Funny quotes about best friends

Funny sayings about best friends

Friendship is the relationship that is built in childhood. There are not many friends, only acquaintances can be many. And the best friend will only be one at all. We offer you a selection of funny quotes about best friends. Some of them will help you understand what real friendship is, while others will amuse and cheer you up. We are sure that in humorous statuses about friends, almost everyone recognizes himself or his friend!

Funny quotes about best friends

A good friend will give you a hand if you fall. The best will be laughing until you get up yourself.

Best friends allow themselves to joke on your shortcomings. At the same time they love you, and do not go away, whatever happens.

Funny quotes about best friends funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny quotes abut best friends

When someone trusts me secrets, I promise not to tell anyone. The only exception is the best friend who finds out about it immediately after my promise.

Friends ask if they can taste my dish. Best friends eat up most of it.

Outsiders are sure that I am an absolutely adequate person. But only close friends know me as an unbalanced madman. The closest friends unconditionally accept you, even if you are full of flaws

 A true friend should accept you for who you are, even if you are full of flaws.

You have so much dirt on me, so I have to be friends with you forever, or kill.

Short funny texts about best friends funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny texts about best friends

If my life would be a salad, then it would be leafy and solid. Thanks to my friends. They, like additional ingredients, make it brighter and more refined.

Funny sayings about best friends

You should not offend my friend, or tomorrow will be one more accident.

If you are a true friend, then you have the right not only to bear gibberish, but also to have patience and listen to someone else’s one.

True friends lend valuable things in advance saying goodbye to them.

I would like death not to become an obstacle to our friendship. It would be fun to be friends as ghosts and fool around like before.

funny quote about besties funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny quote about besties

Me, as your closest friend, promise to help you in grief and joy. So know, I pledge to be your support, if I don’t die of laughter earlier.

Friends are called upon to help out in unforeseen situations. Best friend can help you destroy the evidence.

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I like being friends with you. You do not ask me for what I cannot give you without getting out of bed.

Friendship can be compared in urinary incontinence. Surrounding people are able to see it, and you can feel the pleasant spreading heat inside you.

funny sayings about best friends funny quotes about best friends Funny quotes about best friends funny sayings about best friends

If friendship was the ocean, then true friends would be octopuses that stick to faces so tightly that it is almost impossible to tear them away.

Better than a friend can only be a friend with sweets.

We have common plans, dreams and goals with our best friend. We are few, but we are already a gang!

The main thing in life is not to lose people who share your oddities and imperfections. They are called best friends.

Friends are those people whose failed photos you post without asking.

When we meet friends, we become the ones our parents told us to stay away from!

Friendship is when crazy ideas come into two heads at the same time.

True friends are people who will remember your failures and laugh at them all their lives.

Male friendship is as strong as concrete, so it never ends. Female friendship, like glass, shrinks from the slightest touch.

Friends are a small family that has not legitimized relationship in a registry office.

All my friends are completely different, so, you do not have to be mad to get to our company. But it is welcome.

There is nothing better than having a best friend. Although no, there is still something better … This is the best friend with a chocolate bar!

A true friend always thinks you are the best, despite all your flaws.

The biggest benefit of not ending your friendship with old friends is the ability to showing your flaws without being judged.

We’ll be best friends forever, just because we’re both too lazy to look for someone else.

Best friends are people who know you real and still love you anyway.

You can confess failures to your best friend. Because he will not notice these minor setbacks among all your unlucky life.

People who stay with you even in the most curious situations can rightfully be called true friends.

My fictional childhood friends chose to leave me, explaining that their friends thought I was not real.

Short funny texts about best friends

Sometimes I wonder what a real friend should be. But the answer does not keep myself waiting when my friend comes to me, and asks to give him the last cigarette.

The most loyal comrades are spouse, dog and money.

The best feeling is to tease your friend, realizing that he is not offended and will appreciate the joke.

The main components of the life of a dream: developmental books, supportive friends, and a slumbering conscience.

Friends are those people next to whom you can not pretend. But you also need to be careful, because they can say all that they think about you.

I would not like to go to hell or to heaven. Thanks to my friends, I have enough adventures here on earth.

It is much more pleasant to talk with the person who, instead of abstruse conversations about the meaning of life, simply offers to eat.

True friends can be called only those who know you better than anyone, while continuing to love you.

Best friends do not discuss their personal lives. They discuss someone else’s one.

In order to check a true friend or not, try to live with him for a couple of days. If you still do not want to kill each other, then you are ideally suited to each other.

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