Engagement wishes to friend

engagement messages to friend

Engagement is one of the most romantic moments in the life of lovers. All relatives, friends and acquaintances hurry to celebrate the creation of a new family. We want the words spoken on this day to bring joy and happiness to the engaged. We will offer you a choice of beautiful and gentle engagement wishes to friend that you can say verbally or write in a postcard. We are sure that sincere wishes to the bride and groom will make their engagement unforgettable.

Engagement wishes to friend

Congratulations! May your family be strong and happy. Love, support and always understand each other! Long happy years together!

Happy engagement, my friend! I sincerely congratulate you and I want to wish you to have a wonderful wedding, create a strong family, give birth to wonderful children and live your whole life in happiness, prosperity and mutual understanding.

Engagement wishes to friend engagement wishes to friend Engagement wishes to friend Engagement wishes to friend

Let your future be incredibly beautiful, warm and sincere! Take care of each other, value, support. You become one whole – a family! I wish you health and unlimited happiness!

Friend, I honor you with this one-minded and pleasant decision – the engagement. I wish you to continue to maintain the union of thoughts, decisions, love and endurance.

Your first important step towards family happiness has been taken. Let everything that lies ahead of you be happy and bring only joy.

Today you have taken a very important step towards your future life together, which will be filled with light, mutual understanding and love. May God protect you and your relationship.

engagement greetings to friends engagement wishes to friend Engagement wishes to friend engagement greetings to friends

I am very glad that you have found the most wonderful feeling in the world –  your love. I wish you to create the strongest family, that paradise world, which will be a reliable refuge for you from external evils.

You have found each other among millions and it’s wonderful. I wish to overcome all life situations together, holding hands tightly.

There is nothing more wonderful than seeing a happy couple in love! Let luck always smile for you and never frown, and everything in life develops with a bang.

Nice engagement messages to friend

What a blessing that you have found each other and are embarking on a common path! I wish it to be bright and filled with joy and happiness!

May luck be a companion to the life of the engaged and may the most beautiful, wondrous star – the star of happiness – shine for them in the future!

Today was the first step towards a happy family life! I wish you an exciting wedding preparation and a sea of joyful emotions! Let your love get stronger every day. Take care of it.

engagement-image-for-friend engagement wishes to friend Engagement wishes to friend engagement image for friend

Congratulations on your engagement! I wish to go together to a victorious end, supporting each other and warming yourself with mutual love.

I wish you to create a strong family, build trusting relationships, achieve shared goals and desires, and give beautiful children to this world.

Wedding wishes for best friend

I wish you to lay a solid and strong foundation for a happy long relationship. Let your couple never have sadness and misunderstanding, and the wedding will be the brightest holiday of your love.

May every day for both of you become a joyful, kind and memorable page of life. Peace to you, prosperity and constant attraction to each other.

engagement card for friend engagement wishes to friend Engagement wishes to friend engagement card for friend

Such a great step, a great event! I heartily congratulate you on your engagement. I want to wish a bright road to creating a strong and friendly family, prosperity and shared good luck.

I wish to tie a strong knot of happy family relationships. May this day be remembered to you as a celebration of joy and charm with each other!

Happy engagement greetings to friends

Friend! I wish you good luck on the joint path, unquenchable feelings of tenderness and trembling love!

You have taken the first step towards family life! Let this engagement be another page in your romantic story!

I wish you eternal mutual love, passion and refined tenderness in a relationship! Let harmony always live in your souls, and hearts beat in unison!

Engagement is the harbinger of the wedding. I want to wish an easy further joint path towards family happiness.

Let your wedding be beautiful! May your promises of love and oaths of allegiance be sincere and unchanging! Let your future family be strong and friendly.

We wish you heartfelt love, which you will certainly carry through the happy years of family life! Let the engagement be a small step towards the bright road of your shared future!

Let this step be the beginning of the great era of your family. I wish you to live your whole life, like doves in love, and turn every day into a holiday of happiness for each other.

I wish you never regretted your decision to connect your destiny with each other. Be always a support for your chosen one.

I wish to remember this day as a bright holiday of a happy start to your beautiful family history. Let your whole life be joyful, bright, cheerful, like the upcoming wedding.

I wish you that this serious step will make your life happy and prosperous. Love each other, give sincere joy and care.

You have taken the first step towards family life! Let this engagement become another page in your romantic story!

Soon you will become one whole – a family. I wish you not to lose the course of loyalty, not to lose the rhythm of hope, strive for shared dreams and reap the fruits of your love every day.

You have made an important decision for you – to tie your destinies forever. I wish you to enter into family life happy and in love.

An engagement is a harbinger of a wedding. This is a great event not only for the newlyweds, but for all relatives. I wish you to go hand in hand with pure intentions and good thoughts!

You will create a family union very soon. How strong your relationship will be is up to you! Take care of each other, learn patience and mutual understanding.

I wish you never to doubt each other’s love, have fun dreaming and make joint plans. With your engagement!

Engagement is the first step in building a family! I wish you to confidently begin the path to family life and happy steps to continue it.

Congratulations to this gorgeous couple! I wish you a strong family, bright feelings, positive emotions, justified hopes, and mutual pleasure from the fact that you have each other.

We wish that feeling, which today is fragrant in your hearts, to carry through your whole life, protecting it from inclement weather and storms!

Friends! We wish your hearts to always have love that helps withstand difficult life situations!

Let love patiently help to endure the monotony of everyday life and not pay attention to household trifles, and see only joy and happiness!

Friends, I’m so excited now! Love, take care of each other and never forget that love also needs protection!

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