True love quotes for him

True love sayings for him

Here you will find plenty of true love quotes for him.

True love quotes for him

Appreciate what you have and never think “maybe.” Maybe not.

Sometimes, even strong people need to know that there is someone who can silence, clutching to his heart.

I was waiting for a person with whom I can live, and I met – without whom I cannot live.

I want you to smile not at anyone, but only at me. So that you are constantly afraid to lose me, even in a dream!

Love is like a war: easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget.

I will stop loving you only when the dumb man tells the deaf that the blind man saw the footless walking on water.

True love quotes for him true love quotes for him True love quotes for him true love quotes for him

Feelings like geometry. If love was a line, then we would be a drawn circle.

The only melody that makes me live is the beat of your heart.

Without your love, I’m like a helpless creature that blindly roams the world, seeking shelter.

Our love is the ellipsis. I will never know where the end is, and where the beginning.

Love is acceptance. Your chosen one may not be perfect in appearance, but what difference does it make if his soul is pure and bright.

True love sayings for him

When you truly love, you cannot express your feelings in words. To be able to express how much you love means not to love.

There is nothing stronger than love. It is like light in the distance. It will pass through fire and ice. It can save us.

Love is the cure for indifference. As long as we can give this wonderful feeling, we can consider ourselves human.

Love is the only feeling that can both morally kill and revive.

True love words for him true love quotes for him True love quotes for him true love words for him

To love is to experience happiness, a little strange and incomprehensible, leading to tantrums and tears, and a terrible fear of losing a loved one.

Love is a drug that is not prohibited, but it is still very difficult to get a dose.

The longest relationship is with those who met in the winter. If a guy liked a girl in a thick sweater, a clumsy down jacket and a stupid hat, then this is real love.

It takes only a minute to notice someone, an hour to like someone, a day to love someone, and a lifetime to forget.

True love is not one that lasts until death. This is the one that lasts after it.

Do not look for the perfect appearance, it can be deceiving. Do not look for wealth, it does not last forever. Look for someone who can make you smile, because a smile can brighten the darkest day.

If you love, then even the shortcomings of a loved one can be liked. If you do not love, then even dignity annoys.

If you love, then do not lie. If you believe, then believe to the end. If you hate, then say it bluntly. If you laugh, so laugh heartily.

True love words for him

When choosing love, beware of fakes. True love is only one.

Love is the only disease that cannot be infected. It is a pity that it does not spread through the air. People would surely be happier.

I loved to look at the stars and think about the beautiful. And then you appeared. Now I look at you as the brightest star, and think about the beautiful, that is, about you.

Loving people will stay together not because they have forgotten the mistakes, but because they have managed to forgive them.

I always made a wish when the stars fell. Now my bright star is always with me. And it makes no sense to look at others.

When a person loves, then he forgives, but when he forgives too long, he ceases to love.

People are like musical instruments: their sound depends on who touches them.

Love is music. And no music is sweeter than the sound of favorite voice.

Everything can be forgiven for a loved one, the only question is whether after that he will remain loved.

Love is the strongest of all passions, because it simultaneously takes possession of the head, heart and body.

When you suffocate without a man, and in his presence you realize that he is your whole world – probably this is real love.

True love has no happy ending. Because true love does not end at all.

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