Engagement wishes for sister

Short engagement greetings for sister

Engagement is the first timid step along the path of family life! It’s a happy day when two hearts decided to unite. The future groom swears to his future bride to go through life together, to be near in trouble and in happiness. Therefore, the choice of congratulations in honor of the engagement should be taken very responsibly! Especially if it’s your sister. Scroll down these engagement wishes for sister and choose the congratulation that is right for you!

Engagement wishes for sister

Your love is special, I feel it. Take care of it, and let the guardian angel protect you. Congratulations, sister!

Dear sister, I want to congratulate you on this wonderful day, and tell your husband that I am still responsible for you. Always loving brother.

Engagement wishes for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement wishes for sister

This day has divided your life on before and after. I wish you sister so that all your life would bring you only positive emotions and happiness.

Sister, here is my advice. Now your life together will depend only on you and your joint work. Therefore, take care of your love, and do not let it disappear.

Sister, you know that our relationship was not easy. But that didn’t stop me from loving you. I wish you to live life more like a fairy tale than like a drama.

Never forget your partner. Try to make your interests and hobbies shared. Then your time together will rally you!

My dear, always remember that your soulmate is your conscious choice. Do not make silly mistakes and do not offend each other, and then your love will never go out.

Dear sister, I am very happy to be on your holiday. From this moment you are inseparable. Always be happy together!

Sweet engagement messages for sister

Newlyweds, no matter what difficulties you have to go through. Just know that a divorce is just a departure from problems that may recur in the future. You must fight to the last for your happiness.

Sister, never look back. There comes that period when everything will be new for you. But do not be afraid, because next to you is a person you can trust.

I missed the moment when my naughty younger sister turned into an adult wise woman. I am extremely happy for you, dear.

I still remember your birthday. That day I promised myself that I would take care of you all my life. And now the time has come when I transfer my obligations to your husband. Take care of her.

engagement ecard for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement ecard for sister

I wish you patience, dear sister. After all, there comes a period when you begin to live together. And at first it is not always easy. So hold on and always remember how much you love your husband.

When I heard about your engagement, I began to cry. I have been waiting for this moment for so long that I could not hold back my emotions!

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You will be the most beautiful bride, without a doubt! I am proud of you and I hope that your partner will never let you down.

Dear sister, I still think that all this is a dream. How could time pass so quickly? It seems that quite recently you were still young! You should know, you can always rely on me.

sister engagement image engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister sister engagement image

I am the happiest, because today my sister has an engagement day! Honey, I’m happy for you, as for myself! Be clever and never swear!

Finding a person with whom it will be easy to go along through life is the most important and crucial step. I’m glad you coped with it, sister!

engagement congratulations for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement congratulations for sister

Do not forget that the big love consists of the sum of weekly small tokens. Pay more attention to each other and just love!

Short engagement greetings for sister

I hope that your partner will never make you doubt the correctness of your choice! Happy engagement, sister!

engagement ecard for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement ecard for sister

Sister, I would like your chosen one to become part of our large and friendly family. I want to tell you that I respect your choice.

Never share your property on “mine” and “yours”. You have to accept the fact that everyone is now common now. And you yourself are one indivisible whole.

engagement greetings for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement greetings for sister

Whether you will always be together or not depends only on you. To love is toil. Therefore, do not shift the responsibility on the partner, but rather watch yourself!

Today in our family happened replenishment. Your choice, sister, was accepted by all members of our family without further discussion! Congratulations!

engagement image for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement image for sister

Sister, I want your life to play with new colors with the advent of a new period! You deserve to be happy!

Sister, having made the final choice, discard all unnecessary doubts. I suggest you trust your chosen one. You’re a woman, so get used to work less and inspire your man more.

engagement card for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister happy engagement card for sister

Sister, here is my own recipe for happiness. Less bother, more love, and more often rest! Happy for you, dear!

I certainly respect your choice, dear sister. But let me remind your chosen one that I am ready to stand for you. So let him carry you in his arms so that I don’t worry.

I have never seen you so excited. I understand why you are worried, but let me calm you down. I am well-versed in people, and your chosen one is a good person. I see it.

Sweet engagement messages for sister engagement wishes for sister Engagement wishes for sister engagement messages for sister

How nice to see that you are truly happy! You and your partner radiate love and goodness. Carry these feelings through the years!

Can’t wait for your wedding! I dreamed of being present on this day! Thanks for the invitation, sister! Love each other!

What happiness you have found each other and are on a common path! I wish you it is always bright and filled with happiness! Happy engagement to you!

Congratulations to the future newlyweds. May your future together be incredibly wonderful and carefree! I wish to go together to the bitter end, that is, to a ripe old age!

You become one whole – a family! I wish you health and boundless happiness! You have found each other among millions of people! I wish you to create the strongest family, that heavenly world for the two of you, which will be a reliable refuge from external evil.

Congratulations on your first step towards starting a family. Let your wedding not be long in coming and become one of the happiest moments in your life!

You have taken a bold step towards family happiness. May two loving hearts always reach out to each other. I wish you not to get lost among a million faces in a crowd, always find your person, hold hands and never let go. 

Sister, I congratulate you on the advent of a new period in your life! But remember, I will forever remain a brother for you. Therefore, you can contact me at any time.

Solemnly handing over my duties taking care of you to your new husband. I hope for his responsibility, because I have high hopes for him. Happy holiday, sister!

I am not ashamed to give you in marriage, dear sister. I am fully confident that you will become a wonderful wife and mother. Congratulations on your engagement!

I will always miss my baby, my dear sister. But I have to give you in marriage, because the creation of a family is the main goal in life!

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