Sad quotes about death

sad sayings about death

Death is certainly not a very inspiring topic. However, in our selection you can look at it from the other side.  On the one hand, talking about death is always sad. On the other hand, we are still alive! It inspires hope, awakens optimism and invites you to taste the other joys of life. So if you are sad, then remember that while we are alive, we can change everything! Here is a collection of sad quotes about death.

Sad quotes about death

A person dies when the last memory of him dies.

Death is probably the best invention of life. It is the cause of change. It cleans the old to open the way for the new.

sad quotes about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad quotes about death

If you live every day as if it is your last, someday you will be right.

Each person carries in the depths of his “I” a small cemetery, where those whom he loved are buried.

Those people whose life has the greatest value have the least fear of death.

Death is the greatest mathematician because it solves all problems flawlessly.

sad thoughts about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad thoughts about death

You may or may not be afraid of death, but it will come inevitably.

People need to fear not death, but empty life.

Sad sayings about death

Realizing the approach of his death, a person changes his attitude towards life.

Death is cruel, but the worst thing happens not when the body dies, but when memories fade away.

Death for a person is nothing, because when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death is present, then we do not exist.

When you comprehend all the secrets of life, you will strive for death, because it is nothing but another secret of life.

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The death of those who create immortal deeds is always premature.

Living people should be treated kindly, and only the truth should be told about the dead ones.

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It is better to die without thinking about death than to think about it even when it is not threatened.

Since we all have to die, I choose to die in pursuit of a beautiful goal.

sad card about death sad quotes about death Sad quotes about death sad card about death

Death is so disgusting that none of us is able to watch its approach without horror.

Only those people are able to feel life, who often happens to be on the brink of death.

Death has nothing to do with us, because when we are, then death is not yet, and when death comes, then we are no longer.

Sad thoughts about death

It is necessary that what you die for should be worth the death itself.

Do not be afraid of death, then you will win. Two deaths cannot happen, and one cannot be avoided.

One who has cognized the fullness of life does not know the fear of death. The fear of death is only the result of an unfulfilled life.

The choice between life and death is more imaginary than real. Real human choice can only be between a good life and a bad one.

Each person individually is mortal, while humanity as a whole is immortal.

The idea of immortality is life itself, its final formula and the main source of truth and correct consciousness for humanity.

Everyone knows that death is inevitable, but since it is not close, no one thinks about it.

Death is the resolution and end of all sorrows, the limit beyond which our sorrows do not cross.

People fear death much more than pain. This is strange, because life is much more painful than death. After death, it no longer hurts.

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