to change the fate of a person.

funny card about life funny quotes about life lessons Funny quotes about life lessons funny card about life

Only those who have passed through the pitch darkness are able to sincerely admire and rejoice at the dim candle light.

Life is like a marathon that you can run in any style. You just need to check in at the designated points.

Funny thoughts about life lessons

If you know your path, then luck and misfortune will move you forward anyway.

When you reach the goal, you understand that the whole path was the goal.

Every life is a picture. Parents give us a canvas, fate gives us a frame, society gives us paints. And we have to draw ourselves.

It is necessary to learn from the mistakes of others. You cannot live long enough to do them all on your own.

Live as if this day is the last, and one day it will be so. And you will be fully armed.

Life is a cross-country race in which everyone strives to get ahead in order to come to the finish line last.

When life examines, nerves are the first to fail.

Sometimes happiness falls so unexpectedly that you do not have time to jump aside.

Don’t go with the flow. Don’t swim against the current. Swim wherever you want!

A person’s life is counted in the moments that he wants to stop.

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