Funny sayings about food

Funny words about food

Have you ever noticed that people talk a lot about food? Because food is the basis of life. It can greatly affect our mood and our lifestyle, so each of us selects a diet for ourselves. But just think how much we depend on food! We think about food, we admire it, and even take pictures of food and post on social networks! Below are funny sayings about food, and about its impact on our lives! Enjoy reading!

Funny sayings about food

Chips provide the ability to sell one potato at the price of a kilogram.

Fighting overweight is useless as long as there is a line in the shopping list: “And something for tea.”

Funny sayings about food funny sayings about food Funny sayings about food Funny sayings about food

All mushrooms are edible. But some only once in a lifetime.

If a woman wants to eat sweets, then she can always convince herself that the cake is dietary.

It doesn’t matter how many calories you consume during the day. The main thing is to catch it before six in the evening.

To ensure that the cooking process is not boring, try gloatingly laughing every time you add some ingredient to the dish.

Humorous thoughts about food funny sayings about food Funny sayings about food Humorous thoughts about food

The most delicious food has a little secret. Among its ingredients there is always a pinch of love.

Why do manufacturers write on chocolate about the shelf life? Has anyone ever seen chocolate stored?

Funny words about food

I need to stop walking. Otherwise, I get to the kitchen and start eating.

When I have a mood, I cook. When I have no mood – I eat.

It is necessary to eat only good food and little by little. So you need to do with books and movies.

To cook well, it is not enough to love to eat. We must love the process itself. Love is the basis of all life, including cooking.

When preparing dinner for a friend, be sure to add love to it.

funny image about food funny sayings about food Funny sayings about food funny image about food

The best way to get rid of extra pounds is to leave them on a plate.

Funny quotes about dieting

If you managed to stop eating seeds, then you are a person with very good willpower.

New technologies will not surprise me until I can download my own food.

humorous card about food funny sayings about food Funny sayings about food humorous card about food

Appetite does not come with food, but in its absence.

Bachelors will not disappear while on sale there are dumplings, bread and eggs.

Imagine how cool it is to be an aquarium fish. You just swim with your brothers, and suddenly it starts to rain from food.

Humorous thoughts about food

There is no more sincere love than love for food.

Some people live to eat, others eat to live, and the rest eat to lose weight.

Nothing improves the taste of homemade dishes like studying prices in a restaurant.

You must love what you eat, or love the person for whom you are cooking. Cooking is an act of love.

Cooking is a matter of time. The more time spent cooking, the better the result.

When you are sad, delicious food is the best way to cheer you up.

I will not be surprised by new technologies until I can download ready-made food for myself.

Eating a bun at night makes you feel as if you are selling your soul to the devil.

The most harmful food is tea. It always comes with gingerbread cookies, pastries and cakes.

As long as there are dumplings, bread and eggs on sale, bachelors will not give up so easily.

I usually do not improvise, but trust my mom to cook. I inherited this life hack from my dad.

High culinary art is the only ability of a person about which nothing bad can be said.

Food is something that a rich man can always share with a poor man, and appetite is something that a poor man can always share with a rich man.

Chocolate is like a symbol of an easy, sparkling real life that cannot be tamed by any prohibitions.

What could be closer to a miracle than turning raw ingredients into a delicious dish whose aroma causes profuse salivation?

What is patriotism, if not the love of food that was eaten in childhood?

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