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Falling in love is a complex of positive emotions and feelings that is aimed at another person. Mankind has wondered what love is for a long time. Are there differences in the concepts of love and sympathy. One thing we know for sure is that we need to learn love, we need to grow to it. We present you beautiful quotes about couples in love.

Couple love quotes

Two lovers do not have to say to each other “I love you” every day. They know it without words.

True love will never end. The main thing is to correctly determine its authenticity and fight for it to the last.

couple love quotes couple love quotes Couple love quotes couple love quotes

Love is like a road. In the life of any couple, accidents can happen. However, we must learn to repair expensive things, and not buy new ones. After all, when you lower the wheel, you do not get rid of the whole car.

If you do not adore the shortcomings of the one you love, then you cannot safely say that you really love.

The one, who was born to be with you, will definitely find you. And nothing will stop him on the way to your heart.

Do not act against the unity of lovers. No matter how you try to break their union, be sure that you will lose the battle.

couple love sayings couple love quotes Couple love quotes couple love sayings

The moment you truly fall in love, you begin to adopt the traits and habits of the one who is dear to your heart.

Why do lovers never miss each other’s company? Because they are constantly talking about themselves.

Romantic love sayings

Lovers are like mirrors. Each enthusiastically contemplates the other’s own reflection. Therefore, before blaming your partner for flaws, first think about whether he mirrors you.

The laws of gravity apply to all physical bodies. The only exceptions are lovers, whose flight does not lend itself to the laws of the universe.

Your partner is your conscious choice. Therefore, every time a quarrel begins, remember why you fell in love with him.

Lovers do not need words to communicate with each other. Love is the music that eternity listens to.

You are the cause of my insomnia. However, I am not complaining. My dream is to fall asleep every day after you, enjoying your perfect traits.

romantic love image couple love quotes Couple love quotes romantic love image

He doesn’t care about my past, but I don’t care about his former girls, because we are both happy in a beautiful present.

True love is said to be eternal. I suggest we test this theory in practice.

Cute love sayings and sweet love words

Love is such an unusual state when you go a little crazy, and you like it. Kisses on the lips were invented by lovers, so as not to say stupid things.

A wise woman and a real man are the perfect couple. What a pity that it does not exist.

couple love card couple love quotes Couple love quotes couple love card

By combining differences, we gain integrity only when paired with a loved one.

I realized that you and I will be together until the end, when I saw an elderly couple who are still in love with each other.

Enemies cannot destroy the union of two loving hearts. Whatever they do, sooner or later they will lose.

Love can make a pissed-off person lively. When one of us is in love, then all people in the world are good.

Without a constant dose of laughter, love and kisses, any couple is just a duet of corpses.

The man is already half in love with the woman who listens to him.

No need to find out who is guilty. If you need this relationship, consider that it was you.

In the sacrament of relationships, each couple in love has their own code.

I would never understand the meaning of the phrase “second half.” Until I met you. Then all the puzzles came together.

Thoughts on couple love

Only a truly loving person can forgive everything. And even in the strongest quarrels, he will not reproach it.

Love is such an unusual state when you go a little crazy, and you like it.

Sometimes you need to be in the balance of breaking up with your beloved in order to overestimate everything that you have created together.

We could make a great couple. If not for a late acquaintance, different cities, and the presence of a love partner.

Lovers know the secret of silence. After all, when you find your own person, you can be silent together and enjoy it.

Only sincerely loving hearts can survive, forgive and endure, in the name of their soul mate and love.

No matter what the weather outside, heavy rain or bright sunshine. The main thing is that your loved one would be nearby.

Finally, I should not pretend to be happy. Next to you, I am constantly so.

Everything in the world rests on love. You may not even understand this, but you are my incentive and motivation. Without you I would go to the bottom.

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