Good night texts for her

good night wishes for her

Sleep is that period in a person’s daily life, which is characterized not only by good rest, but also by dreams. Why not say goodnight to the person who makes your heart beat faster every time? If you do not have enough imagination to write beautiful lines, thanks to our site you can easily solve this problem. The original good night texts for her will be appreciated by your girlfriend, because they contain all the tenderness, love and touchiness of your relationship. Scroll below and choose the wish that you like best!

Good night texts for her

The most wonderful girl on the entire planet, I wish you good night. May this night give you a wonderful dream and take you to the land of vivid dreams and fantasies.

May the heavenly angel and my tenderness keep you, and dreams give hope to your heart and confidence in your actions.

good night texts for her good night texts for her Good night texts for her good night texts for her

I wish you, my love, good night. Let your sleep be sweet and pleasant, and let your rest be calm and restorative.

Sweet night, my love. Thanks for this evening, it was absolutely amazing. I wish you pleasant dreams, hug and kiss tenderly.

My beloved, I wish you good night and the most wonderful dreams! I wish you a good rest!

I wish you the sweetest and caramel dreams. Let the night pass calmly, and in the morning you will be greeted by a radiant sun.

good night messages for her good night texts for her Good night texts for her good night messages for her

Let your peace be disturbed only by the quiet singing of a cricket and the whisper of leaves about how beautiful and sweet you are. I wish you sweet dreams!

May this night be calm and serene, love! I wish you to meet the new day with a smile and great mood!

Good night wishes for her

May you sleep sweetly, as if on fluffy clouds, and in your dreams you will see the most desired dreams. I will protect your peace so that the morning is the kindest.

Good night, my queen! Let the night rush by with a fairy tale, and let the morning begin with something joyful and amazing.

Let a soft bed hide you from everyday problems, and the waves of Morpheus will take you to the valley of sweet dreams.

The moon has risen in the sky, the city slowly dies down, the light goes out in the windows … I wish you sweet dreams, dear!

good night image for her good night texts for her Good night texts for her good night image for her

Night is a time of calm, relaxation and recovery! Let all the tiredness accumulated during the day go away, and you wake up in the morning, full of strength and energy!

Even such energetic fidgets as you, my beloved, should rest. So close your eyes and start counting white lambs in a green meadow.

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I wish you, my dear, to have a wonderful rest, gain vigor and strength, and in the morning be ready for the magic of the day ahead and loud victories.

I wish you to spend this night, as if on a cloud, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and watch positive dreams with sweetness. Goodnight!

good night card for her good night texts for her Good night texts for her good night card for her

Let you dream of a kind fairy tale in which you will certainly be a princess. And let the stars guard your dream and sing you a lullaby.

Close your eyes and dream about everything, and in the morning it will definitely come true. Let your dreams be vivid and your bed and pillow soft and warm!

Let the night cover you with a soft blanket woven from vivid dreams, lay you on the pillow of cherished fantasies and rock you in the cradle of peace until morning. Goodnight, my Love.

Good night messages for her

I wish you sweet dreams, kitten. Let you have vanilla dreams, the night will be long, and it will help you to be filled with strength, beauty and energy.

Evening is a time to forget about problems and dream about the future! I know that everything will be fine, and you will have time to carry out all your plans. Go to sleep, my lovely! Good night.

Sweet dreams, my bunny! Let you dream about our meeting. We will fall asleep together very soon.

My clear star, I wish you good night and the kindest, most rosy and most wonderful dreams. Let the night rest envelop you in the arms of a wonderful night, and sweet dreams give you inspiration.

My joy, the city has long since fallen asleep, and you are just getting ready. Let the night take away all your bad thoughts, relieve you of sorrows and fill you with strength for the next day.

Sleep well, forget about all the problems, because tomorrow’s new day will bring you victories and good luck. Good night baby!

Let the bright angel protect you every moment. Gain strength and health, become even more beautiful! I wish you pleasant dreams!

So a nap envelopes me, too. It’s lonely in my bed without you. I close my eyes and imagine that you are next to me. Goodnight honey! Hope to see you soon!

Let tonight you’ll see in a dream your fondest dreams. And in the morning, let the dream come true! Love you!

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