Pregnancy announcement words

pregnancy announcement texts

Pregnancy is a magical, long-awaited time in the life of every girl. But what is the best way to announce it to your loved ones? After all, someone will say this right away at the first opportunity, and someone will keep their secret until the right moment. In any case, we are ready to help you with this difficult choice. Scroll down and select the message that is closest to you, and write it down in your speech. We are sure your loved ones will be delighted with such news!

Pregnancy announcement words

I do not know how to correctly express my feelings at this moment. Do not get me wrong! I am expecting a baby! And this news makes me overjoyed!

I would love to hide this news. But I’m afraid my joy will tear me inside! Very soon we will have a new family member!

pregnancy announcement words pregnancy announcement words Pregnancy announcement words Pregnancy announcement words

My cherished nine months of waiting began. I hope that in family troubles I will lose track of time, and very soon I will see my baby.

From now on, I need to buy clothes a couple of sizes larger. And this is no coincidence. After all, very soon I will hold my great treasure on my hands!

Now I feel overjoyed! I would like to surprise my husband, but I’m afraid my happy face speaks for itself! Yes, we are waiting for a replenishment!

I’m afraid that in the near future we are waiting for a rearrangement in the apartment. After all, very soon we will be one family member more! And he, although small, but very significant person for us!

Pregnancy announcement wording ideas pregnancy announcement words Pregnancy announcement words pregnancy announcement ideas

Most recently, I realized why I was still not happy. Because I was looking for happiness from the outside. But only now I realized that happiness must be created! So, now my small, but already so great happiness is growing inside me!

I’m excited. I have been waiting for this event for so long, but when it happened, I was distraught. I am expecting a baby!

Cute pregnancy announcement texts

Finally, I can confidently say that very soon my husband and I will become a full-fledged family. Indeed, recently, we are waiting for a miracle!

The most awaited day has come! Now I can say with confidence that my life will no longer be the same! I’m pregnant!

From this day on, my life will radically change! But I am so looking forward to this event that I am no longer afraid of change! After all, very soon I will be no longer alone, but with my beautiful baby!

The most long-awaited and exciting moment in the life of every girl is the birth of a child. So, I hasten to inform you that I will soon experience this miracle on myself!

Pregnancy announcement image pregnancy announcement words Pregnancy announcement words pregnancy announcement image

Very soon, our own guardian angel will appear at our place, which will illuminate our house with warmth and love! Congratulate me, I’m pregnant!

I can no longer keep this news in myself! After all, I am very happy, and I hope you will be happy for me! I’ll be a mom soon!

Birth announcement wordings

Finally, it’s my time! I worry, but I’m ready for a change. After all, I really wanted to become a mother! And now my wish will come true soon!

Pregnancy is the time when you can stop chasing far-fetched priorities and begin to appreciate what you really have. I am at the beginning of this journey!

pregnancy announcement card pregnancy announcement words Pregnancy announcement words pregnancy announcement card

Pregnancy is a time when I can get a little plump, and it will not be noticeable to my husband! I can’t wait for my tummy to grow!

The best time is pregnancy! It is during this period that you begin to overestimate all values and understand that the most important thing is the family. I am very happy to be at the beginning of this journey.

Pregnancy is an extra reason for a husband to express his gratitude and care to his wife. And I said this for a reason! I hope the hint is clear enough?

I thank pregnancy for the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of incompatible products. For those who do not know … I will soon become a mother!

Soon there will come a time when I forget about rest and sleep. But this is not scary, because I will devote all my love to one wonderful person – my child!

Another nine months, and I will witness a real miracle – the birth of my child! I hope this expectation will not be too tedious.

Pregnancy announcement wording ideas

I am pregnant! And it’s my most long-awaited recognition for you! Hope you share my excitement and joy now.

I am excited now, and there is a reason for this. I really want you to share my joy with me, so it’s time to share the news with you. I am pregnant!

I dreamed of telling you this for so much time! And now, when the time has come, I cannot say a single word! After all, I am very worried … I will soon become a mother!

How long have I dreamed to say these words! Finally, I can confess! My husband and I expect a replenishment!

There is nothing more beautiful than the expectation of a miracle! I can say this with confidence, because I’m pregnant! Please pray for me!

I always wondered why pregnant girls are so sentimental … Now I know, because I can hardly hold back my tears! Congratulate me!

I have been feeling a little tired lately. Everything became clear after I did a pregnancy test. Well, you can congratulate me!

I prayed to God and dreamed of a child. How happy I am that he heard my request! Finally, I can confess that I am pregnant!

I thought the quirks of pregnant women was a myth. But now, when I, sometimes, in the middle of the night want to eat something exotic, I begin to understand them. Yes, you understood correctly! I am pregnant!

Very soon we have to make repairs. After all, we expect one small, but very important guest. I hope you already guessed who I was about.

Small eyes, hands … Such a warm and dear lump … I can not wait for the birth of our child. Yes, we are waiting for replenishment.

We have been waiting very long for this event. And now, we can’t believe that this is a dream and not a reality. We will soon become parents!

Finally my dream came true! There are only nine months of waiting ahead, and I will become a mom! I accept congratulations!

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