Funny quotes about happiness

Humorous sayings about happiness

Here you will find plenty of funny quotes about happiness.

Funny quotes about happiness

If you want to know how happiness looks, then look at a well-fed, walked up, sleeping cat.

Happiness in the male concept is when you are sitting on the shore of a lake with friends, and in your hands is a beer mug and a fishing rod. And pecks all the time.

Happiness is the ability to wake up in the morning and fall asleep in the evening, managing to do what you like between these events.

Do you think hamburgers, sushi, pizza and chocolate will make you a happy person? You’re right, they’ll do it.

Funny texts about happiness funny quotes about happiness Funny quotes about happiness Funny texts about happiness

I did not know what happiness was until I got married. But it was too late.

To be happy with a man, you need to understand him well and love a little. To be happy with a woman, you need to love her very much and not even try to understand.

Happiness loves silence, which means that I will be happy if you all shut up and leave me alone.

Happiness is different for everyone. For some it’s the smile of a loved one, but for someone it’s money, and the more the better.

Happiness is not life without worries and sorrows. Happiness is a state of mind.

Happiness is not just being needed by someone. Happiness is to be needed by the one you need.

Funny texts about happiness

Happiness does not depend on the amount of money! But it’s better to be sad in Bentley than in a minibus!

How much does a person need to be happy? Few! But only if others have even less.

Funny quotes about happiness funny quotes about happiness Funny quotes about happiness Funny quotes about happiness

There probably is some kind of blockage of happiness in my body. I don’t know how this thing turns off, but it definitely is!

The main components of happiness in life: a person must work on something, love someone and hope for something.

People can be happy only on the condition that they do not consider happiness to be the goal of life.

If you build a house of happiness, then the largest room will have to be reserved for the waiting room.

Happiness is when you do not have free time to think about the meaning of life.

If you want to lead a happy life, you must be attached to the goal, not to people or things.

Happy is the only person who has a dream and who seeks to realize it. A man who has everything cannot be happy.

One of the most amazing misconceptions is that a person’s happiness is to do nothing.

A person is never as unhappy as he thinks, and as happy as he wants.

Happiness is like health: when you do not notice it, then it is!

Humorous sayings about happiness

It is said that misfortune is a good school, maybe. But happiness is the best university.

Happiness is like a ghost. It lasts a second, but is remembered for a lifetime.

Everything that causes a feeling of happiness is either harmful or illegal.

Happiness does not consist in always doing what you want, but in always wanting to do what you do.

When a person ceases to believe in himself, he begins to believe in a happy event.

A lot of people wait all week for Friday, all month for a holiday, all year for summer, and their whole life for happiness!

What does an average person need for happiness? Permanent declarations of love and a bar of milk chocolate.

To find out what happiness is, you must first do poorly, and then return everything as it was.

Sometimes, happiness does not come with the advent of money, fame or power. You are simply happy if you have good friends, family because you have reached a peaceful life.

A man needs a little peace and a little happiness. That’s all.

Happiness is when the time when you wake up and the time when you get enough sleep coincide.

Happiness is when wishes come true before you have time to make them.

You just need to look for a piece of happiness in every day, and then by the end of your life you will be able to collect its full picture.

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