Sorry quotes for best friend

Sorry messages for best friend

It is difficult to ask for forgiveness, because no one likes to admit that he is wrong. And it’s even harder to apologize to someone you really value, like your best friend or girlfriend. It takes courage to take responsibility for the hurtful act. Face your fears and express your sincere regrets for your misconduct. You can find the right words on our website among these sorry quotes for best friend!

Sorry quotes for best friend

You know how dear our friendship is to me! That’s why I want you to accept my apology and let go of your hurt.

I ask from the bottom of my heart: forgive me! Without thinking, I offended you and really want to improve. It is very important for me to know that we have made up, and you have forgiven me!

Sorry quotes for best friend sorry quotes for best friend Sorry quotes for best friend sorry quotes for best friend

Forgive me for all the negativity that was brought into your life. I do not want to upset you, but only wish you happiness and joy.

I didn’t want to offend you at all, because after so many years of friendship, you are a part of me. And may the friendship, proven over the years, disperse the clouds of grievances, and your reliable shoulder will always be there!

Open your soul to positive emotions, know that a smile always cheers you up, so remember our brightest moments and be charged with positive!

My friend, my eyes are watering with sadness, my brain is attacked by painful thoughts, my soul is tormented by conscience, and my heart is torn apart by remorse. The only vaccine for this is you, it’s called “forgiveness.”

sorry quotes for best friend Sorry quotes for best friend sorry words for best friend

Forgive my intemperance and bad temper! I promise to do everything so that your eyebrows do not frown, and your heart does not shrink with pain.

I do not have enough words to apologize to you for my sins. Through titanic efforts I will try to make amends. Appoint any punishment within reason – and I will accept it with due humility!

You have tremendous intuition, quick decision-making and an impeccable sense of taste. Therefore, justifying all of the above, take your chosen friend with all his small flaws in your strong embrace.

Sorry messages for best friend

The bright light of our faithful friendship is darkened by the gray haze of the quarrel, and that, unfortunately, is my fault. Excuse me, you have always been generous.

Forgive me! I promise not to repeat my mistakes. May our friendship become even better, as the world becomes more beautiful after a thunderstorm!

I shouldn’t have done what I did. But I did so only out of good intentions. I am afraid of losing you and value our friendship very much.

Do not take offense at me. Friendship is tested over the years and I am sure that it will not be shaken by a trifling quarrel. Our friendship will withstand all the tests with which life will test us.

sorry card for best friend sorry quotes for best friend Sorry quotes for best friend sorry card for best friend

I’m sorry that you had the opportunity to experience all those annoying emotions that definitely caused a number of doubts about me. I hope for your good nature and that you can still excuse me.

I didn’t want it to happen that way. But what happened cannot be corrected, and only an apology can smooth my guilt. I sincerely regret what happened and hope to receive your forgiveness.

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The relationship between two people is based on mutual understanding and trust, respect for each other and care. I sincerely apologize and hope that you will forget all the bad things.

I really cherish you. But, unfortunately, other people, external factors can interfere in our life. Forgive me for my antics.

sorry image for best friend sorry quotes for best friend Sorry quotes for best friend sorry image for best friend

You are the person who gives me happiness, who inspires me and believes in my strength. I value our friendship. Forgive me and don’t be angry.

I’m sorry it turned out that way. I don’t want there to be a gap between us of misunderstanding, resentment and indifference. Forgive me, let’s start from scratch.

I can’t find a place for myself while you are angry and harbor resentment. Trust me, I don’t want a wall of confusion to be between us. I beg your pardon.

I didn’t want everything to turn out like this, and even more so, I didn’t want to offend you. You are the person I need. I am truly sorry for what I did.

Sorry words for best friend

I want to apologize. I needed to take into account your suspiciousness and vulnerability. I will try to improve, and I will certainly stop offending you.

I feel myself terrible. Your silence is a severe punishment for me. Let’s make it up and promise each other not to fight anymore.

Forgive me. I promise this will not happen again. Don’t be angry with me, let’s let this go and everything will be the same.

I’m really sorry that now there is resentment in your heart. Forgive me. I really want to return the harmony to our relationship. Do not be angry with me.

I had enough time for reflection to understand my mistake and guilt. I sincerely apologize and hope that your heart will be able to melt the ice of a stupid resentment. I promise – this will not happen again!

I feel guilty and want to ask your forgiveness for the pain. I am sorry for my wrongdoing and will try to fix it. Do not be offended, please.

I want to apologize for my hot temper! Even if my actions and words are not always positive, I beg your pardon! I promise to rethink everything and not make mistakes in the future.

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