Wedding wishes for brother

wedding messages for brother

If you have a brother, then you are a doubly happy person. And, of course, congratulations on the wedding from a loved one – one of the most reverent and exciting moments at the celebration. For a loved one whom you know from childhood, you need to pick up special words. Our beautiful congratulations on the brother’s wedding will touch him to the depths of his soul. Scroll down, choose what you like, and use it in your solemn speech!

Wedding wishes for brother

Marriage is a meeting of two minds, two hearts and two souls. You are a wonderful illustration of this saying. I wish you to be joyful today, so that your dreams come true tomorrow, and that you love each other forever!

Thank you, dear brother, for giving me what I always dreamed of – a lovely sister! Let support, care and understanding of family people accompany you along this path.

wedding wishes for brother wedding wishes for brother Wedding wishes for brother Wedding wishes for brother

Dear brother. I wish you to become a faithful and caring spouse, protect the peace of your family and bring high prosperity to the house.

You have everything that I could wish for you – love, mutual understanding, youth! And the rest will follow! Be happy, value each other and don’t be offended in vain.

Congratulations on the holiday of your life. I wish you and your charming wife wonderful days in prosperity and joy.

Dear brother! Let this step lay a solid foundation for your family happiness, and this day will be the beginning of the great era of your love.

wedding card for brother wedding wishes for brother Wedding wishes for brother Wedding card for brother

Let it be easy to be a good and faithful husband, let your family not face troubles and storms, and every day will be sweet for you, like a first kiss.

May family happiness be long and impeccable, and your beloved spouse with a delicious dinner and tenderness of your heart will always be waiting for you at home.

Happy wedding messages for brother

I congratulate you. May you always be on the way, may the sun for two shine for you all the way.

Congratulations on your new status in life! I wish that your beautiful wife always idolized you, keep your hearth and maintain an atmosphere of comfort.

You are a real man, and today you have taken a decisive step into a new life! Thank you for serving us as an example of masculinity and strength for many years. We sincerely wish you to succeed in your new status of the husband!

Brother, so you left the ranks of bachelors. And looking at the bride, I understand you perfectly! I congratulate you, and I want to say to the bride: “Welcome to the family.”

wedding greetings for brother wedding wishes for brother Wedding wishes for brother Wedding greetings for brother

Today you go on a joint voyage called life. On the way, you will find not only joyful sunny days, but also storms. I wish you that your ship, called love, does not succumb to the weather, that it boldly walks forward along the sea of life.

Today is a very happy day! After all, now there is a person next to you whom you love. Isn’t that a miracle? Smile to each other, support and inspire. Good luck!

Honeymoon wishes

Today you are getting married, and it’s hard to believe. Now you will go your own way, but I still hope that your beautiful wife will sometimes let you go. Otherwise, I will have to arrange for you to escape. But seriously, be happy, dear.

Brother, here is my wise advice to you! In order for the wife to never cheat, she should have so many dresses in the closet that no lover could hide among them!

wedding image for brother wedding wishes for brother Wedding wishes for brother Wedding image for brother

Dear ones, build your future, do not pay attention to envious people! Appreciate and take care of your feelings, because I want to celebrate your golden wedding, and I wouldn’t mind losing my nephews!

Dear brother! May your union grow stronger over the years, and the fire in your hearts does not cool! Happy holiday to you, newlyweds!

Happy wedding greetings for brother

My brother is getting married today! Today I am very pleased and glad to see how happy you are. I want to say thank you to the bride: you gave my brother wings.

My dears, may your flight be long and happy. Take care of your feelings, let peace and harmony always reign in your house!

We wish your family ship not to drown in sea-going problems, to swim out of any whirlpool and get to a quiet harbor, where your crew will be replenished with a new addition.

Now there are no bachelors left in our family! Finally my brother got married! Let children’s voices ring and the laughter of people whom you will be glad to see not cease!

I’m so used to being a small and fragile girl, because you always protected me. Now your broad shoulders will protect your young wife, protect your family and roll your future children! From now on, you are a single whole, so live in harmony and love!

My beloved brother! I see that you found your soul mate! Hold her tight and don’t let go! Walk hand in hand for decades, keep in your hearts the fire of love and tenderness!

Let peace and harmony be in your family, do not quarrel over trifles, value your relations! I really want us to meet at a silver, and then at a golden wedding!

I wish your couple always exudes the same light and happiness as it does today! May life be long and sweet!

Since childhood, you have been to me not only a sibling, but also a friend and a defender. Seeing how happy you are, I am sincerely glad for you. Be in the family not just  a husband, but also a beloved spouse and reliable support.

I did not think that you would marry so soon, because, like any sister, I would like to leave such a treasure to myself. Let no one in your life be more important than the person to whom you said “yes!”  today and put a ring on his finger.

I believe that you will overcome all adversities together and find your long-awaited happiness! Take care of your love, do not break your arms and always hold the hand of a loved one.

Today is a wonderful day is the first step to your family happiness on a long journey of life! May love shine for you as a guiding light. Let different little things never spoil your wonderful relationship!

Remember that you have a long way, and on it will be not only the sweet honey of the first month, but also the prose of life. May your love not lose sweets all your life together! Let a little bit bitter only today.

Brother, you were always the first in everything, and in matters of creating a family you also overtook me! I wish all issues in your family be resolved easily and amicably!

And I am sincerely glad for you, because I see how your eyes glow with happiness, and how tightly you hold hands! Many people consider marriage a safe haven, but I wish you to have your harbor also fun, filled with the sound of children’s voices and the laughter of the welcome guests!

May your union last for many years, and feelings only increase! And finally, a little trick for my brother: remember that a kiss is the best way to temporarily close the mouth of a beloved woman and take her thoughts.

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