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The word weekend does not just consist of the words “week” and “end”. It makes us happy because this is the end of the working week and the beginning of the long-awaited vacation! We all look forward to the weekend to gain strength and pleasant experiences. It’s no secret that we love to relax more than work. We have collected for you funny phrases about the weekend that will definitely cheer you up!

Weekend quotes

I hope you will have a weekend full of sunshine, beautiful moments, happy friends that will make you smiling and happy.

Congratulations on the upcoming weekend. I wish you finally to breathe freely and leave aside all work problems.

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I wish you many hours of sleep, smiles, laughter, delicacies, and entertainment on your weekend!

Remember: the decisions you make after two o’clock on Saturday night are the wrong decisions!

The long-awaited Friday has come, which means that it is time to enjoy the rest of the week! Forget about all the worries and enjoy your life!

I want to wish that the weekend was exclusively useful and enjoyable so that no troubles and hardships could spoil the mood.

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So the working week has passed! Now enjoy the happy days that you have been waiting for! Spend your weekend so that emotions and a charge of vivacity are enough for the next.

At the weekend, you should do only what can inspire the next work week. Chat with loved ones, meet friends and pay attention to a hobby! Let the weekend be bright and intense!

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I want to wish you a fun, eventful, and unforgettable weekend. Let the heart not be disturbed by everyday worries, and let the soul leave aside anxiety and the importance of deeds.

Congratulations on your vacation! I wish you complete relaxation and a wonderful pastime with your beloved people.

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I want a great weekend. May these days be filled with accomplished deeds, achieved successes and timely completion of goals.

I wish that on weekends, after twelve, you had only two conditions – insomnia and shamelessness!

Happy weekend messages

I sincerely wish to have a great day, anticipating the joy of rest and relaxation. Let work and other things fade into the background, and heart and soul rejoice and arrange a real holiday!

I wish you a wonderful stay, bright nights and an unforgettable experience. Rest so that the rest is remembered right up to the next week!

Let Friday mark the beginning of a fun, exciting, beautiful and happy weekend. I wish you a lot of positive, smiles, pleasure and joy.

I wish you carefree fun and high flight away from earthly troubles and all my duties!

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I wish to spend the weekend so that on Monday you get bored with colleagues and want to work. May it bring rest, peace, happiness and joy.

I wish you a surge of strength and creative thoughts this weekend! Let them come to your bright head and give motivation for the next work week.

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And here is the long-awaited weekend! Although the holiday is not big, but permanent! Therefore, I wish it to be easy and interesting! Enter the new week rested and with renewed vigor!

Finally, the week completed its cycle and we again returned to the weekend. I wish you a stormy, fun and eventful holiday. Relax so that you have enough strength and good mood for the whole next week.

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I wish you a cool vacation in the circle of cool people. And let this weekend be incredibly interesting, successful, fruitful and fun.

Let the worries of working days be left behind the scenes, and the weekend will be pleased with good films, excellent company, romantic dinners, a cheerful mood, exciting walks, pleasant chores and joyful meetings.

Happy weekend wishes

Congratulations on the worthy completion of the workweek. Let Friday be the starting point of a bright, carefree, happy and cozy weekend.

Congratulations on Friday and I want to wish you a fun, carefree, memorable and impressive weekend.

Have a rest and calm down this weekend, forget about all the problems. Enjoy every moment of joy and throw sadness aside.

Let these days of rest fill you with new forces and give an incredible charge of vivacity and positive energy for new achievements.

Congratulations on the long-awaited end of the work week. We wish you a pleasant weekend with family and friends, new experiences and an interesting pastime.

Happy Friday! Finally, the longest awaited day of the week has arrived! Let the weekend be stormy and fun. Have a good rest, gain strength so that there is something to remember!

The weekend has come, which means it’s time to relax and get away from everyday worries and questions. I wish you a wonderful mood and concomitant good luck in all your plans.

I wish you a wonderful time this weekend, plunge into the world of harmony and relaxation, and easily cope with all household chores.

Let the weekend go by, how is it done. I wish you a good weekend full of positive emotions and bright events.

The weekend that you have been waiting for is here. Let it pass slowly, give positive, fill with rest, smile and light. And at home there will always be comfort and harmony.

So the long-awaited Friday has arrived! And there are two days off ahead! I wish to unload my head tonight so that the next few days can have a good rest and be filled with energy!

The week has come to an end and the long-awaited weekend is ahead. Let this Friday be a great start to a fun and carefree holiday, and all problems will be solved by themselves!

Let this weekend give you a lot of pleasant impressions and meetings with friends, and Sunday evening will provide an opportunity to relax both body and soul.

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