Funny quotes about chocolate

Funny sayings about chocolate

Chocolate … Everyone knows this word, from children to adults. And this is not strange, because it is the most delicious sweetness that you can wish for. Chocolate is on everyone’s lips, and not just as a sweet. Here we have compiled for you a collection of funny quotes about chocolate that will brighten up your day. Read, laugh, and enjoy the chocolate!

Funny quotes about chocolate

Chocolate is not just a bar. This is the best friend, companion and ally. He will never leave me.

No stress! Just a piece of chocolate, and your mood instantly improves! This is the best medicine for depression!

Funny quotes about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny image about chocolate

After that meeting, I fell in love. Now I think of it day and night, and nothing can distract me. It was love from the first glance, chocolate.

It is strange why chocolate is not a drug. I would give everything to get a piece of it, especially when I’m on a diet.

For a long time I can persuade myself not to eat chocolate, because I try to lose weight. But all this is in vain, because my heart is occupied by it. Just such a strong love!

I would never have believed that I could die from a ton of chocolate. This seems to be my perfect meal.

Funny texts about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate

The need for sweets is not fiction. This is the most affordable way to raise your spirits in a matter of minutes!

I know the perfect cure for all diseases. A piece of chocolate can lift you to your feet in seconds, so that a doctor is not needed.

Funny sayings about chocolate

My favorite therapy is watching a movie with my best friends: chocolate and sweets. They are the best I’ve ever met in my life.

If I were rich, I would build my chocolate factory. It would be an ideal place where you want to return again and again!

Chocolate is a treat for all time and people!

Chocolate can make even the most dull person in the world smile. We can conclude that it is omnipotent!

funny saying about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny saying about chocolate

I do not like apologies or empty words. But I will never give up a bar of chocolate.

I could be a good leader. The productivity of my employees would have jumped at times if I treated them to a piece of chocolate every day.

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People think I’m crazy because I smile around the clock. My secret is simple. A bar of chocolate, and you are no longer interested in the opinions of others!

Dark chocolate is an admixture of bliss with a slight bitterness. The perfect solution for a productive day!

funny image about chocolate funny quotes about chocolate Funny quotes about chocolate funny image about chocolate

I am a lover of life. I love to enjoy every moment! But this is one small nuance. All this is impossible without a bar of chocolate.

The recipe for a good day is simple: good mood, the right attitude, and of course, a slice of milk chocolate.

There is nothing priceless and irreplaceable in the world. In addition to chocolate bars.

I think the world would be kinder if every person dissatisfied with life had his own chocolate bar.

Short funny texts about chocolate

It’s unfair that everything tasty is bad! I can’t find a balance, because as soon as I eat chocolate, I get fatter. And vice versa. Life is pain!

I do not need love confessions, serenades, and other nonsense. The best proof of your love is a bar of chocolate.

I know how to unite all the nations of the world. You need to create a world chocolate festival! It will be the perfect celebration for all the sweet tooth!

Chocolate is an art. Each bar is distinguished by its individuality and uniqueness! Remember, if you ever say that all chocolate is the same, then you will lose me as a friend!

It is a pity that chocolate should not be eaten in large doses. I am sure that if I ate it non-stop, I would be the kindest person in the world! And the fattest.

I think if the generals knew what chocolate tasted like, they would be kinder and not start a war.

It has been tested in practice that chocolate is the best way to make amends.

Chocolate is not just a gift. This is a sign of love and affection for you.

The Lord gave wings to angels, and gave chocolate to people.

Chocolate is a ticket to a new world. A world filled with happiness, smiles and rainbow colors. A world in which everything is possible!

The real power is to eat one piece of chocolate and … stop!

Ask people if they like chocolate? Ten out of nine will say «yes». The tenth would just lie.

There are people who even have black and white stripes of life made of chocolate.

Too much chocolate is just enough to satisfy!

The shelf life on chocolates is unnecessary information. Is it possible for a normal person to keep it for a long time?

Life is too short to waste on cheap chocolate.

White chocolate was invented by white-skinned people so that dark-skinned people also get dirty.

Chocolate spoils the figure, and its absence spoils the mood!

A piece of chocolate, and life is getting better.

Psychotherapists are a waste of money. Begin therapy with budgetary funds. I am sure you will feel much better when you eat a piece of chocolate.

The world is beautiful, if only because chocolate is present in it.

My friends know my weak points. I will be ready to tell secrets and give captive to the enemy if they offer me chocolate in return.

Chocolate can be both liquid and solid. If it could be eaten forever, I would definitely eat the bar and drink it with the melted.

Chocolate is my religion. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t eat a piece of chocolate at least once a day. May it exist forever!

It is a pity that all sweets are deposited in the form of fat on the sides. But, as for me, it is better to be fat and kind than thin and evil!

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