Cute love sayings and sweet love words

sweet love words

Love is an amazing and tremulous feeling that is difficult to convey in words. Feel that you do not have enough words to describe the depth of your feelings associated with a loved one?  You will be helped by the beautiful sayings of great writers and philosophers. In our collection you will find lovely, funny and romantic words that will melt the heart of your beloved princess. We hope that your soulmate will be pleasantly surprised by such a gesture on your part!

Cute love sayings and sweet love words

Love is neither an answer nor a decision. Love is a force of nature, as powerful and necessary as the sun. Without love, the whole planet perishes.

Love is like a butterfly that flutters while it lives and flies away whenever it wants. It cannot be held by force.

cute love sayings and sweet love words cute love sayings and sweet love words Cute love sayings and sweet love words Cute love sayings and sweet love words

A man in love takes responsibility for the one with whom he is in love, and also he must share his fate.

Love can both heal and hurt. Its wounds do not always kill, but never heal.

In one minute of love, a person is able to learn more about his chosen one than in a month of observation.

There is no need to argue about love. The truth is that it is either there or not.

love thought cute love sayings and sweet love words Cute love sayings and sweet love words love thought

Respect was invented in order to hide the empty place where love should be.

Self-love marks the beginning of a life-long romance. Love yourself, and then you will never feel alone in your life.

Beautiful and sweet love quotes

What we experience when we are in love is perhaps our normal state. Love indicates to a person what he should be.

Love is like a flower growing on the edge of an abyss. Only the most courageous, who decided to frustrate it, be honored with true love.

Everything in the world is based on self-interest. Therefore, before you love someone, you need to love yourself.

The greatest tragedy of life is not that people die, but that those who swore to love forever, stop loving.

love card cute love sayings and sweet love words Cute love sayings and sweet love words love card

The task is not only to look for love, but also to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it

Love is freedom. As long as the doors are open, everything is fine. But if the doors are locked outside, then it becomes a prison.

Finding true love quotes

If a man could read the woman’s thoughts and could understand what she wants, he still would not believe her.

There are only two ways that can save you from torment – a quick death and long love.

beautiful love words cute love sayings and sweet love words Cute love sayings and sweet love words beautiful love words

Love is the only reasonable and satisfactory answer to the question about the meaning of human existence.

Men who do not forgive women their small flaws will never enjoy their great virtues.

In love, men need shapes and colors. They require images. Women are blind compared to men. They need a feeling.

If you are a man, you need to learn to communicate with women with the help of the heart, not the mind. Otherwise, no matter how smart you are, you lose this battle.

The difference between male and female love is that a woman loves with all her heart and whole soul, and a man with all his mind and body.

Man and women are two notes without which the strings of the human soul do not give a correct and complete chord.

Cute short love texts

Those, who loves, does not set conditions, makes no complaints, does not put forward ultimatums. He silently lays his life at the feet of a loved one.

First of all, you need to love yourself, to be a whole person, and not the application of someone. Otherwise, disappointment and pain awaits you.

It is valuable to truly show love in action. Proving your feelings in words is a waste of time.

In the most severe frost it is warmer if the heart warms love. It feels like carrying a little sun with you.

Love is the enjoyment of happiness when it is valued. And pain when it is not treasured.

Love destroys death and turns it into an empty ghost. It is able to turn life from nonsense into something meaningful, and from grief makes happiness.

Love is the first and surest proof that life is not meaningless.

People who say that life makes no sense did not know love. With this statement, they make it clear that in their lives there was a lack of love.

When you reach the end of your life, the only thing that will make any difference is the love that you have given and received.

Put your love in everything you do. If you are in trouble, turn inward: what lesson should be learned from this situation?

Those, who has not experienced how love excites all the powers of man does not know true love.

Love is a life-giving fire in the soul of a person, and everything created by a person under the influence of this feeling is marked by the seal of life and poetry.

Love is the beginning and end of our existence. Therefore, love is what a wise person worships.

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