Funny quotes about office

funny sayings about office

Here you will find plenty of funny quotes about office.

Funny quotes about office

Do you think your boss is stupid? Try to imagine where you would be now if he was a little bit smarter.

Insomnia is a terrible enemy for any office worker, because it is impossible to fall asleep even on the most boring working day.

Let yourself be honest. Tell your boss everything you think about him and you no longer have to go to work!

I despise people who smile at my face and whisper behind my back. Tell me the truth, even if the price of it will be your position at work.

Don’t let yourself think badly of your abilities. Your boss will do this instead of you with pleasure!

Every morning I look forward to the updated list of the most successful people in the world. Not finding myself there and as usual, disappointed, I go to work.

funny quotes about office funny quotes about office Funny quotes about office funny quotes about office

All people are ready to give everything to the full and become the best employee of the month in exchange for the fact that they will be paid for this weekly salary instead of monthly.

Every day I go to work, because I dream of a happy future somewhere near the ocean. As soon as I think about it, the boss suddenly appears, and quickly returns me to the cruel reality.

Funny sayings about office

It is necessary to draw conclusions from the mistakes of others. After all, we are not immortal. We will not be able to live so long to complete them all.

In any company there is an employee who is always aware of any events. Suspicious, he knows too much. I guess he should be fired.

People are divided into two categories: those who earn and invest in new businesses, and those who work and take loans in order to live.

My boss is mad at me for being late every time. «Sorry boss. I correct the situation and will go home earlier».

Over time, it comes to the realization that work is the most significant thing in life, and career is damn important. Is this the main indicator of the approaching depression?

short funny texts about office funny quotes about office Funny quotes about office short funny texts about office

There is an expression that the key to success lays in the daily work on yourself. And in truth, isn’t it easier to break this door?

Business meetings are of great benefit to the company. How else is it possible to count how many people worked for you?

It is sad that no one has ever died from hard work. I wonder all the time. Did the dead can talk?

When people ask you if you can complete a specific task, confidently say yes. And after that, get down to work, and finally find out how this is actually done.

Do not make excuses for being late. It is enough to tell the boss once that you have a wheel pierced, as the next day you can really find a flat tire.

I noticed a pattern that unfinished work tends to increase as the term expires.

Funny short texts about office

How else can the boss thank us for the quality work done? True, let me work out a couple more of the same projects.

Losers believe that mistakes are defeats. Successful people equate failure with a life lesson. Having concluded, they teach losers how to live.

Absolutely each of us made mistakes. Yes, it is unpleasant. But no one will know about it if he has not seen it, right?

If you want to understand whether you really need this job, try to imagine what your life would be without it.

Our brain is perfect. He can perform a huge number of tasks at the same time. But he has one drawback. It stops working immediately after I come to work.

I wanted to be a careerist. I dreamed of a prestigious job and a high paying job. Reality has shown that all that really matters to me is salary.

I think it’s time to retire. I no longer recover strength. I was tired the whole previous month, I will definitely be like that until this project ends at work.

There are so many lies in our world that if this could be earned, half of the population would have been millionaires long ago.

Probably washing windows is the best job for me. At least it is the only place where I can see myself.

I love my job so much. It is perfect for me. But there is one small minus. I think about her positively only when I go on vacation.

How beautiful is Friday night. Weekend will start soon, and finally I can really relax. I am overshadowed only by the fact that today is Thursday.

It seems, that now is the moment when even coffee needs itself.

At that moment, when someone asks me about my vision of myself in a couple of years, I am silent … Should I tell them that I just try to live until the weekend?

I believe that the days in the week are unevenly distributed. Is it fair that we have 5 days until Saturday, and only two days before Monday?

All around behave like small children. At home, my son always wakes me up, and the boss is at work. No respect.

Do you want an honest answer, why am I late? I blissed out from those minutes, which were outside the work environment.

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