Thank you quotes for parents

Thank you words for parents

Parents are our guardian angels, because they raised us as we are now. They put all their energy, time, and love into us. And now, it’s time to thank them. You can give them expensive gifts, but we believe that the main gift for parents is our time together and attention. Therefore, words of gratitude from your lips will be as appropriate as possible. You can find a lovely collection of thank you quotes for parents on our website.

Thank you quotes for parents

My beloved parents! You gave me the most expensive gift in the world – life. I want to give you all the flowers and stars of this world! Thank you for every moment of my life!

You, like Guardian Angels, are always by my side. You give me your love, wisdom and experience. Every moment I feel the warmth of your hearts. I love you so much Mom and Dad!

Thank you quotes for parents thank you quotes for parents Thank you quotes for parents thank you quotes for parents

I am grateful to you for your love and care, which you surrounded me, for your wonderful upbringing, for the fact that you taught me kindness and wisdom. This helped me to achieve great success and become happy.

My dear mom and dad! Thank you for giving me so much – your love, home comfort, it’s always in my heart! Thank you for that! The best place on the globe is the ground under your feet!

Your love always warms and protects me! You showed me how to live! And yet, next to you I feel like a little daughter!

Beloved parents! Life is an invaluable gift that you have given me. I thank you endlessly for my upbringing. I wish you longevity and good health.

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Dear Parents! Thanks to you, I learned to love, be responsible and successful. In the cycle of different events, I always feel a reliable rear, I know where I will be accepted and understood.

I thank you for your unconditional love, for your ability to listen, understand and help. You are always happy about my success and strive with all your heart to help in difficult times. Even if I throw all the riches of the world at your feet, I still cannot thank you for everything!

Thank you words for parents

Thank you for being with me. Your support is my confidence in the future, your love is my wings behind my back. Be happy and prosperous, always be proud of us.

No matter how life turns out, those happy years that you gave me will always be a source of optimism, faith in yourself and others. You are an example for me!

I sincerely thank you for your good upbringing and advice, for tender love and boundless kindness. I remember your instructions; you are always an example for me.

You have given the correct guidelines for me to walk my life. You have presented a happy childhood and carefree youth. Please accept my bowing down and my sincere thanks.

Thank you image for parents thank you quotes for parents Thank you quotes for parents thank you image for parents

Words have not yet been invented that fully expressed my gratitude to you – it is immeasurable. Be healthy, live in abundance, share your warmth and wisdom with your grandchildren.

Thank you for the desire to give birth to a new person and give him your love and care! I thank fate that this person was me! You are the best!

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No one in the world can break the thread that has connected us since the moment of my birth. Because you have woven so much love and emotional care into it that we will never be separated.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Now it is my turn to protect you from all the hardships of the world with my love, returning you every smile, warmth of heart and every caress.

appreciation words for parents thank you quotes for parents Thank you quotes for parents appreciation words for parents

Thanks to you, I am quite a happy person with my own worldview, beautiful dreams and a kind heart. I wish you a long life!

My achievements are your merit. You tried to educate me, give all the best, and make my world brighter. And no matter how old I am, I will always rejoice in your warm smiles.

Thank you for my life and for every kind word, thank you for every happy day and every magical moment. I always feel like a carefree child next to you.

Parents are not just mom and dad. Parents are the beginning of life and a happy childhood. I wish you a long life in health and prosperity.

Appreciation words for parents

I want to thank you for giving me life, for giving me your strength, and that you are always patient with me. I hope that life will give me great happiness to always be with you.

Thank you for the patience with which you raised me; for the wisdom with which you taught me; for the dedication with which you have supported me. Thank you for everything, family!

Dear parents, thank you for your life experience and your own example of how to love, appreciate, what to grow and strive for. And also for love, care and a sense of importance.

Thank you, dear parents, for your help in raising children! You teach them a lot of things; you let them in with new, incredibly interesting data. Thank you for always being there!

You are the dearest people to me. You remember my first steps and first failures, but also remember the first achievements. Your patience, kindness and love make my life happy.

Dear Parents! All my life you are there, as a reliable rear, support and protection. You have always encouraged and instructed, did not allow you to lose heart, give up, retreat. Thank you very much.

I am lucky to have such wonderful parents. I would like to say thank you for your parting words in life, for your patience, for your care, for an unforgettable experience. You are the best!

Mom and Dad have an important role in every person’s life. They are friends, assistants, and teachers. They have strained the threads from which we will weave the carpet of our destiny. Thanks you!

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