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The state of loneliness is known to everyone. Sometimes it is painful; sometimes it is a pleasant feeling when we are calm and left to our own devices. We have compiled a selection of quotes about loneliness for you. In concise formulations, there is a lot of meaning that will be revealed to everyone in their own way. Perhaps you will find in them a reflection of your current status and exiting.

Feeling alone quotes

Sometimes it’s good to be alone. But it’s much better to have someone to tell you how good it is to be alone.

True loneliness is the presence of a person who does not understand you.

feeling alone quotes feeling alone quotes Feeling alone quotes feeling alone quotes

When you are alone, this does not mean that you are weak. That means you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve.

When two lonely people meet, one true love is born. After all, only one who knows loneliness can truly appreciate his soul mate.

Do not wait for the first step from another person. After all, what you can lose by taking the risk, except your loneliness?

The better the means of communication, the farther the person is from the person, the more lonely they become.

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Do not rush to drive away moments of loneliness from yourself. Perhaps this is the biggest reward – to briefly protect yourself from all that is superfluous in order to become yourself.

There is no one who has never felt lonely in any way.

Feeling alone sayings

A foolish man seeks how to overcome loneliness, a wise man finds how to enjoy it.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Then no one can hurt you.

Loneliness is the normal state of any person. In fact, life just consists of its small periods.

A huge shortcoming of loneliness is that it cannot be filled with memories. They only exacerbate it.

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If a person has the ability to be thankful, and can enjoy the gifts of nature, he is not alone and not helpless.

Love is the main way to avoid the loneliness that torments people for almost their entire life.

Do not tame someone if you are not sure that one day you will not leave him suffocating alone.

Good thoughts about life

A person avoids, endures or loves loneliness in accordance with how deep his inner world is.

feeling alone words feeling alone quotes Feeling alone quotes feeling alone words

The danger of loneliness is that after a while you begin to enjoy it. And just do not let anyone into your life.

Do not be imposed on people. Better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t need you.

Loneliness and freedom go together, the line between them is very thin. Ideal will be those relationships that will save the first and not take the second.

Thoughts on feeling alone

Do not let loneliness direct you into the arms of someone to whom you do not belong.

The trouble with people left alone is that they, as it turned out, do not know how to live for themselves.

People are alone only because they know exactly what they want. Not finding what they want, they choose loneliness.

Moments of loneliness are necessary to rethink actions and introspection, but not to ponder the misconduct of the past.

Loneliness spoils a woman. She gets used to solve all her problems on her own. But the worst part is that she ceases to believe that it can be somehow different.

A man who has not learned to forgive the shortcomings of his neighbors is doomed to loneliness.

You are not alone if at least one person notices your absence.

Loneliness is also a drug, but with a reverse mechanism of action. First comes depression, then acceptance. And then you start to like this condition.

Sadness is an exquisite drink that is best enjoyed in complete solitude, away from prying eyes.

Loneliness is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with whether we have many friends or few.

There is no test that would be beyond the power of man. The most powerful people get loneliness.

Living alone is much better than living amid unfulfilled promises and fake love.

Cold is when no one needs you and no one is waiting for you. And when your arms and legs freeze, it’s just the weather.

It’s bad when you don’t have friends. But it’s much worse when you believe that you have them.

More terrible than loneliness can only be betrayal, because it makes you not only lonely, but also kills hope.

Do not be afraid of loneliness! You just need to understand that a mistake has been made. You have time to think and make a choice.

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