Sad quotes about friendship

sad sayings about friendship

Friendships are filled with a wide variety of feelings and moments, ranging from unbridled fun to bad mood and sadness. Sad statuses about friendship provide an opportunity to express your negative emotions, to speak out on any occasion. Such statuses allow you to show everyone that you are sad, and this is associated with a person you previously trusted. Friendship statuses allow you to beautifully express your sincere emotions. Here is a collection of sad quotes about friendship.

Sad quotes about friendship

There is nothing more painful than when your heart is filled with love, and instead you are offered to be just a friend.

Never let your pride gain more strength than love and friendship, otherwise you will lose loved ones.

sad quotes about friendship sad quotes about friendship Sad quotes about friendship sad quotes about friendship

The more you value friendship, the more painful it is to endure betrayal from friends.

I thought that friends get lost in quarrels, but they just dissolve in time.

Selfless love is more common in life than true friendship.

True friendship is a slow growing tree. It must be shocked by adversity before it can earn its name.

sad words about friendship sad quotes about friendship Sad quotes about friendship sad words about friendship

Successful people often have many envious enemies, and losers often have many friends instead of enemies.

It’s a shame when people rush into your life to change it, saying that they care. And in the end they leave only because they don’t care.

Sad sayings about friendship

In friendship, one person often becomes a slave to another, but none of them admits it.

There are times when a person’s best friend is loneliness, and his best helpmade is silence.

It’s not bad if friendship begins with laughter, and best of all if it ends with it.

You will not understand anything in friendship until you are betrayed by a best friend.

sad thought about friendship sad quotes about friendship Sad quotes about friendship sad thought about friendship

Friendship must go through difficulties to become real. If one does not stand them, then there was no friendship.

From friendship to enmity, as well as from love to hate, is one step.

Sorry quotes for best friend

A friend is the closest, and at the same time, the most dangerous person, because he knows everything about you.

Why are those closest to you, whom you usually protect with your chest, stab you in the back?

card about friendship sad quotes about friendship Sad quotes about friendship card about friendship

Do not make acquaintances with those who betrayed old friends – as they betrayed old ones, they will betray new ones.

The best you can have is a friend, but the best you can be is to be a friend.

True friendship doubles joy and halves sorrow.

Nothing replaces old friendships. Over time, the number of friends diminishes, but there is nothing more valuable than those who remain.

No friendship can be considered complete until a friend turns to you for help in difficult times.

Friendship is the most necessary for life, since no one will wish for himself a life without friends, even if he had all the other benefits.

We do not so much need the help of friends as in the confidence that we will receive it.

Friends should be the kind that you can not see for months, but they will still be the best.

How few friendships would remain if each person knew what friends are saying behind him, when they are as sincere as possible.

Close and faithful is not the one who shouts about it everywhere. And the one who quietly does and helps. No matter what.

True friendship is like a diamond. It is rare, expensive, and there are a lot of fakes!

A cowardly friend is more terrible than an enemy, because you fear the enemy, but you rely on a friend.

Never leave old friends, you will never find someone to replace them. Friendship is like wine, the older the better.

Grief needs company, joy doesn`t need. This is why friendship abhors happiness. It knows compassion, but does not know rejoices.

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