Wedding wishes for best friend

Wedding messages for best friend

Friendship is one of the greatest values in the life of every person. Therefore, it is not so important to buy an expensive wedding gift for a friend, how important it is to prepare such a speech that he will remember for life! Do not know what to wish the newlyweds? We solved your problem and picked up the most sincere wedding wishes for your best friend that will be the best recognition and expression of gratitude to your friend and his wife. Just flip through and choose what you like best!

Wedding wishes for best friend

I wish to live in harmony for ages, having managed to overcome any difficulties of life. May every day be sunny for your family.

May your hearts beat in unison. May your hearts never stop loving each other and enthusiastically dreaming.

Wedding wishes for best friend wedding wishes for best friend Wedding wishes for best friend Wedding wishes for best friend

Today is the day when you combine your two fates into one. I wish you to carry through your whole life sincere feelings and respect for each other.

I sincerely wish that your family always has trust and support. So that on the day of your golden wedding you look at each other with the same tenderness.

I wish you pleasant long days and no less hot nights! And also, not gray, but colored everyday life, bright weekends and holidays.

Friends! Accept my congratulations! Understand each other, forgive insults, learn to live together with joy in your hearts!

Marriage greetings for best friend wedding wishes for best friend Wedding wishes for best friend Marriage greetings for best friend

How important it is to find your love and soul mate! You have found it! I wish you true, all-conquering love, but no less patience and humility!

It is said that a happy marriage is a long conversation, at the end of which it turns out that it was very short. So let your family life become a vital conversation of two loving hearts for many years!

Wedding messages for best friend

Friend, family life will consist of white and black stripes. I hope these stripes will not be brunettes and blondes! Be faithful to your wife, be successful, love and be happy.

I do not want my words to be lost among others. I can only say that I am grateful to fate for such a reliable friend. I want to wish your family happiness so that all sorrows and illnesses bypass you.

Friend, I wish that your newly made family does not know sorrows. But even if the dark streak still touches you, we will whitewash it together, as before!

Often men want to have a harem, so that women alternately indulge and satisfy all their desires. I want to wish you never to have a harem so that your chosen one can replace you with all the women of the world!

wedding card for best friend wedding wishes for best friend Wedding wishes for best friend wedding card for best friend

I would like to wish you to always remember that the joy of one depends on the joy of the other. Listen to each other and feel every bit of your love!

I heartily congratulate you! Love each other, inspire, and always keep your family in the status of a strong and friendly cell of society.

Wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Let everything be exactly as you wanted. And even if not everything will be smooth and pleasant in your life, you should not be upset. Because behind the black stripe is always white, which brings with it comfort, peace, and happiness.

I want you to remember arithmetic today. In addition, thanks to which the couple turned out of you. Subtracting both of you from single life. Division, when all troubles are divided in half. And multiplication, when all the joys become common!

wedding greeting for best friend wedding wishes for best friend Wedding wishes for best friend wedding greeting for best friend

Today you go on a joint voyage along the rough sea, which is called life. I wish you that your ship, called love, does not succumb to the weather, that it boldly walks forward along the sea of life.

Let a small but very important animal called Happiness come into your life! And forever curl up in your lap and fall asleep peacefully!

Next to you will now always be a charming and fragile woman who needs your support so much. Be a worthy husband so that all her friends envy your wife!

Marriage greetings for best friend

I want to wish you to never regret the event that happened today, and if you ever consider it stupid, then it has become the happiest stupidity in your life!

I wish you an ocean of love, a sea of happiness and a river of good! If it happens that the ocean of love disappears, the sea of happiness becomes shallow, and the river of good turns into a trickle, let you have a clean lake of hope. As long as there is hope, nothing is finished.

May your every day be filled with joy, fun, and love! I wish you happiness in family swimming. Let your ship never go astray.

I want to wish you the greatest happiness that exists in the world. Husband – obey his wife, and love her alone. And the wife – to give birth to more children. We are waiting for the heroes and beautiful daughters from you!

I congratulate my friend and his lovely wife on their legal marriage. My friend is a man of exceptional charm, and I am sure that his wife will feel safe with him.

My friend has always been an adventurer, so it’s no surprise that the bride he chose is a real treasure! Congratulations on your wedding!

I am infinitely happy for my best friend, who finally decided to say goodbye to his bachelor life. Your couple looks great! I wish you to hold out at this level for another hundred years.

I cannot describe all the feelings that I am currently experiencing. After all, today my best friend is getting married! I wish your union to increase not only your capital but also the number of your family members.

Dear friend! It is a great honor for me to be present at your wedding. In this regard, I wish that your tender feelings eventually turn into even more tender ones. Dream, love, and let the whole world be open for you!

I congratulate and wish you to be happy that you are together, that you need each other! Let the rules of love, patience, and compliance, as well as understanding and support, become the main rule in your family!

Let the feeling that blooms violently today not fade, grow over time into a large tree that bears good fruit! Do not get tired of talking to each other about love and confirm your words with deeds!

A husband is a ship, and a wife is a helm. I wish your family ship not to drown in a sea of everyday problems, to swim out of any whirlpool and get to a quiet harbor, where your crew will replenish with new members.

Now it seems to you that your happiness will last forever. But this does not happen. Sometimes there are recessions that must be overcome. It is the joint overcoming of adversity that can make you truly happy people! I wish you smile more often!

Dear friend! I wish you had more black in your life! So that you always go in a black suit, with a black diplomat, and your wife drives a black Mercedes, rests by the Black Sea, and eats black caviar.

Now your relationship is full of love and understanding. But, remember that this will not always be the case. So now you especially need to pay attention to what will happen to your relationship ahead. However, do not forget that there are always people near you who will not pass by your problems.

I hope you can live a long life in marriage. After all, then you will experience the most extraordinary feeling that can only be in life. So wait with trepidation, and go ahead with all your might.

You will have to make every effort to cope with all the obstacles in your life. But if one day you need help, you can always rely on me.

I don’t feel sad at this moment. I just want to hope that your wedding will be one and for life. Try not to swear at home, and put up with the opinion of your partner.

Now I am becoming a friend for you who will always be ready to help. I just hug you so tight that you understand that you are not indifferent to me. May happiness always be with you.

You can’t even imagine how many problems lie ahead. In any case, you will have to cope with everything and go out in the status of winners.

Friends! In life, you will find not only pleasant moments but also quarrels and disagreements! Please do not give in to emotions! Be wiser and never part! May the sun never turn its warm face away from you.

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