Wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Wedding anniversary messages for parents

A wedding of parents is a bright day not only for them, but also for their children. On this day, loving hearts united, creating a union that marked the beginning of a new family era. Original congratulations on wedding anniversary to your parents will be a beautiful expression of your respect and love for them. Present them with a bouquet made up of the kindest wishes, gentle words, and sweet confessions. And then the celebration will be remembered as the most joyful event.

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Your love is timeless. It’s amazing to watch how everything in the world changes, but not your feelings for each other!

Dear parents, you are incredibly beautiful today. Did you think to patent the elixir of eternal love? I look at you and admire! May it always be so!

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents wedding anniversary wishes for parents Wedding anniversary wishes for parents anniversary wishes for parents

I look at you, dear ones, and my heart is calm. Why should I watch fictional love stories in movies, if I can watch it in real life? I congratulate you!

The years lived together did not kill your love, but strengthened it. All the fun will come. Get ready for this!

Being with each other is your best decision in a lifetime! I think the family you have created is the best proof! With the onset of a family holiday!

Dear ones! Your reliable protection and invaluable support always have guarded me! I am happy that no difficulties prevented you from holding together!

Marriage anniversary greetings for parents wedding anniversary wishes for parents Wedding anniversary wishes for parents anniversary greetings for parents

Love is transmitted with mother’s milk. I grew up a worthy man only thanks to you! I wish you not to lose that tenderness and care that you carry through life!

Every year a holiday comes to your house. We are all waiting for it to fill you with wishes and words of gratitude. The name of this holiday is «Anniversary».

Wedding anniversary messages for parents

Family anniversaries arouse my emotions. Such a tremulous moment … Tears, joy, and emotional outburst cover me. I become full of peace and blessings. I propose to start the celebration!

Congratulations on your anniversary! I think you deserve a vacation. Make a break from life worries at least in old age! Love you!

Your smile never went off your face! This, I believe, is the merit of your husband! God bless me on a husband like my dad! Happiness to you, dear ones!

I don’t remember a single day for you to cry, mom. It is true to assume that dad was the real head of the family, so we always felt protected. Thank you, family, for the safest place in the world!

wedding anniversary card for parents wedding anniversary wishes for parents Wedding anniversary wishes for parents wedding anniversary card for parents

Family is the only timeless thing. I am glad that you could save your feelings from evil intentions! May it always be so!

I would never be who I am now if other parents brought me up. Thank you for the opportunity to live! Happy holiday!

Wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Many years ago, the two halves of one whole met to never part again! Thus I appeared! Many years have passed, and now I congratulate you on the holiday! Thank!

Love is not the carefree feeling that we see in fairy tales. This is a permanent work on yourself and your relationships. I am proud that you did not give up and overcame this difficult period together.

anniversary greeting for parents wedding anniversary wishes for parents Wedding anniversary wishes for parents anniversary greeting for parents

When they ask me who my idol is, I talk about you. How can I equal someone I don’t know? I will always be proud of you!

I could not say it then, but I was happy that I had such parents. And now I am. I will always be. Happy holiday!

Thank you for taking the risk of starting a family many years ago! Despite your young age, you coped well with the role of parents! Happy holiday, dear!

Marriage anniversary greetings for parents

I would never trade you for another family! If I had a choice, I would come home again and again, just to feel the warmth with which you filled it. Love you!

That spark that was in your eyes in young age is still burning! Amazing phenomenon! That’s what it means to love and be loved!

Passed another year of living together. I know it was not easy. But you did it, which means there is nothing that you could not do. I am proud of you!

Devotion is that rare quality which distinguishes your couple. You look at each other as if nothing else exists around you. And this is truly beautiful!

My dear, I would give you everything that I have in exchange for your care and love! However, all I have is you. Endless thanks to you!

You are my space. Such different worlds, but such infinite feelings and the same one Universe. I hope your path never deadlocked! Happy holiday, parents!

It is terrible to imagine what would happen if you had not met many years ago. Thank you for the fact that I can do it, and understand that I could not do anything that I can now. Just thank you for my life!

Let the piggy bank of life together be full of diamonds of love, emeralds of happiness and gems of joyful events! We feel so cozy at your home! Long years to you!

How many years have passed since then, but you are the same as in those photographs in the wedding album! Thank you for being my fortress for life! It gives strength and protects from all troubles! 

A strong family is a piece of the world, a small world for two people. I want to congratulate you on the anniversary of the emergence of your Universe, full of love and mutual understanding! 

This date is one of the most wonderful in the calendar, because it is thanks to it that we were born! Let the years go by, and your love does not grow old, like you do.

On this day, once upon a time, your separate roads merged into one! And you became a family. May this fact always warm your hearts!

Happy to be part of our friendly family! I want your life path to be always lit and cloudless. Congratulations on the coming of the celebration!

Today I have a wonderful opportunity to wish you cloudless and sunny weather in the house. You do not need to open the windows in order to put heat into the house. You yourself develop enough to share it with others.

You taught me to reach goals. I understand that this is not your first anniversary, which means your goal is fulfilled. Let me follow your example.

Not scary to grow old. It is terrible to lose the youth of the soul. Your souls are young, and time has no power over them. This means that the choice you made in your youth was right.

I will never believe that you can swear. Is it possible? So many years I spent with you, and did not hear a single offensive word! Please do this as rarely as possible. Happy Holidays!

Your love is not subject to mathematics. One plus one equals three. So, I was born. But two minus one equals zero. You definitely can not live without each other!

I believe in the existence of superheroes, because they are my own relatives! I believe in the existence of superheroes, because they are my own relatives. Can an ordinary person devote his life to making someone else’s life better? With the onset of the holiday!

Your union impresses everyone around with its steadfastness and longevity. You know exactly how to build relationships. And I will definitely take lessons from you!

Have you ever thought about giving advice about relationships to young couples? Given your experience, I think they would listen to you! Happy anniversary, dear ones!

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