Long-distance quotes for friends

long-distance words for friends

A person, who was able to build strong friendships, even if at a distance, much better endures the blows of fate. After all, his friends will always support him and find words to cheer him up.  We offer you to read quotes from great minds on the topic of friendship. And do not be sad that your friend is far away. Concepts such as “love” and “friendship” do not have an expiration date. Here you will find plenty of long-distance quotes for friends.

Long-distance quotes for friends

A friend is not just a word, it is a state of mind. I will always be there, regardless of the distance.

The distance between us gives me strength, and now I can safely say that our friendship has made me better and stronger!

long-distance quotes for friends long-distance quotes for friends Long-distance quotes for friends long distance quotes for friends

My real value is friends who are not affected by time, weather, or distance.

The sincerity of the relationship, the truth in communication – this is the key to real friendship. That’s why I don’t have to worry about the distance between us.

You are my guardian angel, and despite the fact that you are far away, thanks to you I always feel protected.

My thoughts cannot calm down, because I always think how are you there? I believe that our friendship is not subject to external influence.

long-distance messages for friends long-distance quotes for friends Long-distance quotes for friends long distance messages for friends

We are not just friends, we are one part of one whole. And we will always be such, right?

Friendship is also love. You are so far away, but I love you, and my longing for you keeps me awake.

Long-distance wishes for friends

I am not interested in how those who do not care about me do. I am devoted to you. And I will wait for you back no matter what.

Rest assured, I will never forget the times when we were together! And the distance can not change it!

I was, I am, and I will be your best friend. I want you to know that no circumstances can change this. Come back soon.

You are the whole world to me. A world that might not have been born, and that was born only thanks to our meeting with you.

long-distance wishes for friends long-distance quotes for friends Long-distance quotes for friends long distance wishes for friends

A friend is one soul for two people. Therefore, the distance between us is not scary. I am sure we will always remember each other.

One who wants to have a friend without flaws is left without friends. I accept you for who you are. Always remember that.

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Friendship increases joy and crushes sorrows. That is why I did not get depressed. Despite the distance, I feel our connection.

Those who illuminate the lives of others will not be left without light themselves. You are far away, but our friendship illuminates my life. Thank you for that.

long-distance card for friends long-distance quotes for friends Long-distance quotes for friends long distance card for friends

Happiness is imperfect until you share it with others. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. This is very valuable.

The meaning of true friendship is that it doubles joy, and suffering divides in half. And no distance is an obstacle to this.

True friendship is a slowly growing plant that must be experienced in distress and misfortune before it deserves such a name. Therefore, I am not afraid of separation. This is part of the test.

Truly there is nothing better in life than the help of a friend and mutual joy. Thank you for the fact that the separation could not interrupt your connection.

Friendship is not such a miserable light to die out in separation.

When there is mistrust, friendship disappears. However, I believe you. And no kilometers between us can change this.

Distance is not an obstacle to friendship. A friend should always be with us, and the soul should always be with us: it can at least every day see who she wants.

Long-distance messages for friends

The surest way to achieve happiness for yourself is to seek it for others. I wish you to be happy, friend.

Through the distance, I feel your kindness shining on your face, in your eyes and in your friendly greeting. Let us always be one heart.

Nothing is so much an expression of our free will as attachment and friendship. I am attached to you. And I’m proud of it.

You need to look at whether we love others, and not whether someone loves us. I love you friend. Come back soon.

Friendship is like a treasure: it is impossible to draw more from it than you invested in it.

Close friendship happens only among similar people. I feel it between us. And I cherish it too much to surrender before the distance.

A person needs another person. I need you. I’m waiting for you home, friend.

Friendship is a brotherhood, and in its highest sense it is his most beautiful ideal.

Miracles are beautiful, and to console a brother, to help a friend rise from the depths of suffering, to forgive the enemy of his delusions – these are the greatest miracles in the world.

Truly, we only live when we give ourselves to others. Know that part of me lives in you. We are friends, which means we are one.

Of all that wisdom gives you for the happiness of your life, the most important thing is to have friendship. I am happy to have a friend like you.

Anyone who refuses to forgive another, as if destroying the bridge, which he himself will have to pass, because each person needs forgiveness. Know, I will always forgive you.

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