Funny quotes about getting older

funny messages about getting older

Many people are afraid of old age. In our minds, old age is associated with a huge number of diseases and the loss of important abilities and skills. But old age has its advantages. For example, you can fool around, or do something crazy, and no one will blame you for it! For you, we have prepared funny quotes about old age, thanks to which you will change your attitude towards this wonderful period of life.

Funny quotes about getting older

Most recently, I noticed an interesting pattern. The longer I live, the more interesting trials fate brings to me.

The fool associates old age with frost. A wise man realizes that this is the right time to reap the rewards.

funny ecard about getting old funny quotes about getting older Funny quotes about getting older funny ecard about getting old

Age is just a number that means nothing. But it is much wiser to think that this figure means a confrontation between the mind and the material.

Probably, the period of aging begins when a person prefers to look not into the future, but into the past, and miss the years that have passed.

Age cannot be a limitation to anything. All the barriers that prevent you from acting are set by you in your own subconscious.

Aging does not affect the ability to see the beautiful. No matter how old you are. If you see beauty around you, then the soul is still young.

Funny quotes about getting older funny quotes about getting older Funny quotes about getting older funny messages about getting older

Those who can truly love cannot grow old. Appearance may change, but the youth of the soul is unchanged.

Every year this is an opportunity. How you used it does not matter. But it is important to realize that time is fleeting, so you need to take the maximum out of life.

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Wise people do not regret those things that take the past years. They realize that it is much more important to appreciate what is left with them.

The opinion that there is nothing fascinating in old age is a myth. Old people admit that the older they become, the more interesting it is to find out what fate has prepared for them.

Humorous card about getting old funny quotes about getting older Funny quotes about getting older humorous card about getting old

Our heart is receptive to outside influence. As long as it perceives beauty and admiration for the world around you, you are young. If it starts to perceive only negative moments, then you are definitely aging.

Sometimes you want to stop the moment. Not scary to grow old. I just want to see the happy faces of close people as long as possible.

Funny messages about getting older

What a pity that it is impossible to combine the energy that is given to us in our youth, and the wisdom and knowledge that we acquire in old age.

The luck in old age is when you go somewhere, and you still remember the reason for coming there.

At my age I do not have to use narcotic substances in order to make hallucinations. I just have to get out of bed sharply enough to get the same effect.

Aging is when the light is turned off, not to add romance, but to save energy.

I am the master of my body, so I do not allow it to give out my age. But no one is immune from side effects.

Funny sayings about getting older funny quotes about getting older Funny quotes about getting older funny sayings about getting older

A midlife crisis, this is when, during a phone call, you quietly hope that it is not for you.

Games are what prolong our youth. And we begin to grow up only when it becomes uninteresting for us.

The figure for age does not mean anything, but it can vary depending on who is interested.

Good thoughts about life

Today is the day that made you the oldest, but at the same time could not age your young soul.

I already heard it somewhere. I know what you are talking about. The only trouble is that I cannot remember where.

If we consider old age as the onset of a new, not less interesting period in life, then hopelessness is less felt.

Funny sayings about getting older

The most basic reason that brings about the beginning of aging is all those problems that people accumulate day after day.

Understand that your years are your wealth. They will not recur, so appreciate every moment of your life as if it were the last.

I believe that life after forty years is just beginning. We spend the first part of it to understand the principles of life, and the second part to enjoy the process.

Nothing ages so quickly as the persistent thought that you are getting old.

With age, three things start to let you down: firstly, it’s memory, secondly, and thirdly… I forgot.

The art of aging is to be a support for young people, not an obstacle, a teacher, not a rival, an understanding person, not indifferent.

Three true human ages: youth, maturity and “when did I get so old?”

If you don’t do stupid things in your youth, you will have no reason to smile in your old age!

We begin to look at many things differently in old age. And even if work brought us some problems in youth, then in old age we begin to look for inspiration in each of its manifestations.

Accepting your age as a number that indicates the degree of your wisdom gives you the power to control your future.

Old age is the best time to do crazy things. At this point you no longer pay attention to the opinions of others, and allow yourself to do what you wanted.

Old age can be compared with the mountain. Climbing to the top every time is more difficult, but the view from there is worth it.

The source of eternal youth is in the ability to properly apply talents, use all the chances that fate gives, and truly love. Realizing this, your soul will not grow old.

Open your heart to love in old age! Lasting love is like wine that has been aged for years. It becomes strong and intoxicating.

Getting old is very interesting and unpredictable. Having done work on mistakes in your youth, you no longer allow yourself to be mistaken in old age.

You can not affect the aging process. But you do not need it. Old age still has time to prove to you how beautiful it is.

As you grow older you lose the privileges of youth, but you gain more significant opportunities.

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