Funny quotes about children

Funny sayings about children

Children are a source of joy that can cause strong emotions and make you laugh. However, sometimes their tricks can cause resentment and anger. We have collected for you funny quotes about children who can not only amuse you, but also help in raising a child. We recommend reading these funny sayings that every parent agrees with. After all, children make our life surprisingly fun and positive.

Funny quotes about children

“I do not like cleanliness.” “I don’t like to tidy up.” “I do not like to clean house.” I repeat all these phrases every day, so as not to go crazy with the mess in the house.

Children are a never-ending source of energy. At times, I really want his battery to run out as soon as possible.

Funny quotes about children funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny quotes about children

I used to be annoyed when a child screamed next to me in public transport. Now I understand how the situation of parents is hopeless in such situations.

I love talking to my child. It is a pity that he listens most carefully when I am not talking to him.

The crown of the children smells of childhood. I immediately remember fresh milk, treats and a sense of calm. At least because of this feeling it is worth giving birth to children.

Becoming a mother, get ready not only for cute songs, fairy tales, and the toothless smile of the baby, but also for wiping the priests, snot and saliva.

Short funny texts about kids funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny texts about kids

Children are the flowers of life. Just need to make a lot of effort to grow a rose, not a weed.

I have always been a clean person. But with the advent of the baby, I realized that this is not the most important quality in a person. After all, now my desire to clean is constantly struggling with the desire to relax.

Funny sayings about children

Previously, silence in the house bothered me. With the advent of the child, I realized that silence is an invaluable gift.

I underestimated the mothers. In the days when my wife leaves me alone with the child, I work so hard that my boss would award me a prize.

My child taught me to improvise in my statements. How else can I answer his next “Why” if I really don’t know the answer?

I don’t understand why a cockroach has several legs, and a person has only 2 arms. In those days when I am left alone with my child, I would not refuse to have an extra pair of hands.

funny words about children funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny words about children

We should learn unconditional love from our children. They come to the baby they like, kiss on the cheek and say: “let’s be friends.”

At that moment, when the children begin to act up in public places, they do not disgrace themselves. Children disgrace us because they show how we behave at home.

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Children’s wisdom: if mom laughs at dad’s jokes, then guests are at home.

Children’s charm lies in the fact that with every child everything is updated and the world re-appears in the human court.

funny image about children funny quotes about children Funny quotes about children funny image about children

The child in the house is dirt, a mess, clutter, and children’s laughter that prevails over all the shortcomings of parenthood.

I never understood people who like peace and quiet. I thought they were boring. And only becoming a parent, I realized how wrong I was.

Toddlers are bosses in diapers. Despite their age, they skillfully manipulate their parents, making sure that they do not realize it.

Sometimes we think how tired we are of the pranks of children. If only we could know how tired they are of our moralizing!

The laughter of one child is enough to fill life with happiness and vividness of events.

A child is the only thing in the house that you have to wash by hand!

If you succumb to the child, he will become your master, and then, to make him obey, you will have to negotiate with him every minute.

Short funny texts about kids

The first word you should say to a child in a quarrel is “I’m sorry.” Do not think that in this way you will lose credibility. So you will make a friend.

Life is a boomerang. In old age, we will receive as much attention and love from our children as now we give to our parents!

Toys are devices invented by adults so that children do not interfere with adults playing their games.

A truly grateful child will break or ruin any good gift in a matter of minutes.

When your children become teenagers, then it is important to have a dog so that at least someone in the house is happy to see you.

There are three ways to get things done: do it yourself, hire someone, or prohibit your kids from doing it.

Having one child makes you a parent. Having two children makes you a judge.

If you do not know where your children are in the house, then turn off the Internet and watch them slowly appear.

Parents are the most primitive devices. Even children can understand their control.

By the time we realize that our parents were right, we already have our children who believe that we are wrong.

Every child is partly a genius, and every genius is partly a child.

When the baby is at home, the mother has a headache. But when he leaves, her heart aches.

When a man has a son, he becomes a father. If a daughter is born, he becomes a daddy.

We shower gifts with children, but the most valuable gift for them is the joy of communication.

A child cannot live without laughter. Your task is to teach him sincere and good laugh. If you did not teach him to laugh joyfully, do not be surprised if his laughter is a mockery.

An unbreakable toy is a toy with which a child can break all his other toys.

The first half of our lives is poisoned by our parents, the second by children.

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