Funny quotes about cold weather

Funny words about cold weather

People say that “There is no bad weather”. But life shows the opposite thing… It often happens that every time when some kind of special event is planned, the weather is terrible. We present a collection of the funniest quotes about cold weather for you. Add a little positive vibe to your day, and then maybe the bad weather will not be a reason to change your plans!

Funny quotes about cold weather 

Winter is the best time to gain some weight because nothing can warm you as well as a layer of fat.

If you met your love in wintertime, then you can be sure that this is real. Only few people can notice the beauty of a person behind a thick scarf and hat.

Funny quotes about cold weather  funny quotes about cold weather Funny quotes about cold weather funny quotes about cold weather

Cold weather makes me retarded. Apparently, frost penetrates the brain and affects the speed of its work.

If you feel cold, just think about family. Your heart will warm instantly!

Winter has come, and this means that it is time for warming each other’s hearts.

The most terrible is to freeze not from the cold, but from the lack of love and affection.

Humorous sayings about cold weather  funny quotes about cold weather Funny quotes about cold weather humorous sayings about cold weather

If you are afraid to freeze, just hug your loved ones. They are the best warmers in the winter.

Summer is needed in order to get tired of the scorching sun and have time to miss the winter.

Funny words about cold weather 

Winter is a period of warm hugs, sweet gatherings by the fireplace and warm tea. This is the time for the solitude of our souls.

The frost is not terrible if there are those nearby who make your heart burning with the fire of love.

Frost is harmless if you are surrounded by people who warm you with their love from within.

Without knowing the cold, we would not have expected heat. Without knowing the heat, we would not have expected the cool. Everything is relative.

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Winter allows us to distinguish cold and gloomy people from those who are filled with love and warmth.

Sometimes it seems to me that a house can give its heat to residents, and freeze itself. I would prefer the houses to have their own houses.

funny card about cold weather funny quotes about cold weather Funny quotes about cold weather funny card about cold weather

The cold season does not allow you to relax. Every second spent in the cold determines the degree of your frostbite.

The cold makes me move faster. I like this winter snowdrift cardio.

A huge layer of ice is an indication of the strength of frost. This is the best motivation in order not to walk long on the street.

Winter makes us clumsy and funny. Frost blushes our cheeks and layers of thick clothing make us look like penguins.

Nothing in the world can make me rush except the fear of frostbite, and fingers that are already beginning to lose sensibility.

Do not be scared if the summer is not soon. Love of loved ones can compensate for the lack of warmth.

If the soul is filled with love, then no cold can penetrate and displace it.

Sometimes it seems to me that winter is playing with a thermometer, and every day it is trying to reach an increasing mark “-“.

Humorous sayings about cold weather 

It was very cold, and I was looking for someone who could fill me with inner warmth. So I found my wife.

White snow makes you squint, and we become like people with poor eyesight.

Do not let winter into the house. It is the main enemy of your comfort.

Winter can bring discomfort only to those whom love does not warm.

The frost was strong. And the cat that pursued the prey did not run, but walked.

Having gone out for food in a severe frost, I realized that I’d rather starve than die from hypothermia.

I hate to wait for someone in the cold. Inaction combined with cold makes me feel like a statue.

We stocked up on food, as if an apocalypse was approaching. After all, no one knows when the winter will end.

Winter is three months of cold weather, and the fourth cold month is a gift.

Cold weather is when you sit at home and open the refrigerator to keep warm.

If you admire the cold and snow from the window, then winter seems like a good season.

The cold awakens the appetite. While it’s cold outside, chocolate is the best medicine.

When it’s cold outside, all people stop walking as usual and start walking like penguins.

Winter is a time when you can express your love not with words, but with knitted things and fragrant tea.

Do not kiss in the cold. You run the risk of staying together in this position until warm.

The child learned to run in the winter. This is the best motivation for not freezing.

Frosts are not terrible if you carefully prepared for the exit, and put on a couple of layers of clothing.

Winter will make you a homebody. You will love your house, even if before it did not satisfy you.

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