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A friendship between people has appeared since the advent of mankind on our planet. It helped us to survive in the harsh conditions of a primitive society, existed throughout the history of mankind, helps people in life. This section contains true friendship quotes and sayings. Just choose the one you like and send it to your best friend! We are sure that he will appreciate your gesture!

True friendship quotes

A friend is a person who knows everything about us and nevertheless loves us.

A true friend will be with you when you are wrong. When you’re right, everyone will be with you.

True friendship quotes true friendship quotes True friendship quotes true friendship quotes

True friendship is a slow-growing plant that must be experienced in adversity before it can be named in such way.

People are born to help each other, like the hand helps the hand, the leg helps the leg and the upper jaw helps the lower one.

Without true friendship, life has no meaning.

The main thing in life is not to lose people who accept you and support your extraordinary ideas.

True friendship sayings true friendship quotes True friendship quotes true friendship sayings

Miracles are beautiful, but comforting a friend, helping him in difficult times, forgiving the enemy for his delusions are the greatest miracles in the world.

Friends are people whose bad photos you post without permission.

True friendship sayings

Of all that wisdom brings you for the happiness of your whole life, the most important thing is the possession of friendship.

Friendship is when you come half an hour late, knowing that no one will be offended by you, and you see that there is no one yet.

Friends will never allow you to do nonsense. Do nonsense without them!

When we meet with friends, we turn into those from whom our parents asked to stay away!

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The question is not why your friends are crazy. The question is why you feel comfortable in their company!

The one who refuses to forgive another is like destroying a bridge over which he himself will have to pass, since every person needs forgiveness.

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In the hustle and bustle of this world, friendship is the only thing that matters in personal life.

In the building of human happiness, friendship builds walls and love forms a dome.

True friendship card true friendship quotes True friendship quotes true friendship card

A true friend is someone whom I would believe in everything that concerns me more than myself.

For a devoted friend, we can never do too much.

Friendship penetrates into the life of all people, but in order to preserve it, sometimes you have to endure grievances.

He who wants to have a friend without flaws is left without friends.

There are people we forgive and there are people we don’t forgive. The ones we don’t forgive are our friends.

Friendship is the harbor to which a person aspires. She brings joy and peace of mind, she is rest in this life and the beginning of heavenly life.

True friendship words

It is not so difficult to die for a friend as it is to find a friend who is worth dying for.

The law of friendship prescribes to love a friend no less, but no more than oneself.

The best pleasure, the highest joy in life is to feel needed and close to people.

Each of our friends is a whole world for us, a world that might not have been born and which was born only thanks to our meeting with this person.

Lighting other people’s candles from your lamp does not deprive you of a single particle of flame.

The meaning of true friendship is that it doubles joy and halves suffering.

The one who has never sought either friendship or love is a thousand times poorer than the one who has lost both of them.

There is nothing better in life than the help of a friend and mutual joy.

A friend should always be in our souls, and since the soul is always with us, it can at least every day see whoever it wants.

There seems to be nothing to which nature would push us more than to friendly communication.

Friendship is like a treasury: you cannot learn more from it than you put into it.

Treat people so that your friends do not become enemies, and enemies become friends.

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