Sayings about true love

Words about true love

We all need love. This is an indisputable fact, because love is the main motivator, that is, what you want to live and develop for. However, relationships are a very fragile thing, so you need to protect them. In order to make your beloved happy, just say a couple of phrases about the sincerity of your feelings. For you, we have collected sayings about true love, using which you can strengthen the bond between you. Use them as often as possible, and then the probability of the collapse of your union is minimized.

Sayings about true love

Probably I am a convinced romantic, but I believe that true love has no end.

It is said that there is no true love in our time. I think it happens, but rarely. Less often there is only friendship.

card about true love sayings about true love Sayings about true love card about true love

Love is not about perfection of a person, but about his full acceptance as he is.

It is wrong to choose between friends and love. These are two separate spheres of life, which, when unified, can give a feeling of absolute happiness.

As a result, love always wins. No one has the right to say whether this is good or not. But the one who thinks it is wrong probably never loved.

Love gives me new strength. Without him, I am helpless, but omnipotent with him.

Sayings about true love sayings about true love Sayings about true love sayings about true love

How many people swear in love, and how little confirm this with deed. What a pity that love has become an endangered species.

Every time I start thinking that it is impossible to love even more, you again and again refute my guesses.

Finding true love quotes

Love is merciful and patient. A loving person will not forgive, he will forget, will not see, but will feel.

Love makes a person believe in himself. The true influence of love will never reflect negatively on the person’s perception of the world.

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Love overtakes when it was not expected. And loud stories about unearthly love are fairy tales. Happiness loves silence. 

Young couples think that love lies in the number of kisses and material goods. In fact, love can be seen in the look and in relation to each other.

Romantic words about true love

First love can be compared with such a heat of passion, which can be obtained only in the most insane journey.

It is believed that true love happens only once. You refute this theory every time and make me fall in love with you every time more and more.

How to check if someone is really in love with you? A man in love will tell stories about love. He will create with you his own.

Do not think that true love is impossible, because it comes only to those who know how to believe and wait.

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You are convinced that you really love only when someone hurts you. Do not seek revenge and do not recall this period. Try to keep in mind only those moments when you were happy.

I want to live with you forever only under one condition: I will die the day before you, because I don’t want to be alone.

Sweet texts about true love

We have no power to choose whom to love and whom to be loved. Love is beautiful even when it is not mutual. Take care of this feeling, because it is the only thing that makes us feel alive.

A man in love is unselfish. He is able to give all that he has, and not wait for anything in return.

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Love is not when you go crazy with an oversupply of feelings. Love is sustained, patient, calm, and generous. Passion is fleeting, and love is eternal.

I am the one who wants to be not just married, but to be behind husband. A loving spouse, a family, and a cozy home – that’s all I strive for.

True love can be compared to an inexhaustible source. The more you give it, the more you get in return.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I still believe in the love that lasts until the end of life. With a loved one you want to be in grief and joy. The only trouble is that it is very hard to find him.

Do not consider a person as your property. Loving people do not limit their partner, but rather contribute to his development.

There is no love in which quarrels and disagreements would not occur. Loving people always work on relationships and overcome difficulties together, thereby strengthening them.

People in love are very kind. They are not worried about everything that is happening in the outside world, because they have their own with a partner.

We are looking for true love everywhere, forgetting that it lives in our hearts.

True love does not fade over time. It transforms into more perfect ones.

You truly love only once in your life, even if you yourself did not understand it.

If a person appears in your life with whom you have forgotten about the past, then he is your future.

Those who truly love each other do not neglect their happiness.

It is a pity for people who do not believe in true and sincere love. Because as long as they believe in it, they will not meet it. Their heart is closed.

What is love? There was a time when I went to the kindergarten, and I liked the girl so much that I gave her all my toys. Maybe it was it?

Love is when you are shy, but you still decide to look into his eyes and realize that he is already looking at you.

I cannot imagine that someone can love more than I love you. I guess tomorrow I will find out.

Love for you is intertwined with such madness, with such a storm of emotions that sometimes it seems to me that I am going crazy.

 I think of you every time, when I fall asleep. I see your image in dreams and wake up only with thoughts of you.

I believe that the truest love is to see the happy eyes of a loved one. Even if you are not the cause of his happiness.

Do not be afraid to fall in love and let your life go not according to plan. These changes will become the most memorable adventures in life.

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