Love paragraphs for her

love words for her

Make a declaration of love even more romantic and exciting. Just imagine how pleasant it will be for your beloved girl when you tell about your feelings in such an unusual form. A gentle, sensual, or even a slightly humorous message will help to say such important words in a relaxed and beautiful way. In this assembly of love paragraphs for her you will find many love notes for all occasions. Whether it is the first declaration of love, or just your expression of feelings, believe us, she will always be pleased to hear these words again and again!

Love paragraphs for her

You have become the meaning of my life. Now I have a dream, and this dream is to make you my happy wife!

Your unexpected arrival in my life is like a chance for me to become a little better. I accepted you as the best thing that could happen to me. Thank you for being mine.

love paragraphs for her love paragraphs for her Love paragraphs for her love paragraphs for her

You are like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all this fuss. Now you are not around, but I know you feel my warming love for you.

You are everything to me and even more. You are the one for whom I began to live and breathe. I love you, and I will love forever!

To teach a person to dream is not an easy task. You did it. I am you again in a fairy tale, alluring into the distance and frightening in its beauty. But I’m not afraid of surprises. I enjoy the changes next to you.

You are my life-giving spring in the desert, my clear little star in the dark sky, my most amazing diamond in the whole world! And I am the happiest man, because you are with me!

romantic paragraphs for her love paragraphs for her Love paragraphs for her romantic paragraphs for her

When I look into your bottomless eyes, my head begins to feel dizzy. The smell of your hair makes my breath stop. You act like a drug on me. But I like this addiction.

You are not a desire, but an opportunity to find yourself. Only with the advent of you, I was able to be reborn and understand who I am. Only you helped me become independent of my desires.

Romantic paragraphs for her

Having passed through darkness, through the jungle of evil and the desert of suffering, I have found light in my soul. I have found harmony. I won’t give you to anyone now and let anyone take you away from me.

You became an angel in my life! You, without realizing it, brought into my life a storm of fantastic emotions that I will never forget!

I can give my life to you, but I’m afraid that you will throw it into the sky, too spacious for one human life. I’m afraid that it will not return to me anymore, and I will only exist.

My girl, I feel for you an incredibly large and truly wonderful feeling, without which a person does not live, but simply exists. This is Love.

romantic words for her love paragraphs for her Love paragraphs for her romantic words for her

We found each other among a million people, and now we are two halves of one big heart. If you don’t think so, then I can’t live anymore, because my heart can’t beat only half.

I fell in love with you from the moment when our eyes met for the first time. This moment I will always remember in our relationship. You are the one who gave me the best feelings. I love you more than life!

Romantic love messages for wife

Sometimes it seems like my love is so great that your love is not even noticeable. But I know that you love me! You give me joy and fill my life with meaning!

You appeared in my life, and this feeling so suddenly arose and grew into boundless love for you! I really understand that without you I can’t live anymore. Nobody can replace you!

love card for her love paragraphs for her Love paragraphs for her love card for her

Loving you is a wonderful feeling! As soon as I remember your eyes, the earth flies out from under my feet. Intoxicated by love, I proudly declare that I am deeply in love with you!

I want to drown in your love. I want to touch your soul, imperishable and unknown, like life itself.

You are my most important treasure in this life! And even more – you are my life and my oxygen! My heart forever belongs only to you.

You look like a blossoming flower. The most beautiful one I’ve ever seen in my life. Only with you I am truly happy!

Having met you, everything inside me turned upside down, a flame was ignited, which, it seems, could never be extinguished by anyone. You are my life, part of my heart and soul!

Lately, I don’t recognize myself. I would like to make feats: to conquer the highest peak, fly up and hug the whole world, because in it, in this world, you are! 

You can’t imagine how much you mean to me! And how did I live without your love? I existed! And you, dear, turned days and nights into paradise!

How delicious you smell of sunny summer and delicate flowers! Thinking of you, it seems to me that particular fragrance. Perhaps it is the smell of happiness and true love.

Sometimes, for perfect bliss, it is enough for me to simply touch your hair and inhale endlessly this heady, promising peace, aroma.

I see your image, woven from the sun’s rays every night in my dreams, and I’m ready to give a lot to ensure that these dreams never change. I run to you, I think of you, I thirst for you!

I have not enough day to look at you, and when you come in a dream, I can admire you at night, when my eyes are closed. I want to be with you always, and not to lose a moment of happiness.

That cocktail of feelings that I experience when I see your incredible image changes my worldview and life in a different, better direction, and I am grateful to you for these changes.

You are a beautiful flower that burst by chance into my destiny, and I will protect your tenderness all my life. The path in which you are is beautiful, and I will not cease to admire you.

I feel like a full-fledged man next to you. You make me feel happy in its full scope. I thank you for everything.

Loving you is my calling! If this were work, I would become the richest man in the world. But for the fact that I love you, I do not ask for anything in return, because it is free.

My love for you is like air, without which I cannot breathe. Please stay close to me, and then together we will be the happiest people.

Wherever you are, I will always be mentally next to you, to love and support you even in the most difficult moment.

Let there be chaos, let the end of the world come, and all around change in an instant. My love for you is unchanging. We will be together, even if not in this life.

How many beautiful girls are around! But know, you are the only one for me. After all, beauty is not about appearance. Beauty is a state of mind.

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